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Gas Prices: $3.19 here, what about where you're at?

posted 5/6/2007 2:29:55 PM |
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tagged: gas, straddle

I thought that this would be a little fun and informative about what part of the country is experiencing the most outragous hike in gas prices late this week. It jumped from $2.99 to $3.19 regular unleaded here this past Thursday. What about the gas prices where you're at, what are they?

Also, what station do you buy yours from? I used to go to a small BP convienant mart across the street from me till it closed down in early December because the owner wanted to sell it and still can't find a buyer today for it. I know get my gas from a Marathon station that's about a mile in a half up the highway east from me. Kim likes that station too because she doesn't have to get her ass out of her car to pump her own gas. Love you sweetie.

*Off Topic* Jerk from Anytown, USA ( I didn't want to waste a blog on someone like this).

I know every now and then women are sent "wanna fuck me?" emails from idiots and jerks on here. I guess last week Kim had gotten a "wanna fuck me?" email from some guy that claims to be 45 years old, and she turned the guy down of course (another guy that doesn't read profiles before they go and decide to send that type of email.....even her headline is very direct on here). Anyway, as I was talking with Kim last last night over the phone around 4am after she left my house she said she got another comment on two of her pics and if was from the same guy that wrote her last week where he acted like a jerk, and that she was going to delete his harrassing unfavorable comments to her pics, but I wanted to see them first before she deleted them. I went over there and sure enough there's some "bubba" looking jerk that stats on his profile that he's 45, but looks more like in his upper 50's if anything if you ask me. No town was mentioned at all in his blog. So what do I decide to do you ask? I went and posted a comment this ( ) on his one pic, the same thing he did on one of Kim's pics. So then of course it stated that my comment had to be approved. I waited a couple of minutes and the little jerk replied to me with this.... "FUCK OFF YOU FAGGOT". Well, I responded back with letting him know to quit harrassing my gf with his snide ass remarks in his comments to her pics. I don't think that idiot after got to read that part and I think he blocked me after I posted that thumbs down to his pic. KIm and I went and blocked him too, and at least she now doesn't have to be bothered by that loser on here. Ladies, if you wanna stay clear of someone like that and want to know who the little jackass is feel free to email me and I will be sure to let you know what his screen name is on here. Guys, if you too want to know ask away.

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May 6 @ 2:33PM  
$3.09 here today in Columbus, I had to fill up and it cost me $45 and I had over a quarter of a tank before I starting pumping!!

May 6 @ 2:42PM  
You guys are always cheaper than us down here. lol

May 6 @ 2:45PM  
i paid 2.88 today and seen it 4 cents lower at another place. I have no certain place i buy from, they all get there gas from the same locations, just have to watch the stations hope they take care of there tanks and pumps....Sorry yall had problems with bubba, just keep kickin ass and have fun doing it ( i meant have fun kicking ass ) but have fun doing that too....

May 6 @ 2:45PM  
Some places in Chicago, it's 3.71 for premium.

Here's a place you can compare prices across the country, find the cheapest one to go to and even become a "spotter" and add a price for your local station yourself

Gas Price Watch

May 6 @ 2:48PM  
I don't drive, so I don't pay a whole lot of attention to prices, but I know on Thursday, I saw it at $3.19 at one station and $2.99 at another station about a mile away, was pretty suprised at the price difference, because in this area, they generally stay within a few pennies of each other.

May 6 @ 3:06PM  
I fill up at 7-Eleven*......usually the cheapest around costs me 65$ to fill up a Ford do the math........

May 6 @ 3:19PM  
Gee and I thought I looked much younger than that,time to go to photo shop for a rework of my pic.

May 6 @ 3:33PM  
wtxman I keep telling you to stop beggin its getting annoying

May 6 @ 4:26PM  
The gasoline around here is about $2.89 a gallon for regular. I normally use Exxon, Citgo, or Conoco. The Conoco and Exxon are closest, but the Citgo is cheaper; so when I'm close to a Citgo, I'll buy gas there. The Exxon is probably my favorite because the people who work there are very nice.

May 6 @ 5:46PM  
About $3.15 to $3.19 around here. Where's here? I'm not telling ladies- you'll just have to look up my profile to find out where I live. Oh and if you do, read my profile and essays. Ha, like you would anyway!

I've been threatening to make my own gas (the auto type) but then I'd have to spend 100s of millions to build a refinery- I think that would be counterproductive, ya think?


May 6 @ 6:17PM  
Talked to dad in Washington... Regular was 3.47 at most places in Seattle AAHHHHHH glad I am not paying that much yet...

May 6 @ 6:50PM  
$3.49 last time I looked.. since my jeep is now a doorstop.. I don't need gas.. but it's way up there.

May 6 @ 7:10PM  
3.19 here 3.18 in Oak Hill Oh, and was 3.09 at Wal-mart in Jackson Friday when I was there. for some reason Jacksons prices are staying cheaper.

May 6 @ 7:15PM  
WTF gas at $3.19 big fucking deal. In the UK petrol, or gas as you call it is sold by the litre (a UK pint is 0.57 of a litre and is also 20 fluid ounces as opposed to the American equivalent of 16 fluid ounces so a UK gallon is effectively 2 pints more than a US gallon). Given this information that makes a UK gallon $10.72c.

May 6 @ 7:23PM  
$2.83 in Columbus GA

May 6 @ 7:32PM  
Well you and Kim know where I live. I get my gas at Kroger's. It was $2.94 the other day when I filled up. I see now it is $3.18. Which sucks. Needless to say I don't go far if I don't have to.

I can't go shopping.

May 6 @ 8:19PM  
It's 3.09$ a gallon here, way too much!!

Hey everyone, please don't forget to NOT get gas on the 15th of May, it's a national boycott on the gas companies. Maybe it will get their attention and prices will go down (even a little decrease will help)

May 6 @ 8:30PM  
Merced, CA----$3.49 is the cheapest....not good when you have to drive everyday for a living,,,and get reimbursed after the fact....especially 55 miles a day,,,,6 days a week,,,,and that is just your work vehicle...

May 6 @ 11:35PM  
It's all fucking greed! How do those mother fuckers sleep at night? They can make up as many excuses as they want. It's all a bunch of bullshit. If gas was $1.00 , they still be making fucking profit according to some ass clown on CNN I saw earlier. Hope they fucking choke on their food!

May 7 @ 12:08AM  
$3.19 in Michigan!

May 7 @ 1:45AM  
'twas three-forty-something over here in Irvine when I filled up two days ago.

May 7 @ 6:10AM  
It's $2.95 here in Easton, unless I just drive across the bridge to New Jersey and it's only $2.83 and I don't even have to get out of my car to pump it.

May 9 @ 8:40PM  
Out here in San Francisco it is averaging about $3.75 for regular and $4.17 for premium. It costs me over $70.00 to fill my Grand Cherokee Limited and only lasts for 2-3 days. BTW, a friend of mine at Genentech told me that there is a boycott planned for May 15, 2007. Tell everyone you know. If everyone that uses the internet joined in the boycott, we could cause the oil companies to lose over 2 billion dollars in profits. The last organized gas boycott netted consumers a 30 cent per gallon savings overnight. If we all send this information to all of our contacts we could make a big impact. Pass it on. Thanks.

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Gas Prices: $3.19 here, what about where you're at?