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posted 5/6/2007 7:23:39 PM |
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tagged: communication, relationships

Until someone loses an eye, right? Ooops. Not this time! I need some more help trying to understand my man! You guys have been so helpful in the past that I just knew I had to bring this issue to you and let you give me your wisdom and insight.
Last Friday, my co-worker and I went to our local motorcycle store on our lunch hour. I've lived here four years and had never been inside the store- I suppose the fact that I don't own a motorcycle kinda helps you understand why. Anyway, as soon as my co-worker and I made plans to go, I emailed my guy to let him know I was going to this store (it's rather famous around here) and asked his shirt size because I wanted to get him a t-shirt. Now my guy is different from myself- he actually DOES own a motorcycle, so I thought it would be kinda cool to have something from this store that is just down the street from where I live!
He emails me back his size, and when lunch time rolls around my co-worker and I go to the store. I have never seen so much STUFF! It took me thirty minutes to pick out two t-shirts! But I did. I find my guy one that I just think "looks" like him, and I'm excited to give it to him the next day!
Saturday rolls around and my son and I go to meet my guy for lunch at the local hot wing joint. I meant to take the t-shirt with me then, but forgot.
That evening, we went to a Cincinnati Reds game. Before going, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to see his t-shirt. He had forgotten about it, but suddenly got excited and said he wanted to see the shirt. As I figured, he really liked the color and the design of the shirt (at least he said he really liked it) I picked out for him- so much so that he wore the shirt to the ball game that night!
We had loads of fun at the ball game that night, and lots MORE fun after the ball game (if you know what I mean), but my guy needed to leave early this morning for work. I knew he'd folded the new shirt up and laid it on the quilt rack that's next to my bed the night before, so I was sure he wouldn't forget to take the shirt with him when he went this morning. This was the SAME place where he'd laid out his clothes he'd be wearing when he left my place.
Imagine my surprise when I found the new shirt, still nicely folded, laying there on the quilt rack! I was so hurt that he had not taken the shirt with him when he left!
What do you all think I should make of this? A few scenarios ran through my mind.

1. He hasn't introduced me to anyone he knows (co-workers, family) yet, and wearing a new shirt around him would cause questions he didn't want to answer.

2. He drives a different make of motorcycle than the make on the shirt. Therefore he hates the shirt, but just couldn't tell me.

3. He only let me buy him the t-shirt because he was afraid telling me not to buy it would piss me off so now he doesn't want it at all.

What kind of scenarios can you guys suggest?
I've been leaning toward #1 all day for some reason, but perhaps I did something wrong buying a t-shirt for a guy I've only been seeing for ten weeks?
I have no clue (as usual) to what's going on here, and I would love to hear from some of you!

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May 6 @ 7:31PM  
He's a man... more than likely he simply forgot it... don't sweat it sweetie!!

May 6 @ 7:31PM  
It could be that the shirt wasn't 'proper attire' for his workplace....
He might want to wear it Only For _You_..!! . . [What a Sweetheart..!!!}

May 6 @ 7:34PM  
Yanno sweets.. sounds like dude really isn't telling you everything.. I hate to say that.. but it doesn't seem kosher.. course it could also be that he is not a morning person and plain old forgot.. but .. no not this many things in a row.

May 6 @ 7:41PM  
I think he simply forgot...Was it dark in the room when he left?
You said that he left very early, maybe he just didn't see it..

May 6 @ 7:49PM  
It almost might be that if it bothers you, you should ask him!

May 6 @ 8:02PM  

When he arrived at your place he must have been wearing some other shirt.
He probably put that on meaning to take it with him and forgot. Or maybe if he was going to work it would not be what they want him wearing. ? You are worried
about nothing.

May 6 @ 8:27PM  
Hey relax -- obviously he likes the shirt -- leaving it nicely folded at your place is kind of like marking his territory --- he knows he has left behind something important to you both.

May 6 @ 9:01PM  
You are seriously over-reacting...He simply forgot it.

May 6 @ 9:55PM  
And besides... now he has a good excuse to come back to your place


Master Gry

May 6 @ 10:14PM  
Yeah, sometimes we guys lack attention to detail and forget stuff. It usually causes problems but believe it or not, it doesnt have much to do with our feelings toward our sig other.

May 6 @ 10:23PM  
if it's a honda shirt, and he owns a harley, he can't take it with him. his buds would never let him live it down. he may have left it there as a "night" shirt. he probvably forgot it. he may have another life. you'd better ask him.

May 6 @ 11:16PM  
well after 10 weeks and you've not met any of his friends??? okay sunshine bells are going off in MY head honey!

May 6 @ 11:30PM  
My guess (good as anyone else's) is that he wore his old clothes to work because he associated that with work whereas the new shirt he associated with you and fun so he would want to leave it at your place so that he can wear it when he's having fun.

May 7 @ 12:06AM  
I'd have to vote for just forgetting. There are so many things going on in the male mind...things get lost.

May 7 @ 12:35AM  
I think he appreciates it so much that he left it there on purpose so that he can come back over and wear it just for and with you sugar. On the other hand I think he may have just forgotten it. If he didn't like it I don't think he would have worn it at all.

May 7 @ 12:08PM  
i would agree with everyone about ...he just forgot it, or, it didnt go with his work leaving it just as it was could mean he'll come back for it, if he owns a Harley and it's a black Harley shirt, i'm sure he liked doubt. However, on the other subject...meeting his friends. I know when i met my new hubby and the first time i came into town, he took me to meet his best friend right away. What i would do is just suggest maybe you guys meeting some of his friends out somewhere for dinner or drinks? See what he says. Good luck

May 8 @ 11:15AM  
You are reading too much into it. If he is anything like me, he just forgot it. Smiles

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