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posted 5/13/2007 8:24:11 PM |
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Do not include children/minors under 18 in pictures AT ALL. This includes pictures where the child's face is blacked out.

That is the FIRST rule when posting pictures. Since that rule was written on this site, alot has changed. For members are able to post .gifs and pictures in blogs, comments and forum posts...however, IMO the rule still applies.

I'm not directing this at any one person...this is NOT an attack on anyone. But people...please stop and think about this. Alot of things that are taken from myspace, photobucket and other sites are pictures that people put up with no intention of them being spread across the internet. And I'm sure without the intention of their child being seen on an adult sex site.

I know these are posted to be cute and funny...and not to be malicious or crude. But think about it...please.

Once again...I hope the Bear comments on this. I believe this is an issue that should be addressed.

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May 13 @ 8:29PM  

Sunny totally agree with you on this. That's why I love ya baby.
You say the thing that should be said.

kudo for you sweeteart

May 13 @ 9:00PM  
sundance is right! No one seems to think about the fact that once you put something out there on the world wide web (the "internet's" actual description), you're doing just that- you're exposing what ever it is you put out there, for the entire world to see!

And anyone can do anything they want with the info, facial pics, nude pics etc., without you ever knowing about it! But that's not legal is it? You think people in this country and especially in other countries, are worried about legalities?

If you're looking for your 15 minutes of fame, the web is the place to do it- forever! Once out there, you can never get it back- think about it!

Which is why I won't expose my herculean type body for all to see!


May 13 @ 10:22PM  
wtf...people are looking but only 2 comments? Do people agree? Disagree?

May 13 @ 10:37PM  
I agree. I am a gold member and would never put a picture of any child on this website. It is not right.

May 13 @ 10:50PM  
They're probably not commenting b/c, like me, they really don't give a shit about what kind of .gifs people post. ::shrug:: Its your OWN account you take into your OWN hands, push the envelope so to speak... see what happens.

I guess if FORCED to take a side, I feel that as long as it's not an illegal picture (child porn, suggestive, etc...) then it would be fine to post.

You do have a point about parents not wanting their childrens pictures spread all over the place. However, like Skin mentioned... this is the WORLD WIDE WEB. Parents, and people in general, need to consider that when publicly uploading pictures. We have been drilled over and over again about the dangers of the internet people are still choosing to post pictures of their children. Strangers WILL find said picture, they have no consequence for using it, so why the fuck not? Ok, I'm getting off topic

Bottom line, I really don't give a fuck if someone wants to post a .gif with a kid and a funny saying. Their account, their choice.

May 13 @ 11:12PM  
Yes I 100% agree!!! I would be horrified to see a child I knew on this site, even if by accident

May 13 @ 11:40PM  
I had never really thought about it before. Yes this is a sex site and there are nude pictures but personally I dont see a lot of problems with some of the cute pictures available on photo bucket etc.
Then I thought about my two grandchildren and how would I feel if thier pictures were displayed on here and I decided as long as they were not inappropriate pictures (nude) etc. I don't think I would have a real problem with it depending on the context they were used in.
Despite my thoughts though the bottom line is TOS says NO. It is states they may not be used in any form.
If we expect people to follow the other rules then we can not pick and choose which rules to adhere to and which to disregard.
Therefore it is logical then that we must not allow the use of any childrens photos in future.

May 14 @ 2:48AM  

This is an ADULT.......SEX.....SITE.
Absolutely no reason to be postin pics of kids here.
Put em on some family site instead, if you wish. Not here.

May 14 @ 3:11AM  
I totally agree. This is not the place for pictures of the kiddies.

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