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Scattered Thoughts & Random Ideas XII (Part One)

posted 5/3/2007 1:40:24 AM |
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tagged: whig

Nothing 2 worry about...Just a peek N2 the mind of a madman[/B]

I have 2 begin by giving a warm AMD welcome back 2 JJN4fun. Those of U who know her know why, those of U who don’t know her don’t fucking need 2 know anyway. Why the fuck are U all up in our business, anyway, player? Are U looking 4 fucking trouble, man? Huh? Are U? That’s what I thought...

Since we last spoke like this I have been accused of promoting hatred, and although he didn’t actually say it, I think I wuz also called black. I know that this may be hard 4 some of U 2 accept, but I am not black. My mother’s people are from Arkansas. My father’s are from Oklahoma. B4 that Ireland, England and Germany. Both sides came west during the Great Depression 2 find work in the fields. I wuz, however, raised in a predominately black neighborhood. That helped give me the ability 2 switch back and forth between cultures, which I do with ease. As one of my black friends once told me, “Ur a cracker, but U gots a lot of flavor. Ur a graham cracker, motherfucker.” It’s no big deal, but I just figured that 4 the sake of accuracy in bigotry U would want 2 know Ur stupid comments should be directed 2 “nigger lover”, not “nigger” as they have been. One should be clear about who it iz he actually hates, after all. That way, it makes it easier 4 his daughters 2 figure out who it iz and fuck them.

LadieDarkStarr, where are U? We have work 2 do, bitch! E-mail me ASAP and I will get at U with the details...

belle1010 I’m still waiting 4 my pics! U fucking tease...

Although my good friend Luvrgrl has decided 2 part ways with AMD, I have recently been in touch with her and would like 2 report 2 U all that she iz alive, well and sexy as fucking ever. Maybe one of these daze she will come back as well...

So...I started blogging on MySpace (, right? That’s all well and good, but 4 whatever fucking reason it just izn’t as much fun as blogging here iz. Despite all the trolls, despite all the fuckheads who write cumfuckme emails and send dick pics, despite all of dickheads who want 2 fucking whine that AMD duzn’t work – despite all of that – this iz still the most fun the internet has 2 offer. Geez, that’s really fucking pathetic, y’know?

One of the sexiest bitches 2 ever grace the pages of AMD, dumblonde recently accused me of being on the rag. This may be true, but I submit that dumblonde needs 2 accept responsibility 4 her part of my bad mood! The truth iz that if she would just show me the rest of that body of hers I would be forced N2 a better mood, wouldn’t I? How can anybody look at T&A like that and still be in a piss-poor mood? I think she’s just afraid everybody will find out that she has been lying 2 us all and she iz really only 31 years old...

belle1010 and Looking4ever...I thought U wanted 2 be a part of my next art masterpiece, ladies? Well, if that iz so I need those pics ASAP. Anyone else who iz interested (this means U PrincessKissy, lillin, tlc0766, JJN4fun and jezzarae) hit me up as well...

I still think we should give serious thought 2 an AMD mixer of some sort. I think we could all have a lot of fun if we got 2gether 4 a few hours. Maybe wtxman will let us use the Cellar 4 the festivities...

I regret 2 inform U that my radio show, Shenanigans with DickSlippery, iz being temporarily postponed due 2 my sudden employment. Unfortunately, my job eats up a huge chunk of my day (like eight fucking’s unbelievable) so I don’t have the time 2 fuck off that I used 2 have. I haven’t abandoned the idea, just may take me a little longer 2 get it there. The same holds true 4 my book, I’m afraid...

Just FYI...whoever iz in charge of PrincessKissy’s bridal shower...I am available 2 jump out of a cake or whatever. Just let me know when and where and I will be there with bells on. Nothing else...just bells. Oh...and a little bit of strategically placed whipped cream, of course...

Kudos go out 2 the cat that thought of the AMD beauty contest. That seems like a hell of a lot of fun 2 this deviant fucker and I am sure a lot of U sick fucks will agree (especially U bitches that got nominated), but I have 2 admit I still think that a wet t-shirt contest would be better...

I really am still trying 2 talk switch83 N2 sending me pictures of her ass...

I really am trying 2 talk Cabl_guy N2 not sending me anymore pictures of his ass...


Keeping U posted


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May 3 @ 1:47AM  

May 3 @ 1:55AM  
Just let me know when and where and I will be there with bells on. Nothing else...just bells.

Is that bells, or belle??

May 3 @ 7:00AM  
The Cellar is always available for anything ou want,bro.

May 3 @ 8:35AM  


You may have to go, looking 4 it is he saying looking4funat 45 may have to go

What Did I do?


May 3 @ 8:51AM  
OH I'm ready for the wet T-Shirt contest!!! Pick me!!!

May 3 @ 10:41AM  
IF you insist on continuing to smoke that shit and write blogs..........................SHARE IT WITH ME!!!!!!

May 3 @ 12:07PM  
omg you left me OUT .........

May 3 @ 2:24PM  
I don't know, a wet tshirt sounds a little too classy. I'm surprised you didn't want a wet panties contest.

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Scattered Thoughts & Random Ideas XII (Part One)