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Rude People

posted 5/1/2007 11:40:20 PM |
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It was a nice day so I decided to go fishing this evening. When I got to the lake, I was the only person there. I thought "fantastic!" and walked around until I found a good spot.
It was going well and I was catching a few crappie and bluegill. After a bit, I see a guy walking down the bank. I thought, "He'll stop before he gets here or go past me."
Well, he gets to me and sets down his bucket and poles. He starts commenting on how good the fishing is, blah, blah, blah. I answered only enough to be polite and kept on fishing. I thought, "If I ignore him, he'll go away.". I'm not a big conversationalist anyhow when I'm fishing.
I reel my lure in and turn around to check my 2nd pole. I hear a "plunk" right behind me. And, sure enough, this prick threw his line in exactly where I had been fishing with my first pole!
My temper redlined in a heartbeat! This asswipe was standing SO close to me that I had to watch swinging my pole to keep from hooking him! He wasn't any more than 5' away! Keep in mind that this lake has about 1/4 mile of bank to fish from.
So, now, I'm trying to fish 2 poles in a little sliver of water 10' wide while ol Billy Bob, the hillfuck, is reeling in crappie one after another. I debated about 'accidently' hooking him with a treble hook on my backswing. But, I figured that would lead to a full-blown fist fight..............even though it was HIS fault.
Instead, I grabbed my stuff and told him, "I guess I'll have to move down the bank since you're going to nigger-fish me! I guess you hillbillies know nothing about manners!" He looked at me like I was stupid and didn't say a word.
In an instant, the serenity of the evening had been ruined by some inconsiderate jackass. I figured it best to leave at that point. I was so freaking mad, I would've punched him at one wrong word. So, I ended up leaving the lake completely and driving 10 miles to fish elsewhere.
What the HELL is wrong with people these days? Are they that damn stupid to think that I wouldn't mind? Or, do they think everybody else should just kiss their asses?
I ALMOST went back with the "equalizer", but thought better of it. I'm sure that would have turned out badly for BOTH of us. But, you can damn sure bet that the next time I go there, I'll be packing more than poles!
He can consider this time his 1 and only warning. Next time, he best keep his distance or things will get rough.

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May 2 @ 12:17AM  
Heh ... quite inexplicable ... at least to me. Then again I like solitude. You'd never find me doing that Cab.

May 2 @ 12:35AM  
I am constatly amazed at the stupidity of people. Sorry you had some jerk ruin what sounded like a very nice evening.

May 2 @ 1:56AM  
It sounds like that guy had no clue he offended you.... Maybe, he was just an idiot who thought he was being friendly....

May 2 @ 2:13AM  
Coulda threw im in.....muah....

Personally I would have said, and I have before...

"It's a big bank, mind movin off a ways? No need to hook the same fish here, and I enjoy the quiet as much as the fishin...."

Then ida threw hiz azz in iffn he dint...

May 2 @ 3:50AM  
It sounds like that guy had no clue he offended you.... Maybe, he was just an idiot who thought he was being friendly....

He was carrying 3 poles and obviously fishes a LOT. He was an idiot to be sure! Being friendly just long enough to take my spot because I was catching fish. If he was being friendly, he could've asked, "Do you mind if I fish here?" since I was using 2 poles and the hut I was standing on was only half as big as a car.
People do that at the river, too. As soon as you catch a fish, they cast right next to you. Next thing you know, they're getting tangled up in your line with every cast.
Maybe people down here ARE just that stupid. The same as the ones I catch walking across my "posted" property during deer season. Answer, "We didn't know who owned it." State law says you must have WRITTEN permission from the land owner to hunt. Duh!
People "play" stupid to get what they want around here. I caught a guy on my mom-in-laws hunting. He walked past "posted" signs every 50' and climbed over a barb wire fence. He said, "I didn't know." I told him to consider himself informed and pointed out the signs.
I'll be damned if I didn't catch him sitting in the very same spot the next day. He took off running as soon as he saw me coming, too.
But, regardless, that guy knows now. If he does it again, we're going around!

May 2 @ 6:58AM  
These ignorant tw@ts turn up in all walks of life, and never fail to amaze me how they don't think they are doing anything wrong. Well done for walking away, it's too easy to let the heat of the moment get you carried away and do something you may regret later.


May 2 @ 8:46AM  
all right cabl I let the last one about "hillbillys" slide but can't let it go again. In my book what you are refeering to as hillbillys are actually rednecks not HILLBILLYS!!
Hillbilly actually means a friend in the hills, redneck is a scab worker crossing picket lines, so in other words encroaching on other peoples jobs while they try to better their working conditions through strikes. So please I consider myself a hillbilly, and I think you are getting the term confused with rednecks!

May 2 @ 9:26AM  
Redneck, hillbilly or just a rude ass person! I too enjoy the peace and quiet when fishing. The only thing worse than someone sidling up too close is a bunch of people with a loud boom box or a carload of screaming kids!! Fishing is a very solitary activity and should be respected as such!! Next time just throw his ass in!

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Rude People