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My First Time

posted 4/29/2007 12:02:08 PM |
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I had just turned 18. I was spending nearly the entire summer with my friend Kim because I was avoiding my abusive and drunken father. As luck would have it, Kim was 18 and was house sitting for an aunt and uncle while they were out of town on summer vacation. We had the place to ourselves!

One night, we had a houseful of people over and, though I was chubby, shy and awkward, there were a couple of guys there that were taking great interest in me, talking to me and bringing me drinks. I had never dated. Never been kissed. Never really even talked to boys before, unless they were friends of my brother or brothers of my friends. No boys had ever shown interest in me before. For the first time, it appeared that I had the interest of not only one boy, but two! I didn't know what to do or how to act so I asked Kim to come and try to get the attention of one of them. She did and she headed straight for the better looking of the two, John. At first it seemed that Kim had succeeded. John was talking and laughing with her, and at one point, Kim lend over and kissed him. But John kept looking over at me and smiling. I was still being attended to by the other boy, Josh. He was very kind and sweet. He complimented me over and over again about how beautiful I was and he went on and on about my sparkling smile and deep dark brown eyes. I'm sure I was blushing because I had never heard this from a boy before.

As people started to leave for the night, the two boys that had been my companions for the evening lingered. Kim had moved on to another fellow by this time and John was back.

I started feeling very sleepy and it seemed odd because it was still rather early but I couldn't think of anything but going to bed. I thanked John and Josh for the lovely evening and told Kim that I was going to bed. The hallway seemed to be moving and it was growing longer and longer as I walked towards it. All at once, I was on the floor. John and Josh quickly came up behind me, scooped me up and carried me to the bedroom.

I was in and out of consciousness and things seemed really strange. I was feeling butterflies in my tummy and on other parts of my body; private parts of my body. At one point, I tried to open my eyes and caught a glimpse of what was going on before my eyes closed again. I thought I saw myself with my shirt opened, breasts exposed, with John standing there watching while Josh was kissing and sucking my right breast. John looked me in the eyes and said something to Josh that I couldn't make out. All at once, John was kissing me and feeling my other breast while Josh continued sucking and licking the right one. With my eyes closed, I thought to myself that I must be dreaming and it was the best dream I had ever had! Two men at one time where kissing me and touching me and making me feel things I had never felt before. I heard myself groan as I felt a hand making it's way down my body and undoing my pants. I heard the zipper going down and then someone was lifting my hips up so that they could slide my pants off. I felt the cool air on my body and got goosebumps. Just as soon as my pants where off my legs I felt a hand traveling up my leg to my thigh and to my inner thigh. I felt a tingle between my legs and wetness coming from my pure, pink, and perky pussy. The hand brushed up against my pubic hairs and my body responded with a slight jerk. I tried to open my eyes so I could see what was going on and who was doing what but I couldn't make my eyes open. This is just a dream, I thought to myself. You aren't really being ravaged by these two handsome guys. I was telling myself, just go with it. Enjoy the dream. Don't fight it.

It felt like someone was blowing on my pussy and it was sending chills up and down my body. I wanted someone to touch my pussy so badly that I was arching up to meet the lips of whoever was blowing on it. Someone was holding my hand now and moving it up and down on something. I felt something hard and wet and slippery in my hand. I couldn't tell what it was but it was growing harder as I moved my hand up ad down on it. Hands and lips and tongues seemed to be all over my body now and finally someone was rubbing my pussy lips. It felt so good I couldn't stop moaning and groaning! I could hardly breathe. I felt like I was going to explode but it felt better then anything I had ever felt or have ever felt since.

I recognized Josh's voice saying that he was going to cum soon but that he wanted me to suck him first. I didn't know what he meant when he said that he was about to cum because I had never been with a guy before. I also had no idea what it was he wanted me to suck. I wasn't even aware that that sort of thing took place! As if to get me ready for what was about to take place, I felt something wet and warm between my legs. John was starting to lick my pussy now. Slowly flicking on my clit and then into my pussy his tongue would dive. It was driving me wild! I grabbing his head with my hand and shoving it into my pussy as I thrashed about on the bed. He lapped up ever drop of sweet nectar from my sex hole and stuck a finger in it as he sucked and licked on my clit. His fingers were going in and out of my pussy and then he used two fingers. My hips were rising from the bed and I felt a wave of release as I came in his face, moaning and sighing. I could feel my pussy twitching and contacting around his fingers and gushing with love juice. I then had something on my lips that was wet and tasted different but good. I licked it. I swirled my tongue around it. I took it into my mouth and started to suck and lick on it. It was hard and I really liked the way it felt in my mouth. I let it slide deeper and deeper into my mouth. I began sucking and slurping on it like a big stick ice cream bar. All the while I was still being eaten and licked and sucked and fingered and it felt so damn good I didn't want it to ever stop! The moans of Josh and John were all blending in with mine and we all sounded like we were in pain. Oh what sweet pain! I didn't know it at the time but Josh was about to cum in my mouth. As he moved in and out of my mouth, his cock grow harder and harder with each movement. Josh was deep in my mouth when I felt a splash of fluid in my throat. It made me gag at first but I drank it down and felt the waves and pulsations of his cock as he thrust his cock into my mouth one last time and then pulled it out. At that moment, I felt something entering my swollen wet pussy. John had stopped eating my pussy so that he could fuck me. I felt his cock pushing into my tight little hole a little at a time and he was moaning and saying how sweet my pussy was. Josh was licking and sucking my tits and fingering my clit now. As John entered my box, slowly at first, it became easier and easier to go deeper and deeper with each thrust. My pussy was sucking him in and he was fin

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Apr 29 @ 12:03PM  
Continued from above:

My pussy was sucking him in and he was finally fucking me harder and harder and faster and faster. I was about to cum again as John slammed his cock into my pussy! I cried out. Fuck me harder! Fuck me deeper! Mmmmmmmm. Yes! Fuck me, baby! I want your cock deeper inside me! John blew his load inside my pussy and I came hard again! He pulled his cock out and rolled over. We all three laid there in a pool cum until I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning thinking it had all been a dream. I was sure sore though!

Apr 29 @ 12:28PM  
WooHoo I wouldn't want to ever wake up from a dream like that.

Apr 29 @ 12:42PM  
ummm wish i had a dream like that one!!!

Apr 29 @ 10:27PM  
Wow! I'm not into the whole two men at once but if it were my man and another woman or two women then hell yeah!! You go girl u do u! But becarefull next time they might have something or u could get preggo! Best of luck to ya!

Aug 19 @ 5:45PM  
That was bitter sweet but made me hard dammmm...

Jul 26 @ 11:52PM  
Really well-written story - bravo! :)

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My First Time