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Stupid Fucking Sex!

posted 5/10/2007 8:43:47 PM |
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I just left a comment on someone else's blog...but felt the need to expand on it. Ok...I'm crabby. My fucking ear hurts (Again!!) and I been popping benadryl all flippin day. One of my co-workers suggested using my own piss! ewwww....

This morning I was to the point I probably would have tried it...but after taking the benadryl I was too dehydrated.


Yes...this is a sex site. It's for people who like sex. We all like sex...hell, I love sex!! But for some reason, the word at the top of the screen seems to make some people believe that they can just say things like 'fuck you in the ass' and the person (or in this case PEOPLE) they're saying to are just supposed to smile nicely and say "OK!!" And if those people who got such an email dare to complain about it...well they should just find another venue since this is after all a sex site.

I'd like to know...just for the these types of lines work? Are the guys who are sending these emails getting any type of positive response?

I've got something else on my mind today.

I feel the need to take a stand for all the thin, skinny, small-breasted women on this site. I've been seeing alot of blogs and forum posts touting the virtues of BBW's, Busty Women, and even Fat Women. Yeah!!! No really...YEAY!!!

But what about us gals who aren't quite so well endowed?? Don't we deserve some recognition?

I just took sommore benadryl, so on that happy note I'm going back to bed. Ya'll have at it!


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May 10 @ 8:49PM  
warm mineral oil.......just heat up a few drops and lay down for a while..usually will least it did for me years for the sex was one reason I came here...but not the reason I've stayed....made a lot of friends and haven't gotten laid yet lol......enjoy the chat, blogs, jokes and email......doesn't cure the headache but does make the heart all warm inside.

May 10 @ 8:50PM  
Sex comes when you don't press it. The site is for fun ,but if sex is the goal, some people need a refresher course !!

May 10 @ 8:53PM  
I am not here for the sex. I am here to read the blogs and learn and possibly make friends. Hope your ear gets better.

May 10 @ 8:56PM  

all people are special in each persons own way. That is why everyone is great, and sexy.

May 10 @ 8:57PM  
Seems to me that when my kids ever got an ear infection they got amoxycillin... or, as we used to call it, the "pink goo".

As far as the "fuck you in the ass" comment, I know at least one guy here who does that... and, as I mentioned in MY blog, he's a Gold member, so he paid to abuse people.

I guess to these people, it;s not good enough to say "hey, you sound interesting... we can met and, if we click, maybe enjoy some sex". I'm not saying that people need to develop a deep relationship to haver sex... but immediately saying that they want to fuck you in the ass... first of all, not everyone even LIKES that. It would be nice for someone to at least find out what sexual activity someone is into before foisting your proclivities on them!

May 10 @ 9:07PM  
i find it amusing that the word "thick" is used primarily by 5'0" women weighing in around 280lbs or more - how sickening.

May 10 @ 9:11PM  
are you kidding girl, you have one of the sexiest ass pictures on the site!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's not even nude!!!!!

May 10 @ 9:16PM  
i find it amusing that the word "thick" is used primarily by 5'0" women weighing in around 280lbs or more - how sickening.

uh huh....well, not to worry young male, I'm sure they're saying the same thing about you...sickening that is.

May 10 @ 9:21PM  
and such an appropriate name he picked as well.......

looked in the mirror lately lonelyguy??!

May 10 @ 9:44PM  
Leave it up to you Sunny to say it in just the right words. Kudos to you and no i have never knocked the less endowed females as someone already said people are beautiful in there own way and hell your a red head so you know i lubs ya.

May 10 @ 10:13PM  
I prefer small breasts and not for the usual stupid remark of: "more than a mouthful, is a waste" either.

I think they're more sensitive to stimulation- especially the nipples! Smaller breasts to me anyway, almost always have smaller nipples and are great for tongue and mouth stimulation!


May 10 @ 10:14PM  
and such an appropriate name he picked as well.......

looked in the mirror lately lonelyguy??!

google it first but i'm almost positve it's clove oil

May 10 @ 10:30PM  
a couple of drops of icewater helps the pain and swelling...

i am losing weight cause i dont like my boobs big...

May 10 @ 10:31PM  
Hyderogen Peroxide. I think that is what it is called. And its available at CVS for a buck or two. My son had the same kinda problem. And amazingly his pain was gone the next day.

May 10 @ 10:41PM  
ear ache or any kind of ache: A fifth of Jackie D, and an oz. of some fine pot.

May 10 @ 10:47PM  
Personally I am not too into skinny women or the small ladies of the world but hey whatever floats ur boat! I have found that there are great personalities in all size people! Big, small, tall, short, and funny lookin people! I do not judge until I get to know u! U go girl and keep talkin the truth!

Oh and ps Mr. Lonely.. ever wonder why u r lonley? Take a good look at urself and the impression u give off, fucktard!

May 10 @ 10:52PM  
i heard Hydrogen Peroxide works to...hope ya feel better soon. And i am one of those tiny women, i'm short, 5'2..112 lbs, and my breasts are so tiny, NA...I can shop for bras in the lill girls good thing...alot ..My opinion...all women of every size and shape are all beautiful

May 10 @ 10:57PM  
I personally don't expect to get sex again in the next 2, or 3 years. I think I stand a better chance of getting into a car accident before getting sex again.

May 10 @ 11:35PM  
Peroxide works great if the ear pain is a result of wax buildup. If that fails, you could try commercial ear cleaning drops, which are usually made from a substance called carbamide, which bubbles the wax out. If that fails, see a doctor... it could be an infection, or something in the ear that is best removed by a professional.

May 10 @ 11:59PM  
I still flatly refuse to be polite when I get a "wanna fuck" email... no matter what variety of "wanna fuck" email it is.

Oh and by the way... an adult male who is 76 inches tall (lonely's professed height) is in point of fact ANOREXIC at 165 pounds (lonely's professed weight). THere isn't a medical doctor going who would call his weight anything OTHER than dangerously and possible life-threateningly low. Hell he doesn't even reach a medically "healthy" weight until he puts on 30 pounds!

May 11 @ 12:07AM  
I hope your ear is better. Everything I would suggest has already been said except for the piss thing I never heard of that. As far as small breasted women thats what I perfer.

May 11 @ 12:18AM  
aw sunny I would love to have small breasts!!! and a skinny figure again!!! This getting older really sucks so enjoy your beautiful body sweetie! And I'll just diet and try to get mine back! Hope the ear gets better and yeah go with the peroxide!

May 11 @ 12:26AM  
Sorry if I offended you Sunny, but it seems most men want smaller women, and that is why we BBWs always give each other a high 5 when we get a compliment. We are forever told that we are fat, lazy, ugly and nobody wants us.

As far as the wanna fuck emails, I don't think we should be polite about them anymore. Any man on this site that can read knows we don't like them and they shouldn't send them, but they insist on sending them anyway.

May 11 @ 12:55AM  
i find it amusing that the word "thick" is used primarily by 5'0" women weighing in around 280lbs or more - how sickening.
Even a guitar will not save him now.....

May 11 @ 1:22AM  
And the name
will still fit after years, not because you can't find someone you are attracted too, but because, you're personality wil drive them off.

May 11 @ 3:02AM  
wonderful women come in all shapes and sizes ,but small women do not put up with the descrimination that large women do maybe we feel that the plus size gals need a little more incouragement ,but you skinny girls rock too .

May 11 @ 4:58AM  
i find it amusing that the word "thick" is used primarily by 5'0" women weighing in around 280lbs or more - how sickening.

Just for the record I am taller than 5'0" I weigh more than 280lbs and I have probably had more guys interested in me and emailing me than you are likely to get in your whole lifetime.
Attitude is everything and yours is going to make sure that the name you chose for yourself will be your epitaph.

Sunny you skinny girls are very special too. You are right we need to acknowledge all the beautiful women on here.

May 11 @ 7:26AM  
No, No, No!!! Ya'll didn't get what I was saying 'bout us little ittybitties! or two did.

I'm NOT offended...never was. I was TRYING to add a little humor here...and since I'm a somewhat small women, and all the not so small women were giving each other 'high fives'...I was feeling a little left out.

I'm going back to bed...

May 11 @ 8:32AM  
I just have to say that I have dated small women with small tits. I've dated larger women with huge tits. I have dated small women with huge tits but what I find more erotic and sexy than the size and shape of a woman's body is her personality and what she has going on between her ears. I don't give a damn what size you are as long as you have a good personality you are all beautiful to me. Feel better soon sunny.

May 11 @ 8:42AM  
I think you're hot Sunny!! LOL

May 11 @ 9:26AM  
the urine thing in the ear sounds dangerous. But i know for a fact, when you step on or touch fire coral, soaking the appendage in urine draws the splinter/shard - whatever, right out. dr. in jamaica perscribed for my son, it worked immediately.

May 11 @ 10:59AM  
Yanno, BC (before children) I was 5'2" and 98 lbs. I was sick all the time. After kids.. I am 5'2" and about 180 lbs. Sure, according to the charts, that's way too much.. but guess what? I am rarely sick anymore.. Well at least a lot less sick than I used to be.

I'm not gonna claim that gaining weight makes everyone healthier.. but it certainly helped me in that respect.

Why am I posting this here? Cuz I felt like it.. I dunno has nothing to do with the actual post.. I just don't feel like arguing the it's a sex site group.

Sunny.. yer gorgeous woman..

May 11 @ 12:13PM  
I am, at an 'average' weight for my age and height...when I was a teenager I weighed 115 lbs. Really, ask Kissy! I was also sick all the time, and had to gain to join the AF. After my divorce, I weighed 120 lbs...again, ask Kissy. That was a little over 10 years ago...and I haven't had any desire to be that thin again. Alot of women who are 'thin' because of metabolism have a hard time gaining weight...and because of their body type don't carry it well. I love the way I am now...didn't always, but who doesn't wish they had something else??

Gawd...this wasn't supposed to turn into a discussion about was meant to be a celebration of ALL ALL shapes and sizes!!

ah more posting blogs when under the influence of benadryl and motrin...


May 11 @ 3:20PM  
Well sundance64 I hope your ear is feeling better a little cigar smoke sometimes helps... A few shots of booze lol or what your doing is good...Lots of rest... About the boob thing I guess it would be like the manhood thing as well... But we think you look great... Everyone I think would like to change something about them selfs I know hubby would like to be shorter (6'2") and would like more manhood but I think hes got enough (9 1/2) is enough for me.... And my self taller with smaller boobs...LOL Have a great day and we hope you feel better

May 11 @ 4:58PM  
Just for the record those kind of lines do not work on me and I agree they are sicening. I hope your ear gets better soon.

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