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A first attempt - be honest, I can take it!

posted 5/10/2007 6:57:31 AM |
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tagged: erotic, fantasy

Why am I here?
How did I get here?
What am I going to say?
What’s behind the door?

That’s just some of the thoughts running through my head as I take a last look at the crumpled piece of paper with an address on it. I had written it down in the notebook that had been sitting on my desk while we were chatting online a couple of days ago when we had decided to meet. I check I’m at the right place, put the scrap of paper in my back pocket and head up the pathway leading to the front door.

It’s a warm evening in midsummer, the sun is still high in the sky out to the west and it’ll be at least another four hours before it gets dark. I’ve dressed smart but casually for the occasion, cotton flat fronted trousers, comfortably firm around my waist outlining my firm buttocks, hanging loosely down to my freshly polished Italian leather shoes and a short sleeved linen shirt, open necked, and hanging outside my trousers.

As I walk up the pathway, I become aware that my nipples have gone hard, my heart is pounding and the butterflies are tying knots in my stomach. It has been a long sixteen months since I met her on AMD, we started emailing each other, but it wasn’t enough so we moved on to IM. Suspicions had started creeping in as we became more involved with each other and it was a natural progression to prove we were who we said we were, so we started using webcams when we chatted, and before long we dropped IM in favour of video calling so we could actually talk to each other. It was great to hear her voice for the first time, soft delicate tones with a firm confidence about it, always bright and cheerful. I remember watching her lips move as she spoke, they are full and deep red with a shimmer of light reflecting from the lip gloss, the way her cheeks fill out on high cheek bones when she smiles, the way I can lose myself in those dark brown eyes, mysterious and intriguing, so sexy.

Now it seems like only yesterday that we’d met as the thoughts pour through my mind. It’s too late to back out now, not that I want to (the nervous excitement tugging at me inside) I’m standing in front the door pulling myself together and collecting my thoughts when the door opens and a hand reaches out, grabs me by my shirt and pulls me in almost tripping over the step As I shut the door behind me she pushes me back against it and drops her coat to the floor. She stands there for a moment in a white basque, stockings and possibly the smallest g-string I have ever seen. Her soft dark shoulder length hair which has always been down when I have seen her online has been tied up at the back revealing her slender neck. Her lightly tanned skin is smooth and her ample breasts pushing out over the cups of the basque forming a tight cleavage. Her arms are hanging by her side, fingertips gently dancing around the soft flesh of her upper thigh where it disappears into her stockings. I can almost see the excitement building inside her as I soak up the incredible sight before me. Our eyes lock on one another as she takes a step towards me, once again I find myself lost in her eyes, only this time they are not behind a screen, they are there in front of me, long black eye lashes and narrow, well groomed brows outlining her eyes, dark as the night and as deep as the ocean. The reflection of sunlight coming through a small window in the door behind me is giving a brightness to them that I hadn’t noticed before. She puts her hands up to my shoulders and pushes me back against the door as she raises herself onto her toes and brings her lips to mine. They meet softly and pause for a moment, I can feel a small quiver of excitement between us before they lock firmly together with hunger and passion. As our tongues entwine and I feel her warm body pressed against me, all the nervousness of a few seconds earlier is gone. I encompass her with my arms running my big, coarse hands over her shoulders and down her back I can feel the goose bumps on the firm cheeks of her bum and she moans as I grasp hold and pull her in closer to me, it’s more than just my nipples that are hard now. She breaks our kiss and without a word sinks to her knees running her hands down my chest, pausing briefly to circle her fingertips around my nipples which are showing prominently under the linen shirt. She continues running her hands down over my stomach, sending my stomach muscles into a small spasm (I don’t know why, but my stomach is very ticklish) and unbuttons my trousers, one button at a time all the way down the fly making sure the backs of her fingers trace the line of my erect cock. She looks up with a glint of anticipation in her eye as she curls her fingers inside the belt of my trousers and shorts and pulls them down gently out of the way, her eyes drop to my manhood and she gathers it into her hands, one hand cupping my balls as the other wraps around it’s shaft. I can feel her warm breath on me, I want to push forward towards her mouth but she is keeping me firmly pressed back against the door, her tongue slides from between her luscious lips and gently touches the frenulum licking up to the opening in my swollen glans savouring the taste of pre-cum that is now seeping from within. She opens her mouth and envelopes the head of my penis with her lips, it’s so warm and moist in there that I want to push further into her mouth but she still has me forced back against the door.
“I hope nobody comes to the door”

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May 10 @ 6:58AM  
She ignores my flippant comment and slowly starts sucking the entire length of my member into her mouth. I can feel the head in her throat and think that she can’t possibly take any more but she doesn’t stop until her lips are at the base, I can feel them on my scrotum, her tongue flat against the underside of my cock moving up and down as she sucks and licks at it. She draws her head back up sucking hard, her tongue moves over end and back down she goes. Her head is now bobbing as she increases the pace and intensity of her actions. I can’t hold myself any longer, I let out a moan as my body tightens and shudders, she squeezes on my balls and I cum deep into her mouth. She swallows hard taking every last drop from me, licking and sucking to get it all out.

I am smiling as she stands up with a grin like the cat that has got the cream, she gives me a wink and turns around and heads off up the stairs.
“I’ll be back in a minute, wait there for me”

It’s the first words she had said to me since I arrived. God, how long have I been here? I bend down and pull up my shorts and trousers and re-button my fly. The musky smell of sex is evident in the air, oh, how I long to taste her pussy.

May 10 @ 7:18AM  
Very good longbow!

May 10 @ 7:21AM  
Wow! Excellant!!

May 10 @ 7:25AM  
Thanks for gettin' me all hot and horny first thing in the morning!!

May 10 @ 7:28AM  
It is way too early in the morning for me to compose my thoughts......

I'm just glad I had that new detachable-pulsating shower head installed-------

May 10 @ 8:28AM  

I had to stop by and read it again ......I tried to give you more than one useless didn't work!!!

May 10 @ 9:02AM  
Very, very nice...and, notice? All women that have commented. Very nice indeed.

May 10 @ 9:40AM  
OIC a tad bit of (in)difference!! That buildup, lingering thoughts on the if & why. Your feelings at that moment, how emotionally unstable your mind goes. That
L---o—n---g anticipation, then sudden seduction when she has you at arms length. Not just thrusting my tongue here or there and waving it all about, like a commander of troops. Keeping the story involving two people meeting not all what I want to do to you.

Why am I here? To learn.
How did I get here? Logged on, click over and pointed my eyes forward.
What am I going to say? Bye Joe, I think he’s got it!
What’s behind the door? Dang there I go looking at Barker’s Beauties rather than the prize again.

May 10 @ 11:29AM  
for some reason, my eyes immediately gravitated toward "My nipples got hard." LOL!

crap, now I'm distracted... I have to keep reading.

May 10 @ 11:50AM  
Great story Longbow. Kudos for you. Keep up the good work.

May 10 @ 12:10PM  
Very nice! Kudos to you!

May 10 @ 3:02PM  
Rock on! Very nice!

May 10 @ 4:57PM  
Okay... if you start doing your own parody radio show, then I'll be done ugh!!

Good read,as stated wasn't the normal trash we get here.

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A first attempt - be honest, I can take it!