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Utah only state to allow guns on college campus

posted 4/28/2007 7:32:24 PM |
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Utah is the only state that allows college students to carry guns on campus with a permit. I am a big believer in having the right to own a gun and being able to carry one around with a permit. However, I do have mix feelings about this law that allows college students in Utah to carry guns around on campus, even if they do have a permit to carry one. Just the idea of guns being in the hands of young college students where a lot of them are hot tempered and aggressive around others their age makes it more dangerous. But then on the other hand it may also cut the risk of something like a Virginia Tech happening where some wacko knew no one else had a gun on their campus and decided to take so many people out. Makes ya wonder if the state of Virginia had the same law as Utah if this would have happend. What are your thoughts?

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Apr 28 @ 7:34PM  
I firmly believe in qualified individuals having the right to bear arms to protect themselves, but guns in the hands of students on a college campus doesn't sound like a good idea. Yes, some of the students would be mature enough for the responsibility, but some would still be emotionally immature and likely to be tempted to use one in an altercation.

Apr 28 @ 7:53PM  
I think the right to have a gun is good. If we outlawed guns then only outlaws would have them. If everyone excercised there right, then I'm sure then everyone would think twice about commiting a violent crime with one, except where someone is suicidal and bent on taking someone out with them. I personally carry a concealed weapon permit and would not hesitate to use it to defend myself or others in he commision of a violent crime. I also have many marksman awards and go to the range often to hone my skills. I do however believe that there should be a more extensive screening process to make sure that people are registered to own and/or carry one.

Apr 28 @ 8:06PM  
I am a firm believer in the constitution. That being said...

In order to carry "concealed" you have to go through a FEDERAL training course, and demonstrate competence with the fire arm. You must be 21 also and that is the age in NC you have to be to buy a pistol, buy beer, etc, hell the average rookie police offer is what age whern he joins?
I'm sure it is similar in all states.

Do I think the answer to crime is to arm the populace? No. I'm trying to imagine how much worse tragedies like Columbine and Virginia Tech would have been had scared young people with enough adrenaline to lift a tank been shooting it out like Wyatt Earp.

Save for hardened street gang members who have shot at and shot people, how many of us "civilians" could hold themselves together in that type of crisis situation?

Shoot at me? I'll shoot at you.... we're Americans killing each other is what we do....

Nope we need prevention at early ages more than we need to arm everyone, though I will defend your rights.

Apr 28 @ 8:12PM  
Just going to smile, nod and agree with my man

Apr 28 @ 8:41PM  
Please note that the University is against this policy, and is fighting what seems to be an uhill battle to change this law.

Apr 28 @ 8:45PM  
Also there are only 9 states that specifically ban carry a concealed weapon(With legal permit) on Universities.

Apr 28 @ 8:45PM  
I legally carried a shotgun, walking down a road, to go hunting with my older brother of two years. We walked 3 miles, through neighborhoods to the woods surrounding allatoona lake with the weapons broke down over our shoulders. not once were we stopped and questioned, we also never killed anything we didn't eat. I was 15 years old and by law, was allowed to posses and carry a shotgun and/or rifle since i also carried my hunters safety card. when i was 13, i was allowed to bring my 20 ga to class for a demonstration on "proper shotgun handling and cleaning techiques" i recieved an "A" on the project. my nephew, on his 3rd birthday got an electric crotch rocket and a b.b gun. on his 4th, he got a .22 bolt action.

How do you feel that a 6 year old is packin? I feel completely safe

Apr 28 @ 8:52PM  
a bit of a double edged sword there........would fewer people have died or canu said arming the populace is not the answer........gunfights would make a strong upsurge i think........perhaps a trained, educated, supervised armed student patrol could reduce some of the campus crime though.........just my thoughts.......

Apr 29 @ 12:20AM  
Well if they allowed students to bring guns on campus even though they've been vetted and gone through the extra training required to have a concealed carry permit, why they're just asking for a shooting rampage. After all violence is the natural state of anyone primitive enough to own a firearm, right.

On the other hand if you make your campus a "gun free" zone and don't have any real way to enforce it or any real security to protect your students they'll still FEEL safe....that's the reason so many gun control advocates post a big old "GUN FREE ZONE" sign on their front window because they know it will keep violent criminals away, right?
Just like Virginia tech and apparently most of the other campuses in the world.

I wonder why these maniacs never go on their rampage at the local gun store, gun show, NRA convention, gun range or military armory. Could it be because they know their intended victims can/will shoot back?

Apr 29 @ 12:40AM  
Well, Utah is the home of the Mormons. So, I can see the need for a gun. J/K
I'd think the colleges could still enforce a ban even with the state law that allows it. I don't think it's a very good idea to let them carry on campus. JMO

Apr 29 @ 2:04AM  
Guns are forever going to provide a passionate debate. On one hand a weapon of any kind in the hands of a reasonable individual makes for a great deterrent against violence.

A weapon in the hand of a whack job (oops pardon the expression) on the other hand is like having a loose cannon around!

I think that if a few reasonable people had been around with guns of their own at time of the shootings at VA Tech, some people still would have been killed but the spree would have ended sooner when one of those reasonable individuals with a weapon of their own would have fired upon the killer critically injuring or killing him thus ending the killing spree.

In the end shots would have been fired by more individuals but fewer shots would have been fired overall and more people would have lived and would still be enjoying each others company and taking classes today.

Terrorist attacks in the USA are the exception and not the rule and the right to bear arms is probably the reason why we have had so few terrorist attacks overall in the United States.

Apr 30 @ 4:59PM  
Utah Department of Public Safety said:
It is unlawful for a person with a firearm permit to carry a concealed firearm in the following locations:

* Any secure area in which firearms are prohibited and notice of the prohibition is posted
* A secure area of an airport
* Any courthouse, churches if posted, mental health facility or correctional facility that may provide by rule that no firearm may be transported, sold, given, or possessed upon the facility. At least one notice shall be prominently displayed at each entrance to a secure area in which a dangerous weapon, firearm, or explosive is restricted

Prior to you posting this blog, I was under the impression that Utah law didn't allow firearms on any school grounds. So I had to check that with the state website. It seems as thought it is up to the individual entities to decide whether or not to permit that right. Frankly I am shocked that schools and places or higher education were not include with churches (if posted). I support the right to carry firearms where permitted by law with the right permits, but I think they should be banned at all places of education.

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Utah only state to allow guns on college campus