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Religious Prejudice..

posted 5/11/2007 2:52:56 AM |
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Since the six New Jersey men were arrested for planning an attack on Fort Dix I have seen yet another resurgence of anti-Muslim, anti-Islam sentiment.

Many of the people who spew such hatred are Christians.. I wonder if they know their own religion's history. The history of rape, mass torture and genocide that their religion has supported in the past. Millions upon millions were killed in the name of Christianity.

Just because it's been five hundred years doesn't matter. The middle east is basically still living in the middle ages but with 20th century technology which is a recipe for disaster.

What I usually hear is something along the lines of, "Ship them out of our country!" Why? Why put all people who happen to be from the middle east into the same category as fanatics? Every single country in the world produces crazies - not one country is immune.

Since the VT murderer was Asian.. should we deport all Asians? Since the Unabomber was a white American citizen I guess we should deport all white Americans. The list goes on and on.. you pick up a national newspaper in this country and it's full of murders, car bombs, rapes, dismemberments etc..

I do not let radical Muslims off the hook though.. those who spew hatred and death to infidels should be rounded up and executed. I agree with that. The same way I don't let radical Christians off the hook.

What I'm basically trying to say is this.. just have some compassion and don't make vast generalizations.

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May 11 @ 6:35AM  
I agree tottally and was discussing that just last night with a friend. I have some very close Mulslim friends who live in America because they wanted a better life, but since 911 have faced difficuties just because they are Muslim. It's "freedom of religion", all religions folks!!! Excellent blog,keep em coming And a kudo for you.

May 11 @ 7:44AM  
Where are the moderate Muslim leaders, we never hear anything from them. If there are any they must be afraid for their lives to say anything against the radicals. Right now it's the radical Muslims trying to force their will on the world, they don't want religious freedom and tolerance. It's their way or death to the infidels.

May 11 @ 9:24AM  
Religous Tolerance is an oxymoron. It is an ideal that will never be met, may as well ask them to levitate.

May 11 @ 11:03AM  
Lets be fair. Name any major military conflict in the world right. And according to the UN ,islamic groups are involved in over half of them. Your right Christianity has done some horrible things in the past. It is true, yet the past is not today. Today Christianity, as a religion, is involved in zero conflicts. The fact being this, not all, and few Muslims are terrorists, however most terrorists are Muslim. Your point about VT, and the Oklahoma state bombings is fair, but the motivating forces behind these actions, as far as I know, is not religious. This is the important part, the motivating force. However, the people who struck the tower on 9/11 were definitely motivated by religion, as is all of Al Qaeda. You may be right, many of the people how seem so hate filled are Christian, but I would remind you that the majority of this nation is still Christian. thus it is always more likely that most who spew this hatred are Christian. As for vast generalizations, your right. We should always try and judge a person based upon their individual merit. However if you put a Muslim man, and a Christian man, with one being a terrorist, side by side and asked someone to pick which was the terrorist. The vast vast majority of the time, statistically speaking, that terrorist would be the Muslim man. Even the most dominant Christian "terrorist" group, the IRA has declared a ceasefire and is now working to solve its problems politically. Now you never stated anything to directly cause me to make this correlation, however it is a guess based on past experiences. It seems as if this is a rapist, victim scenario, instead of focusing, on the problem the rapist, you focus on why the victim dressed so appealingly, or what they did that "forced" the rapists hand. I am sure we won't agree on much, but thats life...

Here is a list, obviously not complete but it covers many current conflicts

Bosnia - Muslims vs. Slavs
Albania/Kosovo - Muslims vs. Slavs
FYRoM - Muslims vs. Slavs/Greeks
Cyprus - Muslims vs. Greeks

Algeria - Muslims vs. secular democracy
Sudan - Muslims vs. Christians
Egypt - Muslims vs. Christians
Eritrea/Ethiopia - Muslims vs. ?

Middle East and environs:
Armenia/Azerbijan - Muslims vs. Christians
Iraq - Muslims vs. Kurds
Iraq - Sunni Muslims vs. Shia Muslims
Iraq - Muslims vs. USA
Israel - Muslims vs. Jews
Lebanon - Muslims vs. Christians/Druze
Iran - Muslims vs. secular democrats

Pakistan - Muslims vs. Christians/Hindus
India - Muslims vs. Hindus
Afghanistan - Muslims vs. Muslims
Afghanistan - Muslims vs. USA
China - Muslims vs. Communists
Russia - Muslims vs. Slavs
Georgia - Muslims vs. Slavs
Phillipines - Muslims vs. secular democracy
Indonesia - Muslims vs. secular 'democracy'/militarists
Uzbekistan - Muslims vs. fascists

sorry this took so much space...

May 11 @ 11:25AM  
As long as there are people, there will be intolerance. While the utopian ideal of living in peace is grand.. it's not realistic.

What do we fight over? Religion, politics, money and sex.. in that order.

May 11 @ 12:19PM  
Icher has a lot of good points, but the thing that she fails to touch upon is the fact that much of the high profile prejudice is carried out by fundamentalists and extremists. To this day, some groups are still using crucifixion and burning at the stake as punishment for their interpretation of "sin." But what do most people actually know about religious conflict?

True, there's a ton of history, but the past is the past. I think we should only be using history as a means of self-examination for our future behaviors and goals. And I also think that we need to examine what the we mean by "conflict" and "violence".

"Muslims" are not just one set group of individuals who all believe in the same thing in the same way. It seems that Bush is now just learning this, painfully, as his primarily Christian troops try to impose themselves between Muslim factions. But this is nothing new. When fundamentalists in Iran overthrew the Shah only non-Muslim worshipers such as the B'hai were allowed to leave the country to seek asylum. Non-fundamentalist Muslims were given the ultimatum of conform or die.

While hey2ya's list is concise, it neglects the fact that certain national entities are primarily of one religion or another. While the United States claims to have religious tolerance and the separation of church and state, this is far from true. What if we ever had an Atheist or a Hindu as a president? How would we swear him in to office with the traditional dialog?

Bosnia - Muslims vs. Slavs And the majority of those Slavs are Orthodox
Cyprus - Muslims vs. Greeks Once again, Orthodox...the Greeks generally don't follow Zeus anymore
Iraq - Muslims vs. Kurds The Kurds, it should be noted, are also Muslim
Iraq - Muslims vs. USA I don't think there's any point in arguing we're a Christian nation.
China - Muslims vs. Communists Actually China's religious system is very complex and can't just be called "communist"
Phillipines - Muslims vs. secular democracy And the "democracy" that you note is controlled primarily by Catholics.

But he also states that "Today Christianity, as a religion, is involved in zero conflicts." Yet this is from his own list, again:

Sudan - Muslims vs. Christians
Egypt - Muslims vs. Christians
Armenia/Azerbijan - Muslims vs. Christians
Pakistan - Muslims vs. Christians/Hindus

And with this portion of the list: “Afghanistan - Muslims vs. USA”, I should note that the USA is not at war with Afghanistan as when the Russians (a primarily Orthodox faction) were. In fact, the USA (once again, Christians) has not targeted Muslims or Afghanistan, but the Taliban which is a political group that is primarily Muslim based.

But conflict is going on in other micro-pockets today. What about the drug wars in Siberia (Between Orthodox Christians and other Christians and Asian groups) or the drug wars in the Americas (Catholics and other Christians). There is also the violence that is inspired due to corporate interference, such as our (primarily Protestant Christian) involvement in Brazil and Nigeria.

And violence need not be limited to guns. When Tailban extremists destroyed those Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, it was a horrible violence done to our world's collective culture. And when Christian based groups (Such as the Church of Rome or Con-Agra Foods) put economic pressure on third world countries they use a sort of “soft violence” to achieve their goals.

You can hardly say Christian hands are clean. Even to this day. And the way that the “list” was made, starting practically every entry with “Muslims vs...” makes it seem as if what is being implied is that they are responsible for all of the conflicts we have in the world today. It could be misconstrued as inflammatory.

I wonder how many people here can say they have studied the Q'ran, the Sutras and the Analects as well as the Bible? How many people here have befriended someone of a religion other than their own? Worshiped at a Buddhist shrine or taken part in a Seder? How many have dined with Muslims or transacted traditional business with them?

They are all just people. Trying to do the same as everyone else. Trying to live. And it always seems that some fundamentalist bastard wants to fuck that up for people so they can grab some power for themselves.

May 11 @ 2:43PM  
Good blog! Kudos to u!

Sep 24 @ 5:54PM  
wow I can tell from this blog that we would probably get into some good long ass discusions on this topic and you seem to speak just as passionetly as I feel about it. I think the radical Muslims are to islam what the kkk is to christianity, the problem with scripture is that its open for inturpritation. Good blog I like how ya think

Nov 1 @ 1:17PM  
On the other hand, we do have an office for Hezbollah in Miami that desperately calls for an Apache helicopter strike...we should never allow terrorists to have actual businesses in the US...

I still can't understand why Bush as C-I-C has fought this war so NICELY...we could use a Patton or Pershing over in Iraq to do some serious damage and scare the living crap out of the Muslims so they won't bug us again for another 50+ years.

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Religious Prejudice..