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Porn or not? Slutty or not?

posted 5/4/2007 9:48:44 AM |
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So this "friend" of mine and I have been having a rather heated exchange thru email about one certain topic. That topic has been watching some one get off on cam, rather it be make or female. His claim is that to do so, for me or any other female is slutty and whorish. I suppose it can be seen that way, I myself do not view it as either. I view it as curiousity being satisfied and almost educational for me who is fairly innocent sexually. I told him a girl watching a guy jerk off on cam is like a guy watching porn. It can turn you on and help in the fantasy department. It fills some sexual need or curiousity. He says you can not even compare watching a cam to a guy watching porn. I totally disagree, just because it is live action does not make it all that different. Basically my cooments have been, is it slutty? maybe but I have done it and will still do it, I have done it on cam for someone once or twice not often(lack of privacy makes that difficult). I have watched it live in person, I have watched people have sex on cam and in person. I am curious about sex just not so curious as to go out and have it randomly. If that makes me slutty then so be it I am slutty and who the fuck cares.

So is watching someone on cam slutty? Would you consider akin to porm?

Inquiring minds like to know

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May 4 @ 10:01AM  
so...what's wrong with porn?

May 4 @ 10:03AM  
The only difference I see is that porn was pre recorded, and cam is live, but other than that, no difference in the two.

Fore some reason, I think your inbox is going to fill up fast now……….

May 4 @ 10:08AM  
I think it's slutty and akin to porn, but who says that has to be a bad thing? I've never watched anyone on cam, but I am a fan of porn, as long as it's done well. Cam viewing is no different than watching amateur porn, except it's not live.

I think the point that you're really bringing up is, "Is porn bad?" Not at all. There's no shame in it. Sometimes society is so sexually stunted..... All of the fun things are considered totally taboo.

Mmmm. Totallytaboo....


May 4 @ 10:16AM  
I have no idea where your "friend" fits in in your life and as such it becomes difficult to answer but I will try.......

If you restrain it to WATCHING; then nekkid people getting off on a screen is the same be it a DVD or a cam.

Where the 2 start to differ is on the interaction aspects.
If you know the person on the cam, or interact with him/her (before/after/during) then it becomes a shared sexual experience between 2 people akin to watching someone masturbate while you are in the same room.

A give and take that does not exist with porn.

In the realm of fidelity, there is IMHO, not much difference between a cam-session shared by two people and actual intercourse.

Just my two cents,


May 4 @ 10:19AM  
As to the slutty part.....
WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!

If you enjoy it and you are willing to accept the consequences (if any) JUST DO IT!!

May 4 @ 10:43AM  
there is nothing slutty about doing anything sexually as long as all involved are consenting adults.i enjoy watching a man stroke himself on cam sometimes and i also enjoy watching soft porn so just put me at the top of the slut list.

May 4 @ 10:56AM  
I love porn. LOVE IT! Makes me feel better about my body when I see stretch mark boobies and saggy silicone implants. Naw, it's great entertainment. Whatever you do on your webcam is your business and doesn't pertain to anyone that isn't viewing you at the time. It's live entertainment, and yeah, it's totally porn. :)

PORNOGRAPHY: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction

If he's watching ya play with your naughty bits and he's getting all hard and touching himself, it's porn.

May 4 @ 11:17AM  
I don't find it slutty at all. I enjoy watching women on cam and if asked I would do whatever it is they want to see but only IF i was asked. I think it's just part of nature and some people like to watch and be watched.

May 4 @ 11:31AM  
I would consider it porn. I would not consider it slutty, if you enjoy being on cam.

May 4 @ 11:43AM  
I like BVATL's spin on it, and on a side note...if you are having cam sex then that fits into the realm of the safest sex you can have right?

If you enjoy it, do it...sometimes slutty is a VERY good thing...

May 4 @ 1:10PM  
Check out

Its a free site to view cams. Some people get naked and masturbate there and some just go to video chat. I look at porn as being a professional industry where people get paid to get naked on cam or do movies or pose on the net or for mags.

I dont look at 2 people camming as porn necessarily.

May 4 @ 1:19PM  
To me u have to be fuckin people to be a whore or slut!

No way in hell can u be a whore or slut if u have fun online...but whatever.. thats my lil opinion!

May 4 @ 1:57PM  
Slutty? No. Similar to Porn? Better actually. Porn flicks are pretty lame. At least, they were 25 years ago when I quit watching them.

I think he's being catty because he has issues. Maybe he wishes he was getting some action with you and isn't? Oh well. Cam away, girl.

May 4 @ 2:00PM  
I enjoy watching porn I think it stimulates your sexual desire and also helps you to get for cam I get more horny watching a woman play with herself then any porn and who cares about the slutty part

May 4 @ 3:47PM  
Hmmm, is it slutty? If it is, than that makes me a slut, because I've looked at a lot of porn and I've watched people on cam before. I've even shown myself on cam, because it's exciting. Having someone watch something that you "shouldn't be doing", at least not in public, is so taboo it's thrilling. And lets face it, sex is thrilling, that's why the prudes and puritanical shun and disown it. Sex is beautiful, anything related to sex and consenting adults is beautiful, even if the people aren’t.

May 4 @ 4:26PM  
you act as if slutty is a bad thing lol ,if it feels good do it

May 4 @ 5:31PM  
First.. why is it that a woman can not enjoy herself sexually without having a stereotypical name hung on it, while a man can do what he wants and its "just being a guy"? I think that is BS.. If you are ok with you and you are enjoying whatever it is that you enjoy, yet haven't hurt anyone or killed any animals in the process.. then go for it..

Second... Porn is hot.. I have tried a lot of things I hadn't thought of from seeing something on porn.. I have lived a few fantasy's that I didn't have the guts to try through porn.. I have made home made porn.. :) its locked up.. lol as far as web camming.. I am not into it personally.. but its pretty popular.. so I guess it is a turn on for some and if it is your thing.. then who has the right to condemn it.. :) Just my take on it hun... have fun!!!!

May 4 @ 5:44PM  
Your "friend" sounds both hypocritical and judgemental. Slutty is in the eye of the beholder. In Iran it's considered "slutty" if you don't wear a headscarf......

Anyway, like others have said - what's wrong with slutty?

May 4 @ 6:25PM  
That guy sounds like an idiot.

May 4 @ 8:33PM  
hi babygirl...

every definition of slut i've read directly references the actual physical act of sex, it has nothing to do with camming OR pornography. it sounds like this guy needs to buy a freekin' dictionary and spend time reading it before ignorantly making assumptions and accusations.

i have a cam and use it regularly...anytime you're ready!

May 4 @ 8:34PM  
I think your friend has some personal issues with repressed sexuality. Either he has bought into the whole "church-morals-values" thing, which is nothing more than a social construct to control the masses, or he has some difficulty understanding that women are just as sexual as men, if not more so. A quaint Victorian attitude to say the least. That attitude should have been just as extinct as the Dodo bird, but unfortunately, it seems to be very prevalent here on the buckle of the Bible Belt.

I don't live too far away from you, but I am originally from a much larger city than anything near here, so I can see the huge difference between these small rural towns, and the cosmopolitan openness of a larger city.

Tell your friend that neither he, nor anyone else has the right to decide for you, what is right or what is wrong.

My $0.03

May 4 @ 9:34PM  
I don't see a difference, other than one is live and one is pre-recorded. I'd love to watch it live rather than on a movie =)

May 4 @ 10:25PM  
safest sex you can have........well unless your chair tips over...........

May 4 @ 11:09PM  
Lancer expressed my sentiments exactly.

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Porn or not? Slutty or not?