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More on the Language...

posted 5/1/2007 9:24:52 PM |
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No...not the foriegn language I'm having to learn living in a small town in the south...more like Bad Language.

This is a true story...told to me by a co-worker today.

I mentioned I work for a stained glass company...the guys there do alot of window installations in churches. It seems there was one guy...Alan... who was a couple of panes short of a 9 light window...those in the glass business know what that means...

So he and a crew of 3 or 4 others were installing some stained glass windows in a cathedral...and using some pretty foul language while they were working. The pastor of the church calls the owner of the company to ask him if he can talk to his crew and tell them to stop using such vulgar language. He calls Alan. Alan gets off the phone and yells to the rest of the crew (totally serious...)
"Ya'll need ta stop yer gawddamm swearin', thissere'sa fuckin' church ya know!!"

I about fell outta my chair!!

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May 1 @ 9:31PM  

May 1 @ 9:31PM  

May 1 @ 9:32PM  
The best layed plans of mice and men

May 1 @ 9:36PM  
This sounds too good of a story to be true.

May 1 @ 9:42PM  
lol ... I'm sure there's an applicable moral behind that story!

May 1 @ 9:43PM  

May 1 @ 10:04PM

May 1 @ 11:17PM  
Gotta' love the south!

May 1 @ 11:48PM  
yep gotta love them down home boys!

May 2 @ 12:01AM  
His elevator obviously doesn't go all the way to the top!

May 2 @ 12:02AM  
This shows the caliber of Navy Chaplains. They're all 'Chaplain' or 'Padre' or 'Father' to us, regardless their denomination.

I'm Marine Corps Infantry. In 1997 I had been out of the game for a little over a year and had joined a Reserve unit just in time for our two week vacation. We went to Camp Pendleton and ended up in some old familiar places. Now, if there are any Hollywood Marines that read this, they will understand the horror that is The Grim Reaper. For those of you not familiar with this geological phenom, I will Educate:

The Reaper is a hill. Nothing more, just a hill. Now, it used to be the focal point (perhaps it still is) of 2nd Phase Recruit Training. At the end of the month, Recruit classes went on a ten mile hike that included the Reaper, one of those special hills that goes up like a stair well. Everytime you think you hit the top, there's another incline, about three or four I believe, and they are STEEP. We're talking like a 45 degree angle. It's a stone bitch to get up to the top. Marines only name hills if they hurt you. Pendleton has many such named hills, the Reaper is one of the most famous.

Fast forward: It's 1997. Last time I laid eyes on this thing I was a wet-behind-the-ears boot. Now I'm seasoned. The Blood of the Old Corps is within me. The fucking hill is still a bitch. Here we go, humping up it and I finally get to the top. Its about a 400 foot hill. It's also about 95 degrees that day with nice balmy Santa Ana winds. Hip Hip Hooray, we're havin' fun now.

I get to the top, grab a canteen and take a swig. I'm carrying something like 70 pounds on my ass and I'm out of shape for this kind of thing. I look back at the base and as I turn around, I say, "Fuck ME, this hill's STILL a cunt!"

I complete the turn, lower the canteen, and I'm eye to eye with the Battalion Chaplain, a U.S. Navy Commander. I stutter out some sort of apology for swearing in front of a man of the cloth. Chaplains and Docs are the only Sailors Marines have any respect for and we think they all sit at the Right Hand of God. This one really did. He was a Catholic Priest in cammie green.

"That's alright, Corporal Stroud," he says with a smile, "I'm used to it. But do try not to use that fucking language any more than necessary."

The United States Navy Chaplain. There is no finer human...other than a Marine.


May 2 @ 12:56AM  
What are you trying to say? "He was picked a little green"?

May 2 @ 8:15AM  

May 2 @ 8:51AM  
OMG that is too funny and yes I can believe it!

May 2 @ 8:52AM  
hmmm sounds about right to me.....

May 2 @ 9:40AM  
It's a southern thing, ya'll will get used to it!!!
*spoken with my own southern drawl*

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