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Goddamnit...I Just Fucking LOVE Big Tits!

posted 4/30/2007 11:14:03 PM |
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tagged: whig

There! I said it. Now we can finally lay that controversy 2 rest. The truth of the matter iz, 4 those who are interested (all those uninterested parties may quit reading now...U know, if U want – no big whoop), I fucking love all titties. Big, small, irregular, man-made...I really don’t care. I fucking love them all. Except the ugly ones. U guys know who U are, and quite frankly U have no excuse. U can fix them whenever U want.

U wanna know the bitches I really feel sorry 4? 2 fucking bad...Ur the one who chose 2 continue reading. (I’m pretty sure that line two paragraph one of this blog absolves me from any civil liability in this matter). Man, I’m talking about those poor bitches that have the misfortune of being fat, and then having a bigger stomach than they do tits. I mean, honestly, what kind of God makes a bitch 250 pounds and none of it iz titty?

Then there’s that bitch who wuz always relatively flat chested 2 begin with, right? Then she got pregnant, had titties 4 a year or so and now iz left with these tubes of flesh that point directly at the ground. They look like hot dogs with nipples. It really iz a terrible thing. But like I said...a fixable one as well.

Fake tits get a bad rap, but let’s be honest. What would U rather look at every day? The bitch I just described or one with a fake, but well done, boob job? U know the answer. Which iz probably why Plastic Surgery iz so fucking popular, huh? And they said my high school edefication wuz a waste! Now who’s the loser?

Like I said, I’m down 4 whatever kind of titties a bitch has, but there iz no denying the fact that big tits hold some weird hypnotic power over men. Nothing will make a motherfucker 4get about a bitch’s fucked up head faster than a pair of 40DDs. I swear, if a bitch has nice tits it really duzn’t matter what the rest of her looks like. Don’t believe me? Fine...go pick up any fucking porno U want (excluding Vivid and Sin City...those fucking people are so attractive it iz almost weird) and tell me there izn’t some ugly ass bitch with big tits taking it in the ass (Wow...three blogs in a row that mention anal sex...hmmm). That’s what I motherfucking thought.

And don’t U think 4 one second that the bitches don’t know all this shit. U know when they leave and go 2 the bathroom 2gether? This iz the kinda shit they talk about in there. This and what they plan 2 do with the other sock. Oddly enough they never make out. See...that right there shows U I never would have made a good woman. Making out with another bitch would be one of the first things 2 cross my mind, and I don’t think any bitches I know ever fucking think about that shit at all. At least not when I’m around they don’t.

Which iz probably 4 the best. Last thing I need iz a front row seat 2 a lesbian make out session. No good can come from that fucking shit, I tell U. And unless U feel like making out with my old lady, Ur just going 2 have 2 take my word 4 it! If only becuz that’s just not a conversation I feel like having. “So, yeah, I’m sitting there minding my own business, and these two hotties start totally making out...” It duzn’t matter what the fuck else I say at that point. The damage has been done. I’m fucked, and not in the way I want 2 be, either.

Keeping U posted


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Apr 30 @ 11:21PM  
I'm a 40F and I've made out with another chick in the bathroom of a bar, do I get bonus points???

Apr 30 @ 11:23PM  
wow...what put you on the rag?

Apr 30 @ 11:26PM  
I think a serious lack of dumblonde mighta had something 2 do with it. Plus, PK has been being mean. Woe iz me...

Iz it as sexy as I think it iz when I whine? I love U guys, U know that, right?


Apr 30 @ 11:26PM  
Oh yeah...1000 bonus points. U can cash them in in person.


Apr 30 @ 11:28PM  
hey, if it helps, DS..i am so dumb i am blogging about pickles....

Apr 30 @ 11:29PM  
Just play with mine God Damn it!!!

Apr 30 @ 11:31PM  
Awww...that must be Ur new pet name 4 me!

U have 2 imagine him green 4 it 2 really work. I dunno...maybe it duzn't enen work then.

What can I tell U?


Apr 30 @ 11:34PM  
I believe U have a flight 2 catch B4 U can take that tone with me, young lady! It's not like I don't know what Ur trying 2 do, so just quit trying 2 get me 2 spank U, bitch!

U least until the plane lands...


May 1 @ 12:08AM  
Pickles, reminds me of cucumbers......Which is making me corny...I mean horny....Now where did I leave that ear of corn?

May 1 @ 12:33AM  
PK's got me...I've never made out with another or out of the restroom.

May 1 @ 5:45AM  
There I said it: like about a thousand times already! WE get it!! New subject please!!!

May 1 @ 7:42AM  

May 1 @ 8:37AM  
will 36DD's work for you??

May 1 @ 11:38AM  
Will 52H's work for you?

May 1 @ 12:44PM  
Dang.. tween Kissy and Giggl.. I feel downright flat chested!!!

May 1 @ 5:44PM  
Grudgingly admits its good to see you back D/S

May 1 @ 6:48PM  
I know you love my H cups too DS but I cant compete with Giggl I am only 46 H.

May 1 @ 9:44PM  
Damn my 44DD's are small compared to some of the women here, good thing we're all friends or i might just have to be jealous

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Goddamnit...I Just Fucking LOVE Big Tits!