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Clarifications from the Penis Posse

posted 5/4/2007 10:18:01 PM |
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Over the few months I have been here I have seen a large amount of blogs hanging out the other sex as this that and the other. As far as I have seen, it is often a womans blog complaining about why _men_ ..........

So let me try to answer the questions I have seen most often;

1. Why do men post a picture of their dick?
Same reason that women post pictures of their tits. Gotta be seen to get noticed.

2. Why do guys keep sending me "wanna fuck emails"?
Because they think that you are hot enough to get their dicks hard and they want to fuck. The same reason women send them. And they do.

3. Does "wanna fuck" emails ever work?
If you send out enough "wanna fuck" emails someone will eventually be bored/lonely/sad/horny/desperate enough to say yes. Women will usually have more luck with these.

4. Why do guys keep sending me offers of hooking up with them when they come through town?
Because they are bored/lonely/sad/horny/desperate and they are coming through your area. For the rest of the story see question 2 and 3.

Here is the funny part. I have never had a pic of my dick on a site. Nor have I sent out a wanna fuck email. And I am willing to bet that a large portion of the men on this site haven't either.

Regardless of that little factoid, because we have a penis we are automatically lumped together with the above mentioned and more often than not lambasted in the most obnoxious of terms. Generalizations, generalizations, generalizations....

It would be fantastic if you could have a site where you only got replies from people you actually want to talk to. But anyone with half a social antenna and a modicum of common sense understand that that is not possible.

So we can rage against the fact that we ALL have to wade through a large quantity of dirt and crap to possibly find a diamond
We can deal with it (read, delete block) and realize that that is what it takes to be a member of the biggest party on the planet; The internet.

We all have to make a choice. Just don't expect me to applaud you for sitting like a victim hammering out blogs about it.

Health and happiness,

PS I am not interested in what you think about me, my origins or my manners. All I want to know is if you are capable of making enough sense out of your argument to make me re-think mine.

DISCLAIMER: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say might be misquoted and used against you. Further, there is no filter between my brain and my keyboard. If you're offended by what I post, you have the right to post your distaste just as long as you understand I'll enjoy it more than you don't like it. I make no claim to being a responsible person; follow my advice at your own risk.

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May 4 @ 10:38PM  
Actually i liked what you wrote. Yes i do get tired of the wanna emails and wanna blogs and tend to rant sometimes. Mostly i get tired of the disrespect that people give each other. I guess, in a way, i feel that you shouldnt say things to complete strangers here that you wouldnt say to them in person, meeting them for the first time. I guess maybe im still a little old fashion with the thinking that there has to be some kind of foundation for sex to be good even if that foundation is just a friendship with someone you would want to spend time out of bed with as much as in bed with. I find your comments witty, informative and factual. Sometimes we do tend to judge all on a few. Im guilty of it as anyone. Thank you for the blog i enjoyed it so much im giving you one of my worthless kudos (but than again i would give them all to you if i could they dont mean nothing to me LOL)

May 4 @ 10:39PM  
Very good blog you do have a way with your words

May 4 @ 11:04PM  
I guess, in a way, i feel that you shouldnt say things to complete strangers here that you wouldnt say to them in person, meeting them for the first time.

This is the most overlooked, most important lesson about online life. We would all do well to abide by that rule, recognizing that this anonymous setting gives us some leeway to be disinhibited. Overall, though, it's not wise to burn bridges in any context.

Having said that, although the OP was a tad abrasive, the take-home message is on point: the intentions behind a "wanna fuck" e-mail or a dime-a-dozen cock shot are quite clear, and it shouldn't take much thinking to figure out WHY they're a part of this site. It's certainly reasonable to question their efficacy, but let the perpetrators worry about that. Let them figure out that trying to cherry pick an instant fuck off the net, no questions asked and no strings attached, is not the cakewalk the ads would lead one to believe.

Finally, I don't know that the slew of complaints levied against men is really intended to be a condemnation of all men. Most of us in the blogosphere probably aren't sending out cluster-wanna-fucks, but it's not an unreasonable generalization that most of those solicitations come from men. Nothing, nothing, nothing should be taken personally by anyone when interacting with someone who knows nothing about you and is not in a position to judge. The less we all personalize, the better we'll get along.

May 4 @ 11:14PM  
Kudos on the blog. Thank you for sharing your input.

May 4 @ 11:44PM  
Well, let me share my take on these things...

1. Why do men post a picture of their dick?
Because a lot of women like looking at dick. (shhh...I wasn't supposed to tell!)

2. Why do guys keep sending me "wanna fuck emails"?
Because now we don't have those little icons to tell us who we've already don't keep track! Shit, I have an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the wanna fuck emails I send. Too many to try to remember (bvalt - did I send you one yet? I don't feel like looking it up.)

3. Does "wanna fuck" emails ever work?
Well, depending on who they are from...Yes! ;)

4. Why do guys keep sending me offers of hooking up with them when they come through town?
Because women don't specify "no drive-by fucks". Duh!

Now, in all fairness, men have several common complaints about women, too...and it's the same shit over and over again (she gave me a web address that required a credit card!) Ya? ;)


May 5 @ 12:01AM  

May 5 @ 12:21AM  
Shit, I have an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the wanna fuck emails I send.

Now why didn't I think of that, could get rid of these 200 post-it notes.

May 5 @ 1:42AM  
Truth and entertainment all in one, props to you sir.

May 5 @ 2:03AM  

May 5 @ 2:07AM  
FINALLY!!! Someone with the balls to answer the ultimate wannafuck emails work! Thank you!!!

However...for the MOST part, the women aren't "lumping" men together. We know the difference between the good guys (and I use that term loosely here guys!) and the wannafuck males. Besides, lumping you all together would create a big ball of nondescript naked dicks and I for one just don't need to see that. I's a sex site...but still.

May 5 @ 4:23AM  
great blog ,and yes ladies this is a sex and swinger site so please give us a break ,and guys even if your just looking for a fuck buddy take some time to get to know her there are a lot of crazies out there remeber FATAL ATTRACTION need i say more .

May 5 @ 5:40AM  
No, you just send out the..."I'm gonna fuck you and you're gonna like it" emails... Oh, and I don't want your number either...

Couldn't resist!

But you do have very valid I said to someone earlier today; use the ignore, block or delete functions...that's what they are for.

May 5 @ 5:46AM  
By the way...wanna fuck?

May 5 @ 6:45AM  
Good blog.

Except for one thing...

I notice that while everyone who blogs on similar subjects is vociferous in their disdain for those who send impolite and even insulting emails, I almost never see anyone stating that they intend to do anything about the complete lack of common courtesy and human civility that is the underlying cause! Everywhere I see, "read, delete, block", or "just block 'em, honey", or "delete the creep" and nowhere do I see "hey, why don't you tell the ^%$@ what they did that turned you off, and THEN block them. Duh!

Couldn't we all just decide, for a brief period of time, to be POLITE, and respond to these people, telling them clearly, firmly, and politely, the exact reasons why they are behaving in a manner unacceptable?

I see guys blogs complaining about getting no responses. I see ladies blogs complaining about the dearth of seemly men, and nowhere do I see anyone who is willing to step up and tell anyone else that what they're doing is not acceptable.

The commonly held definition of insanity is when one does the same things, the same way, every time, and expects different results. So, if we keep getting these mails from people who don't have a clue, and can't even afford one, wouldn't it behoove us to actually do something to help these miscreants, so that they will finally get it? Some people will never learn, this is granted. But Karma has an odd way of reaching out and touching people in forms they have never considered in their wildest dreams. Be nice to someone for once, and you may just find what you are seeking as well, in a sudden and unexpected manner. I know, it's happened to me, and recently as well.

It doesn't cost us anything to be polite and nice. It does have rewards and hidden paybacks that can be fortuitously beneficial. And who knows... We might just accidentally improve the AMD community and site along the way.



May 5 @ 8:24AM  
nowhere do I see anyone who is willing to step up and tell anyone else that what they're doing is not acceptable

Um...I did. Are you going to tell me you didn't read ALL my blogs??? You bastard! (heh-heh...that's my word for the weekend.."bastard!" :)

No, seriously, I have, I did, and I do. Lots of us have but, as someone pointed out somewhere, old blogs don't get looked at (old meaning, anything beyond a few know, from the archives) - and we all know how tired everyone is of the same shit being posted over and over again. So...what's a girl s'posed to do?

But...this is an adult site (keyword: adult). I struggle with why anyone needs to explain good manners and common sense to another member. That said, I agree that people need to be nicer to each other (trolls, frauds, and scammers excluded - I'm done being nice when I come across one of those.)

May 5 @ 9:27AM  
a penis posse hell yeah gurls lets saddle up

cowgurl up!

May 5 @ 11:01AM  
Sorry I got lost at Penis Posse.. the mind went there.. yes it did. And it was gooooood.

So, what were you saying?

May 5 @ 12:20PM  
you are a riot

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