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Okay, I'm curious!!!

posted 5/2/2007 4:12:03 PM |
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I get pissed at least once a day. People will look at my ink and give me a hard time, waitresses will snub me because I look like a college student that won't tip, immediately men will ask me if I need help when I'm at an auto store. It gets frustrating. People look at me and they think they know who I am.

I want to know one or two or ten things about you guys here. Can anyone sing really well? Is there a marathon runner amongst us? Is there a phenomonal dancer here? Things that we can't tell about you just by looking at you!!! I REALLY want to know. I am sharing this cyberworld with 1,000,000's of people and I really want to start getting to know my neighbors.

I just want some participation, and I don't want guys just to read this hoping it's another thread they can masturbate to. :) I know there's intelligent thought out there, and I know half of you people are vain, so share the best parts of you that other people haven't figured out!

I'll start. I spent my high school years rebuilding cars and trucks. My favorite was a 1956 Studebaker which was sold to pay for my first 2 semesters of college.

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May 2 @ 4:17PM  
read my blogs.... it's all in there.

May 2 @ 4:32PM  
I'm a musician, I just recorded an album of 12 songs which I wrote myself. I recorded the guitar/vocals while friends of mine did drums/lead guitar/bss. We are self-releasing sometime before summer.

if ya wanna check it out go here:

May 2 @ 4:33PM  
pudge......that's a total puss out.....

I know the latin names of over 250 trees....

I can also contort my tongue into the shape of a four-leaf clover....

May 2 @ 4:41PM  
Ok fine Ash... (I really like puss though....)

I play drums

I was a highschool second team all-american in football (believe it or not.)

I am older now and miss my glory days.

There... happy now?

May 2 @ 4:52PM  
Dancer? My ex and I were high school sweethearts, and spotlight dancers. My mother wouldn't let me go to a school dance until she taught me to dance...

Quirks? - I worked in the Smithsonian summers of my soph and junior years in high school. One of the great highlights of my life...labs of vertebrate paleontology.

I will have 7 varieties of sweet corn in my garden this year.

I have a piece of tusk of a wooly mammoth.

I have ten toes.

May 2 @ 5:01PM  
I play a mean bass guitar and went to state competition for vocals as a first soprano before learning to growl out as a low alto and joining a two different rock bands and a country band!

May 2 @ 5:10PM  
I race stock cars on weekends.

May 2 @ 5:13PM  
yes pudgie wudgie

May 2 @ 5:40PM  
I have a dragon collection.

May 2 @ 5:44PM  
I am a veteran of three and one half years of the most brutal combat since guadalcanal, I hold two purple hearts and a Bronze star, ("for returning to an exposed position on the fantail under intense shore bombardment to recover a fallen mate").

I have a gift with dogs... even dogs that arent very social love to hang with me.

I am an avid advocate of colonizing space, (different from being a "Trekkie").

I am a craftsman at heart... woodworking and mettle work, welding.

I am a "motor head". lov hot roding especially building ... engines are a passion. the more radical the better.

I am a gifted "Computer Geek"


Master Gry

May 2 @ 5:49PM  

I have collected elephants since I was 7.

According to Briggs & Stratton I am one of the top small engine mechanics in the US... and have been for 7 years.

I am known locally as "The Teddybear Lady".

I used to be the soloist for an award-winning choir that traveled all over the midwest performing.


May 2 @ 5:49PM  
I've rebuilt a couple engines in the past. I plan to do it again in the future. Right now I'm really into motorcycles. I love riding my bike on a closed course. Fun fun fun.

May 2 @ 5:58PM  
I'm not artistic, I like listening to music, but can't play a single instrument let alone sing, not much of a dancer either. I'm not exceptionally articulate. I am better with numbers than I am with words, probably why I'm a telecommunications engineer. I like to live my life on a whim and a prayer. I spend most of my spare time doing activities that help me relax and enjoy life. I love the summer and love being around or on water. I have always been quite fickle and put alot of time (and money) into an activity, but then drop it when it doesn't deliver what I expect from it or cannot afford to continue with it. For the last couple of years I have really enjoyed living next to the river and spending time sailing on the river and out into the bay. Last year I bought my first boat and restored it to working order before using it for most of the summer, I am now working to make it look it's best, but it has taken a bit of a "back seat" recently while I've got my fathers boat up to scratch as I have been promised full use of that for the summer. I enjoy spending time with my dog whether it be walks on the beach or the hills. Last weekend I spent helping a mate dig out his garden just because I enjoy those sorts of things, and sometime amongst it all I find time for work.

hows that for starters?

May 2 @ 5:59PM  
I do have a serious side,I am actually shy and reserved and only allow my alter ego to run amuck here.I have to constantly urge Pudge to "open up". I'm not really from Texas,but unfortunately am stuck here for awhile. I am not very good at relationships,evident by two failed marriages.I'm worth more dead than alive,but will not give her the satisfaction of dying to make her(ex) financially secure. I would love to move to a place where the beach is very close by, and even live on a boat someday.

May 2 @ 6:00PM  
Oh yeah, I spent 10 years in the British Army and saw service in the gulf, Northern Ireland and Bosnia, as well as many training exercises around europe and Canada

May 2 @ 6:15PM  
i can't carry a tune in a #3 wash tub but,

i can stalk within killing distance of any animal in the forest and
can catch any fish that swims.

my grandson loves me and tells me everyday.

i am a hopeless romantic.

May 2 @ 6:19PM  
Hmmm.. Let me think here......

I am a published poet. My book was released last January, and it was a long time dream come true.

I am a bit artistic. I love to paint ceramic figurines, and I give them to loved ones as heartfelt, personal gifts on special occasions.

I returned to college 8 years after graduating from highschool, and I am thrilled to say that I'll be graduating Summa Cum Laude on May 5th.

Anything else you'd like to know..... just ask..


May 2 @ 7:47PM  
I can speak French. I can read German. I can speak and read English.

When someone says "AIDP," I know it stands for acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy.

When I was 12, I placed second in an international piano competition. I won $25. Then I quit so I could learn guitar. Now I'm playing piano again!

I love to ski. I love Spring.

I had a high school band. I taught myself to play guitar. I taught the bassist to play bass, even though I never played bass. I composed every song we played except for one. No one else was willing to sing... so, for better or worse, I sang(!). I had long hair at the end of high school, but now I'm clean-cut and you would never know...

May 2 @ 8:53PM  
I am a professional actor, musician, writer...and was a good dancer in my younger can wash a pair of panties faster than you can say poopie-pants

May 2 @ 9:20PM  
I'm very shy, in person. I have an ok singing voice and force myself to karaoke, even though I feel like I am going to throw up the whole time because I hate being the center of attention, but I make myself do it because I hate that I am so shy. I have two gorgeous children, and I feel as though they are the only worthwhile thing I have done with my life.

I can read a great deal in Spanish, French and Italian. I love to garden but hate to have dirty hands, so I wash them off every few minutes. I have tons of phobias, the worst of which is claustrophobia, and am borderline agoraphobic. I hate crowds, and am terrified of making a fool of myself in public.

May 3 @ 12:35AM  
ok.. I make the most awesome truffles you have ever eaten.. lol I make really nice baskets and wreaths.. I do a lot of different artisitic things. I paint pretty well.. not as good as I used too. I am a good listener.. My husband plays in a rock band that plays all over the place. He sings in the band and has an unbelievable voice. We also like to ride our motorcycle.. a few other talents.. but will keep those close to the chest right now..

May 3 @ 12:41AM  
I'm a published artist...I'm a little too obsessive-compulsive...I'm an extrovert but can easily become overwhelmed when there are too many people and too much is going on...I'm told I have a great phone voice but I can't sing to save my life...

May 3 @ 2:21AM  
I love to play the guitar. I specialize in Metal... I've been playing for 5 years now. I love baseball, I played for 7 yrs as a catcher then I broke my foot two seasons in a row. Which ruined everything....I build pc's in my sparetime, because thats what I go to college for I guess you could say im kinda of a nerd. But a cool one I

May 3 @ 3:21AM  
I taught ballroom dance for a few years and loved it. I was published in high school, and played on a State Championship volleyball team at the same time. I was the only girl to earn a letter in baseball in BOTH of my high schools histories. I scored extremely high on the ASVAB test and was recruited by all branches of the service, but when they told me I couldn't do infantry I told them to fuck off. I ran away as a kid, and spent time in juvie. I can't draw worth a damn, but love to try anyway. All this, and I'm blonde...

May 3 @ 5:36AM  
Ten things People don't know about me....

I Love paleontology and the study of ancient civilizations
I am allergic to green onions
I speak a little German, Spanish, and Japanese
I used to hunt fossils
I have ADHD
I don't watch Television
I used to sing in choir
I have actually sold some of my art
I can make jewelry
I am in the process of starting an art studio with a friend


May 3 @ 7:20AM  
I love to sing...although I'll never win a grammy, I started going to church about three years ago just so I could sing in the choir. I also love to dance...line, ballroom, swing or just plain shakin,grindin,dirty dancing. I'm a voracious reader...mostly high fantasy, but also drama and sci-fi. I love to write, nothing published but I have several original erotic stories here and have been working on a novel for a couple of years.
I suck at math...I'm terrified of spiders/centipedes...anything creepy/crawly...but I don't mind snakes or lizards. I love horses. My cat is a freak of nature and likes to yell at people and other cats. Actually he screams at other cats...he just talks loudly to me.
I have alot of useless information that I share freely. I know how to introduce myself in Japanese, and answer the phone, say 'good morning, good afternoone and good nite' and thanks/your welcome. I can cuss someone out in spanish. I also know shorthand but never use it. My last typing (keyboarding) test I scored 102 wpm with 2 mistakes.
I also know how to change the oil, change a tire and change out an alternator in a car. I could probably fix a tie-rod...but have never done it.

May 3 @ 10:42AM  
Fun--Thanks for asking!!

Born in Iceland
Until early teens lived in NYC
Lived in Miami most of my life after that
Ride a 2004 Yamaha Vstar
Have 3 tats and 5 piercings ( ears )
Have an Associates Degree
Lost my Beloved Mother last Jan.,2006
Was a 2 pack a day smoker
Have not smoked ciggs for 9yrs
Have not had alcohol in my system for over 8 years
Have gorgeous blue eyes
Great teeeeff
Single too long
Love my new home state of WI
Dont miss Miami 1 iota
Have 5 kats, instead of kids ( wasn't blessed in that area )
Love Dragons
Have dragons
Little bit of a goth chic
Going to paint my kitchen today

That's enuff for now...

May 3 @ 10:51AM  
I am a structural steel Draftsman, which means I am in charge of making the Steel skeletal framing of buildings and bridges fit together. It is a technical job in which I coordinate between the Architect, Engineer and Steel Fabricator.

May 3 @ 11:20AM  
WOW what fasincating people we play with!!! I'm a waitress in a hotel restaurant with an associates degree in accounting (that I jsut got last year). Love music can't sing a lick, love to read!! And I suck at figuring out the computer!

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Okay, I'm curious!!!