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Gold Diggers

posted 5/3/2007 1:18:33 AM |
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I've noticed some women advertising here and on other sites basically for what I would consider a "Sugar Daddy". While I've always been too independant to ever consider that route myself I was wondering just what do mean think of a woman that is openly a "gold digger"? If they make it well known that they refuse to go out for just a drink or coffee, but must have a meal, that you will be paying for? Or if they are simply interested in the home and lifestyle that you can provide for them? Would this be a total turn off or would it appeal to some in the sense that you got to be the "manly" man and take care of them?

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May 3 @ 2:07AM  
reminds me of all the love that I can whatever, the oldest profession in the world. With that said, I'll admit that I myself have on ocasion, rented a pro. The differnce is....once we're done, they leave. Why would I want one hanging around?


May 3 @ 2:12AM  
It would depend on the qualitiy and volume of panties she uses me shallow but you have to admitt my priorities are clear and concise

May 3 @ 2:57AM  
would never even think of it, being with someone because they love you money is not my road to being happy. If i was making reasonable money i wouldn't even broadcast it, i would wait until i see that persons true colors before i shower them with materialistic things. Gold diggers are powered by greed and a want for power. If someone advertised that they were looking for a "sugar daddy" i would ignore it.

May 3 @ 3:40AM  
Doesn't appeal to me personally. But, a sugar-daddy relationship is not the worst thing there is if all parties are aboveboard and know the terms they are operating under. There are so many supposedly more legit/respectable relationships that are in shambles because people rushed into them without understanding what they or the party really wants. So to me it's all good as along as people know what they want and don't hurt non-consenting parties.

May 3 @ 3:58AM  
You know, some guys will slam a woman as a gold digger...but what about the guys that are using their income to lure women? It's not a one sided thing. Have you noticed how some guys on here will have almost nothing on their profile, come off as fairly illiterate but post that their income is $100,000+?

But, as Bentan says, if both parties are agreeable, what does it matter to me? That goes for all sorts of relationships. Just because it is something I don't want for myself, why should I deem it right or wrong for someone else?

May 3 @ 6:05AM  
when i was young i felt just like you independant didn't need anyone but now i would gladly allow a man to take care of me and make sure he was smiling the whole time hi did it.

May 3 @ 7:06AM  
Sorry, but for me it would be a total turn-off. I have gone out with a few women, and after the first couple of dates, the question of income usually came up. Being an honest type of guy, I was dumped because of the lack of funds. Some guys may like it, but I would find it a superficial relationship, which doesn't turn me on.

May 3 @ 7:22AM  
If a woman cannot take care of herself, then i move on, I sure not doing it for her. Now if a woman wants to take care of me might have to think about that. Watching soap operas and eating bon bons all day. What a rough life....

May 3 @ 8:04AM  
Well it's better to know somebody who's openly a gold digger than somebody who's a closet gold digger haha...

Been on a date with a supreme gold digger before haha... Went out to eat... and when the bill came, I asked her how she wanted to split it... and she said, in a not so friendly sort of way, "nah uh... your paying..."

Well... I made sure we had a nice desert there... then I got up to goto the bathroom and ducked out of the place leaving her there... Tell me I HAVE to pay for somebody... my ass...

So basically she got stuck with not only the bill for both of us, but also the cost of a taxi ride home...

May 3 @ 8:51AM  
Looking, I never said I felt it was right or wrong, simply it's not for me. I was just curious as to how the men on here felt about it and what they had to say on the subject!

May 3 @ 8:58AM  
but what about the guys that are using their income to lure women?

I sure cant use my income, it's all pre dedicated to my bills, LOL

May 3 @ 9:37AM  
nothin wrong with it as long as both parties know going in and she makes it very clear that if you play you will pay

May 3 @ 9:41AM  
If I was a guy and new my g/f was a gold digger .. I would not marry her because you might never wake up ever again and she has your money !!


May 3 @ 9:48AM  
Maybe I came to the wrong site, I hope this is just a small percentage of the population.

May 3 @ 9:56AM  
I do not want a gold digger. I want a woman, who understands and accepts me.

May 3 @ 10:43AM  
gold digger? for me?? no way i'm about outta gold

May 3 @ 10:49AM  
Just like any thing else in this world,,you get what you paid for,,simple.

May 3 @ 10:50AM  
Just like any thing else in this world,,you get what you paid for,,simple.

May 3 @ 10:58AM  
Just because I won't settle for a poor man on disability who sits home while I work 12hr shifts making $65K a year and want a nice home doesn't make a woman a gold digger....makes her smart! You can sit on you butt and make $35K and love it all you want....but I am not gonna do it! I have been there and done that.....but with looks and education, I can be a bit more picky! Nobody HERE said I would only date a rich man, but I am not dating a man on disability....and live and work while he gets to sit at home. I call that SMART!

May 3 @ 11:05AM  
remember to take your meds today hun.....I'm so worried about your health.....but keep on smoking......that'll do wonders for your vocal skills! Soon you will be a gravely sounding baratone.....and when they make a trach in your throat from laryns cancer, you can still smok thru that hole....a slow and suffocating death! I have to take care of smokers like YOU all day at come in gasping for breath....panting "HELP ME"...and it have to put an IV line in for meds to open up your airway, give you 3+ nebulizer treatments, and smell the cigs you smoked on your way INTO the ER on your clothes and breath......then you suddenly disappear~~~~where? OUTSIDE TO SMOKE AGAIN! You may not be there yet....but I promise you are are headed there fast at middle age.....HUN!


May 3 @ 11:18AM  
Some people just can't resist bitching, I swear!

A woman wanting a man for his money and a woman wanting to live a privileged life are 2 different things, if you ask me. In today's world, it is a privilege to not have to work and have your living expenses covered, which is a life I have no problem living. But to seek out a man for his money, because of his money, is something I - personally - would never do. And, unless it's been stated otherwise, when I go on a date I make sure I have my own money - I never expect a man to pay my way. And, if he does offer to pay - and IF I don't feel it would lead to "owing" - I would accept...but only if I genuinely liked the man.

May 3 @ 11:28AM  
I see no "bitching"....just not gonna work....and I DO work two 12hr shifts and make that kind of money doing nursing....and can see the world at the same time! I'm not gonna do that and not be with a man who can't keep up his half of the deal....I ALWAYS pay my way on dates til I know a man....just to he doesn't think a dinner entitles him to anyting else....after dessert. I drive my own car there he doesn't know where I live til I get to know him.....for months.
I'm just not gonna settle for any more poor men.....and MANY MEN online ARE on disability....esp middle aged or more.....YOU can have them all, Nomi. To each her own!

May 3 @ 11:42AM  
Thank you for your comments and concern Red, however I actually posted this blog more to get comments or input from men on women that are seeking men strictly for their money and what it can do for them. The women that say "A date for coffee or a drink is NOT a date~~if you can't handle springing for dinner or lunch, then don't even contact me! Men are getting cheaper by the hour! I don't drink coffee or wine." I have spotted several on this site and others, was just curious as to what the men have to say on the subject.
I'm not saying that I don't welcome comments from women on this subject I just believe the blog is starting to trail off subject a bit.

May 3 @ 11:51AM  
sometimes a sugar daddy would be nice .... not to have to worry about anything , but then again my conscience wont allow me ......... its a no win situation , I usually end up giving more than I ever get ......

May 3 @ 12:00PM  
I'm sorry~~~I see nowhere in your blog that only men can answer. Like you, I don't drink coffee nor wines, but I go and buy my own bottled water. If a man is that cheap, it's only an indicator of what I'm up for down the road....and it will be the last "date".
The blog has deviated a bit as you have me blocked on your mail and I was sooo concerned for your health,dear! Don't want to lose a regular AMDer!

May 3 @ 12:07PM  
No Red, apparently you are mistaken, you are not blocked from my email or you would not be able to post on my blog either.
And to set the record straight I do drink coffee daily and wine occasionally and in moderation.
I never said that women were not allowed to comment, I simply said that while I welcome comments from women, I was seeking the opinions of men. I felt you were getting a bit off subject with the little comment about your concerns of my death and dying of cancer and the fact that you refuse to date men that are disabled. I believe we have covered that subject enough and need to move on.
Also I would like to say thanks to all others that have commented. Your input is appreciated!

May 3 @ 12:10PM comment was not directed toward you. Damn girl, calm down - not everything is about you.

May 3 @ 12:25PM  
No surprise to me Red is single. Going on a date with her sounds like as much fun as going to a funeral. Jeeeesh...lighten up.

May 3 @ 12:37PM  
Pardon me, Nomi.....but I see my name on both posts that I answered....was I taking time away from your shining sorry, girl.....don't want to get in your "light".....LOL! Maybe with all your degrees you can't read.....Red....Red....I believe that was directed to moi! Unless you have ANOTHER new profile! How bout getting back to the original blog question, GF!

May 3 @ 12:42PM  
So long as she don't mind me acting like a pimp right? Financial expectations show an underlying dependancy that can be exploited... and usually is.

May 3 @ 12:50PM  
Well if a woman cant support herself why should she expect a man to do it. But there is more to that. To pick someone you want to date or to fall in love with (his/her money) goes back to the barbaric days of arranged marriages. So what if someone is disable that doesnt make them less of a person, less of someone capable of loving and treating someone right. Damn i must have done something wrong when i got married. My husband is 100 service connected disabled and i married him. It was nice to come home to a clean house, and supper cooked, and the laundry done. IT was nice to have all the everyday tasks completed. The only mistake my husband and I made was two best friends trying to make a marriage work. Would i marry someone again who was on disability HELL NO but not because of the disability but because i will never marry again. A woman who can not get off her ass and get a job in the fashion she wishes to live and wants to find one that will give her that is a gold digger I dont care how you color it. ANd anyone who judges someone on thier income is someone i wouldnt want in my life. Just my opinion.

May 3 @ 12:51PM  
Okay back to the original question. I guess some guys may like the idea of being someones sugar daddy but I'm not one of them. If I see a profile that says looking for a sugar daddy then I'm gone. I think everyone would like to live the high life but I don't think it's right to do it at the expense of someone else. I came from nothing and have worked my ass off my whole life for what I have and I am very proud of what I have made out of my life and what I have but the key word here is WORK. Everyone should be proud of what they work for and I imagine they are. I'm sure there are probably a lot of people that are drawing disability social security right now that's only disability is laziness but in defense of the ones that are on it because they truely are disabled I'm sure if they had their way about it they would rather be working. Sure I would love to be living in luxury and not having to work my ass off but if I lost everything I have today I would just start over again tomorrow.

May 3 @ 12:53PM comment was not directed toward you. Damn girl, calm down - not everything is about you.

This is the only comment to or about you made by me. Well, now this one, too. I don't know about you, but I'm done. *plops down in a recliner* But I sure as hell am gonna watch what happens...


May 3 @ 1:42PM  
Golddiggers? Hmmm,, I certainly have run into my share of them, especially back in the eighties. My home town was full of them, usually the ones who wanted someone to supply them with plenty of money for drugs. I learned to recognize the type instantly and avoided them like the plague.
The only times I have used a pro have been when I am traveling in Nevada. Ordinarily I would not pay, but when I am out exploring the desert and doing photography, I do not have the time to spend a week wining and dining and wooing someone. When the need for sex starts gnawing at me, it is difficult to concentrate on anything else until that need is satisfied. The brothels provide a clean and easy way to take care of that with a good looking woman. Afterwards I can get back to what I was doing without that monkey riding my back.
As far as gals who have made it their life work to hitch up with a rich guy, well, to each their own. Personally, I am an independant cuss and I could never be happy to sit back and live off of someone else's money. I would always feel as if I were not my own man, and I could not live with that. I have worked for my living since I was fifteen. If I can't get it on my own, I do not want it.

May 3 @ 2:33PM  
I cant imagine dating a guy just because he has money. Wheres the fun in that? I mean, I'm a student I make shit $$, so I guess I would feel intimidate or obligated to do a little more than I should in a relationship if I didnt make an equal income. I realize Im never gonna make killer change, unless Corey Hart calls me up and asks me to be an artist for his shop.. but still, ya know? Im waiting for Prince Charming not Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal (Net Worth: $21.5 bil ^)....

May 3 @ 2:40PM  
I have a question: are people equating wanting a sugar daddy with being a prostitute? I don't - they are to very different things to me; one is in an actual intimate relationship, the other is a professional relationship. I also don't think that all women who want sugar daddies are upfront about it, some might not even realize that's what they are really seeking. With pros, it's already known there will be an exchange of money for services...Aren't these two different things?

May 3 @ 2:44PM  
The money ties the two together. Sugar daddy is a very very short step away from "I'll pay you to fuck my ......" You all seem to think a man with the kind of power that comes with the purse strings can avoid it's abuse... I think some are lucky the majority are dreaming.

May 3 @ 3:50PM  
I don't know Noms, I might have to disagree with you on this somewhat. I think Pudge has a valid point that the money ties the two together. So perhaps while the professional is upfront about her intentions in exchange for money, the gold digger on the other hand is going about it in the same way, just not as openly. So this theory would establish what both are, it would only be the price of those services or that companionship that actually separates the two.

May 3 @ 3:59PM  
Okay, I'll buy it that they are tied in as far as money in exchange for "services or wares".

You all seem to think a man with the kind of power that comes with the purse strings can avoid it's abuse

No, no! Not "you all". I know that what you're saying is true - I've seen women in action, trust me. But the same is true of men with the purse strings abusing that power.

May 3 @ 4:06PM  
See that is why I couldn't live in the position myself. I'm far too independant to have to ask permission to spend a dime, or ask for my allowance. Plus there is the downside to think of "what if", What if that person tires of you or finds a younger model, or even for that matter dies! Laugh all you want but I believe Anna Nicole Smith is a prime example of what families do when a wealthy family member dies and what they believe to be a "gold digger" is in the picture! Sure her estate may see some of that money someday, but how many years will it sit in appeals?? For myself, I feel it's better to take care of myself than have to depend on anyone else!

May 3 @ 4:46PM  
i is e millin er,i halfs a bic dic whmens lvs me....mista qool

May 3 @ 4:51PM  
You're right... "You all" was way to strong and general... my bad. The rest is still valid though... at least to me.

May 3 @ 5:22PM  
i is e millin er,i halfs a bic dic whmens lvs me....mista qool

Ok, I'm not sure who you are referring to with this comment or what it has to do with the subject at hand????

May 15 @ 5:00PM  
I saw this and had to comment on it. Quite frankly, I think it is naive in this day and age for a woman who is a "Gold Digger" or wants a "Sugar Daddy" to expect that sort of foundation for a relationship to last.

Women should ALWAYS be able to take care of themselves. They need their own car, their own money, their own job, and their own skills to survive. That way, if a man drops them like a hot potato, they have all their ducks in a row and can move on to the next. I'm not saying it isn't right to enjoy a leisurely life for a while if you can get it, that is said lady's perogative. I am saying that you'd better be ready to land on your feet in case he tries to drop you on your ass.

That goes for EVERY woman. Not just gold diggers. With the divorce rate in America nearing 50%, that's alarming, is it not? And women live longer than men, too. Get a profession, a good trade, something that will make damn certain you can take care of you and yours should the need arise. And always make sure you have enough money put away to venture out on your own if you have to. These are just my humble opinions

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