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Nigeria Scam..

posted 5/12/2007 1:25:09 AM |
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Ok, Im curious as to how many people have encountered this: I have found on dating sites these women (not to be sexist, but im not looking for men, so I cant be sure) Anyway, these women get on the site and post their contact info, seeminly innocent enough, so I contact them and they all have the same patterns:
1. They have a photo of a beautiful woman, surely designed to draw in men-DUH.
2. They sound really fun and,more importantly, desperate.
3. And this is the kicker, they all have the same atrocious grammer and English skills
4. They start off almost always telling you they are from somewhere in the US, BUT they are currently in Nigeria, now I know some people from the States do travel to Africa, I lived in Ghana for a while, but I cant believe that there are THAT many beautiful American girls stuck there for their fathers' funerals or mothers or whatever.
5. If and when you IM them, they all ask where youa re from, are you married...a set string of questions and usually do not respond if you ask the wrong questions back,ie, questions out of the norm as might be asked when getting to know someone. Again, they have atrocious grammer, which sounds like its southeast asian or something. Some of them want money (they really can give you a sad, sad story) I wonder if some want American husbands, either way, be on the watch for this scam...OH, and if you give them your IM, they WILL NOT STOP BOTHERING YOU unless you block them or appear offline (trust me on this one)
Anyway, if you have any thoughts on this, or if you are sick of it also, feel free to comment so I know im not the only poor sucker on here...

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Nigeria Scam..


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May 12 @ 1:33AM  
But they love you for long time, untill they spend all your money... ..
Report them as spam....

May 12 @ 1:53AM  
I have talked to 3 guys from this site that tried that scam crap. They all claimed they lived here and as soon as they said " I am working in Nigeria" I said good by. Just Google Nigerian Scams sometime and you will see just how bad it is.

May 12 @ 3:26AM  
I tried another site, - and the majority of the women were all scam artists from Africa. Don't get me wrong.. there were a few legit people there too. But it even got so far (as me getting pissed off), that I called the secret service - I worked for another IT company before I started my own business - and once we became an HP reseller - evidently HP posted something on the web, and we started getting hit with fraudulent credit card orders every day. Finally after filling out an FBI tip I was referred to the secret service (who handles and has had open task force(s) for the African Scams). I forwarded all the info.

Hell - I didn't care this time whether or not I told them I was using an adult site - I just wondered if there was any way to report it. (They said no).

Beware of alot of the people you meet. Thats also why I prefer to see someone over a cam also (if they have one).


May 12 @ 3:36AM  
IT'S BAD.....I've had 3 or 4 write me asking for money and one even sent me some cashier checks to cash for her and to send her the cash. When I get thier letters, I just play with thier minds and waste thier time. After 2 or three times of thier writing, ask them to have cybersex and watch how fast they log off. Just what I want them to do

May 12 @ 5:58AM  
It's a well known scam, they have teams of scumbags at "internet cafes" overseas who do nothing but send out these emails and IM's. If you want to read more about it, go to the FBI's website. IT will tell you more info than you care to read about.

That scam is being overtaken by a newer one though: Someone from this country, who has a hot pic of a woman posted, that's going to be "in your area". Oh.. one catch.. they would like you to help them with the money for a hotel room.. Again, a pretty pathetic scam, as it has at LEAST a few holes in the story.. but nonetheless, stupid guys must be falling for it..


May 12 @ 7:15AM  
it just happened to me good thing i figered it out before i gave her money

May 12 @ 8:55AM  
I came across a few men. Not on this site but another that said they were from Africa. Wanted my phone number, address ect. Would not give it out. They bugged me until I had to block them.
They are scam's.

May 12 @ 11:23AM  
I met a man on another site and he said he was from Indiana you know the capital of Indianapolis DUHhhhh. then he is telling me he is in the UK and he is there on business and when he comes back in a couple weeks (can not give me a date) that he wants us to start our life as a circle ( He said you know married) well i was talking to him and asking questions and there was two questions he would not answer 1) what color are your eyes and 2) what is your heritage. took him three days to answer the eye one and took him almost as long to tell me his heritage Said he was cancer and when i tried to tell him that was his birth sign he got very defensive. And yes he did get into talking about money.

May 12 @ 4:22PM  
I get those from another website and YES, all from NIGERIA..also, always, 1 balck and white pic of a "good looking" american man, with bad grammar...
Not even "good ole American" REDNECK Grammar.....Too funny!!

Hmmm... How do you spell grammer??? A or E?? Im thinking A...used both spellings, Just because.

May 12 @ 5:20PM  
I came close to getting scammed by a very leary of who you meet on A lot of scammers on there. Also, try to get that person on cam, cause a lot of them hide behind fake pictures. That's if they have a cam. But if any one says they are from the US and currently in Nigeria, and they start asking for money. It is most likely a scam. Really who asks strangers for money?

May 29 @ 5:23PM  
I ran into two girls on who sent me their email address, and then in email, (probably because that's harder to report to the site) they say that they've posted their contact information (phone number, etc.) to some site or another, they use it because it's more secure, convenient, whatever.

Trick is, it costs $30 to register for that site. And I'll save you the trouble of wondering: I did register (fool that I am), and there is no site. Just a single page with links behind an AVS. I looked into it, and these people get something like 65% of all their referrals.

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Nigeria Scam..