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Virtual VS Reality

posted 5/6/2007 3:47:22 PM |
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It's just a sex site, isn't it?
It's not real life, is it?
It's not like anyone really cares is it?
It's not like those people are a part of your life is it?

That's right, it doesn't really matter.

It doesn't matter when a member is seriously injured and will probably be laid up in a hospital bed for months. We don't really care that she and her boyfriend were married at her bedside, even though she was on a respirator and couldn't even voice her "I do's". I mean, it's not like they are real to us, they are just words on a screen.

Nope, it doesn't matter a bit.

Who cares that mothers day is coming up and so many here have lost their moms recently? I mean, does that mean we shouldn't jump at every opportunity to have sex with nameless people and every dick or pussy shot that appears in our mailbox? It's a sex site afterall, that's ALL we are here for.

Cyber people aren't real, right?

Those couples, the ones that lived in different states, met here and relocated to be together? Those that are living in different countries, and are eagerly awaiting their sweethearts arrival, to finally be able to hold, kiss and look into the eyes of the one they love. They don't matter, and they should certainly either stop coming on the site or at the very least be willing to fuck anything that moves nearby or cyber/cam sex anyone who feels the need to not read their profile and send a "wanna fuck" email anyways. It's only some type on a screen, not as though it's real.

All the lonely people, the single parents, the people on limited incomes, the shy people who feel a little less shy when there is a screen between them and the people they wouldn't have the nerve to talk to in public, the unhappily marrieds who just want a bit of peace from their evening, the happy couples who want to share their love and friendship with others... none of them are real, none of them matter, because when you shut down the computer at night, you never, ever think of them, do you?

Cyber space IS real. The people do matter, or you wouldn't come back. We hurt when they hurt, we cry when they cry, we are happy for them when they get good news, when they have a baby, when they get a new job, when their parent dies, or even worse, when one of them dies, unexpectedly. Without cyberspace, these incredible people, with their lives so different from our own wouldn't become our friends, wouldn't care about us, and we wouldn't care about them. Just because we can't hold them in our arms, doesn't mean we can't hold them in our hearts. They are real people, with real lives, just as real as our own, and they need us, just as we need them.

Be as careful what you say to someone online as you would be with what you say to a family member or close friend in the next city. You never know how much what you say means to them, sometimes it's easier to talk about something with someone who isn't in the same room with you, who doesn't know you quite as intimately as someone you went to school with, someone who doesn't share your genes, because they are a step outside the situation, they can see things a little more clearly than your best friend or sister. Pay attention to what they say, and what you say to them. You can't "unsay" something said online any more than you can get a do-over in real life. Mean what you say, and be willing to apologize, sincerely, for things said that should not have been said.

Live well, love much, laugh often. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

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May 6 @ 3:52PM  
Just because we can't hold them in our arms, doesn't mean we can't hold them in our hearts

excellent blog.......

May 6 @ 4:01PM  
PK that was BEAUTIFUL!!! I have met alot of wonderful people through here, and lots I am happy and proud to call friends. And one very special Man who I am most happy to be meeting in less then two weeks, I couldn't be happier. I know you and G will be meeting before me and mine, and I wish you both nothing but happiness now and in the future!!


May 6 @ 4:03PM  
well said....thank you!

May 6 @ 4:17PM  
Great Blog...I couldn't read it all..ya know? But we're both gonna have a good one anyways...right?? I'm gonna plant flowers!! And read some old letters like I always do...

May 6 @ 4:27PM  
Very nice blog. I was just thinking today that some of the best friends i have i met online and im grateful for each and every one of them.

May 6 @ 4:28PM  
Great blog. Very true every word...Kudo to you....

May 6 @ 4:30PM  
Very well said! Kudos to you!

May 6 @ 4:38PM  
Excellent Blog! Words of wisdom I need to remember.

May 6 @ 4:44PM  
Dammit! That needed a tissue warning! Well said, sweetie.

May 6 @ 4:49PM  
that;s beautiful u made me fucking cry. i mean it

May 6 @ 4:53PM  
what else to say? KUDOS

May 6 @ 5:03PM  
Wow...This is "Blog of the Year" material! Well said!

May 6 @ 5:04PM  
Damn PK this is absolutely one of the best blogs this year from anyone. Oh and a kudo for you.


May 6 @ 5:18PM  
I'm so glad we met years ago in a CHAT room and have met in REAL LIFE too! You are a friend for LIFE!!

May 6 @ 5:22PM  
Well said, good read and very insightful, makes one ponder!!!

May 6 @ 5:23PM  

I could not have put it any better Crissy.
I hope everyone reads it. Kudo darling.

May 6 @ 5:36PM  
Kissy my love.. bravo. Just freaking BRAVO! It could not have been said better by anyone.

This morning I spent an hour and a half crying with one of my best people in the world because she feels like she is insignificant. She is magnificent in my eyes. But her real world family treats her like crap so she 'knows' that she is unlovable.

Sometimes, the people you meet online can be even MORE real than the people you meet on the street.. they let their masks fall away and you see them from the inside.

Hang on baby the 11th is coming!

May 6 @ 5:42PM  
Wow girl awesome blog. This one is definately worth of a bloggie award. Very true very wise and very appreciated words...... Hugs.

May 6 @ 5:50PM  
i would like to also add that many of the people on here may not even realize that others feel "attached" to them....we can view lives here close up or at a slight distance (as i usually do)....

May 6 @ 6:28PM  
Agreed, DB... there are a lot of people on here that I don't know very well, but I think about them and pray for them and wish them the best... and they probably have NO clue...

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.


May 6 @ 6:44PM  
the shy people who feel a little less shy when there is a screen between them and the people they wouldn't have the nerve to talk to in public

That's me . I'm more real on here than in real life. (I think I may have said this for about the zillionth time to anyone who cared to listen).

May 6 @ 7:02PM  
i think that dave and vals situation best demonstrates this...who could not be moved by and care about a couple facing such adversity...who could not show love and support to them??? its such a touching story and dave has witnessed the outpouring of support and encouragement...there really ARE alot of wonderful people here..looking for sex, love, enlightenment, amusment...a microcosm of the world where we meet people, touch others lives...get to know some, and admire some...again, PK...a wonderful blog that many here can identify with...although i dont always express it to the people i feel connected with here, i have many people who i consider to be friends, that if they asked me for help, assistance, opinions, sympathy, etc, i would do whatever i could for them...including you, Crissy....ynot, ponme, DS (that rascal), canu, sunny, bentan, bigflirt, swyeter, OMG, tastycupcake, lisa, JJ, wtxman, nightofold, cabl_guy, shadowsangel,sumdaysoon....and others...if i left anyone out, it doesnt mean i dont read you, know you and care about you....the list is just getting too long...thanks for the opportunity to express this...

May 6 @ 7:03PM  
That's me . I'm more real on here than in real life. (I think I may have said this for about the zillionth time to anyone who cared to listen).

Wow...This is "Blog of the Year" material! Well said!

Sometimes, the people you meet online can be even MORE real than the people you meet on the street.. they let their masks fall away and you see them from the inside.

Like Bentan I am more real on this site than in real life (I am quite shy and introvert until I get to know people). As to the other comments quoted above, I could not sum it up any better myself. I am so proud of my beloved too

May 6 @ 8:13PM  
You are so right, and like a few others i'm more real here than i am in reality. I've met many important people in my life here, friends that will last a life-time, and one special person i hope to spend a life-time with. Very, very, very good blog, you made me sit back and take stock of what we've been doing here lately. Btw, i loves ya, and can't wait to see you and G in a couple of weeks

May 6 @ 8:21PM  
WOW, that is absolutely incredible!! Wonderfully written, thank you so much!

May 6 @ 11:24PM  
I do love alot of folks on here, worry about em , try to hunt them down when I think they have been gone to long, or perhaps not acting just like themselves, alot of yall are like my extended family .......

May 7 @ 12:16AM  
Wonderful blog PK. I couldn't agree more with you. Kudo sweetie and thank you for saying what you said.

May 7 @ 12:47AM  
See, now this is why I joined this site. I saw the personalities here that I wanted to be friends with and joined to stay in touch with them. Then all the fireworks happened. I'm so happy now that most of them are back in the fold. Please darlins let's not let that happen again. I want to get to know everyone here a lot better and become real friends with one and all.

I also am much more myself here than anywhere else in real life. I feel that I don't have a real life anymore. I spend so much of my time working and don't really have time for friends in the real world. I don't get to meet people like I used to. I know that that is sad, but it is in fact, true. I feel that most of the people here are my friends, and would love to be a lot closer with them than I am now.

May 7 @ 7:12AM  
Aww Blue I feel the same way you do so get on over here and let's get to know each other better.

May 7 @ 8:50AM  
Bravo, BRAVO!!!


May 7 @ 2:33PM  
PK, this was a wonderful, heartfelt blog. Kudos.

May 12 @ 9:15AM  
Great Blog,

I have met some wonderful people online. I have had great support when I have had issue's. This people I am proud to call my "FRIENDS".

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