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posted 5/3/2007 3:11:44 PM |
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tagged: men, fake, maria, posers

Omg, I love today's like today. I just have to smile, because sometimes, some men can be so freaken stupid. I've gotten a couple emails from this particular girl, we'll call her "maria".. well, "maria" likes to squirt and is interested in teaching me how to squirt. Now, "maria's" essays are filled with a couple words about how she likes to squirt and that's that. Her pictures are CONTENT photos. Does anyone know what that is? Content photos are professional images of models that you can buy. Some websites sell a package of them, the same model 100 poses for around $10 or $20. Now, they sell you basically the right to use these images and claim they are you. A lot of women who do phone sex and the adult industry buy these images to use as their "characters". How do I know this? I tried it for about a week, needless to say, I REALLY fricken suck at it! Now, "maria" requests ONLY women, no men. However, my profile says I am looking for men. Let me break this down. "Maria" is a man, who uses pictures of a gorgeous young model to hook bisexual women in so they will chat with him. I asked "maria" how big her dick was and needless to say "maria" never emailed me again. Now, I'm sure "maria" also likes to talk to men. Which basically means, he's got you convinced you're talking to a HOT girl. SO, you'll send him pictures of your cock, even tell him how big it is, and he's getting off on the fact that he's getting straight men to cyber with him!!! It's far from the glamorized version sung by the Kinks. So be wary, if you're stroking your cock to "maria", "maria" is probably stroking his cock to you!

Now, it's not just guys that chat up women and men pretending to be professional models, I've seen too many women do it too. But, I recognize a lot of these images from catalogs that sell online lingerie and from the content websites themselves so it's easy to spot the fakes. So here's the thing, a REAL model isn't going to put her pictures up that someone else photographed. Sure, they're of her, but if professional photogs take her pics chances are those photographers own the copyright. Posting them on here would be really bad for their careers and could mean they are breaking contract of what the photographer has limited their access of where they can publish their images. BOTTOM LINE OF IT ALL, if it looks to good to be true, it is. A lot of these content photos also belong to real women (that are far from the pretty dishes they portray) that run websites where they sell their voice per minute for extracurricular activities. If you don't want to be scammed into paying big bucks for someone to stroke your dick to, then stick with the girls who look like they're keeping it real.

And to those that actually use content photos, seriously? I MEAN SERIOUSLY???

So my main point to all the men hereIf you're stroking your cock to "maria", "maria" is probably stroking his cock to you!

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May 3 @ 3:20PM  
Very Good and if Maria is really Maria, you could be stroking your little man to a 40 year old picture. That would make maria about 72. What a turn on.
Good Blog, pearls of wisdom

May 3 @ 4:53PM  
*ponders not talkin to nobody here anymore without birthdate n proof of citizenship n what sex they are*

May 3 @ 5:37PM  
DAMN that sucks......good thing I haven't talked to maria....that would be a major let down.....but lucky for me no dick pics on here Good info though...tks

May 3 @ 9:29PM  
Great blog! Nice looking out!

May 3 @ 9:31PM  
Oh! And, well-written as well!

May 4 @ 7:27PM  
Youare a vixen of the highest order.

May 5 @ 3:16AM!....Maria's...a...guy? NO!...NO FUCKIN WAY!....not,not Maria?

May 5 @ 3:56AM  
"What do you do with a problem like Maria...?"

May 5 @ 8:49AM  
You and I don't always see eye to eye, but I will give you major credit on this. You weren't here back when I was trying to educate people on spotting phony pics, I wish you had been.

I was well versed in the jargon, or the inner working. I am well versed in social sites. There is a member on here now, whose pictures or at least one of them was all over Yahoo 360 when it was trendy. Her page made no bones about the fact that she was a site girl. This same member has more than one picture of various body parts, none of them have the same skin tone? Love to see that full body shot!! She has to look like a Zebra.

Fake pictures are common, look at the male pics right? That is not in and of its self cause for alarm. However, when a profile, pops up, posts a revealing photo, and a blog that only calls attention to the photo, (we had two this week) a flag goes up.. my radar kicks in.

Another tip guys... I can create a web page that looks legit, features my face picture and claims I'm Sheik Ali Ali Ackbar... its silly easy costs me less than ten bucks .....

Another tip, "I have a cam-scam" Ok, a cam is less than twenty bucks, its safe to say 75% or more net surfers have one or had one until they upgraded O/S and it wasn't compatable, but didn't see the need for a new one. Who the hell needs to shout it from the rooftops that they have a cam?

I am cautious however of just attacking out right, people with fake pics, some are just lonely old guys looking for attention...

Tabs hun... I wanna use excerpts from this later, between Ladiedarkstarr's picture blog, yours and an idiotic comment left on my words about photo shop, I am inspired to talk about photographs, and fake ones!


May 8 @ 7:53AM  
Very Sharp eye, totallytaboo,,,and once you have been clued to Maria, it is sooo clear, not just the profile, but the blogs...
keep watching out for us hun

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