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Hill and Holler road

posted 4/28/2007 4:19:53 PM |
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Out here in the country we have some of the cutest and funniest names for the roads.
Some of them are named for whoever was the first person to live on John O'reilly drive...or Terry Lynn Court.

Others are named for a building or such is Retirement Farm Road. We also have one named for the Calvary Baptist Church.'s called Calvary Baptist Church Road. It crosses with United Presbyterian Church Road...on which sits the United Presbyterian Church.

But the really funny ones are a little further out in the country...for instance, Puppy Love Lane. Seriously...that's the name of a road!! Look it up if you don't believe me, I'm sure you can find it on Mapquest.
There's also Peace Haven road, but that's actually a main highway that goes thru the city. We almost rented a house on that road...

There's HoneyDew Drive, Indian Heap Trail, Little Bighorn Road and Harmony Hwy.
There's even a Left Fork Road, a Right Fork Road...and you got it...a Middle Fork Road.

My favorite is...Hill and Holler Road. I had a co-worker ask me if I knew what a Holler was...of course I did...I've watched Green Acres!! The reason he asked is because he was telling me that we were invited to a cookout at his place over memorial day weekend. He was telling me about all the things they were going to have...a nature hike, music, lots of food, and (what sounded to me like...) an "airhead" hunt. I answered back "Airhead hunt? What the hell is that and do I get to hide?" Everybody fell on the ground laughing at me...he said "arrowhead hunt" Then he asked if I knew what a holler was.

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Apr 28 @ 4:29PM  
The more I read about where you live, the more I want to move to the country!!!

Apr 28 @ 4:36PM  
a friend lives off of "Maybe minyana and Gone Fishing". no kidding, there's even more bazair then that! go figure...

Apr 28 @ 4:46PM  
country gotta love 'em......we have aigs for breakfast, we pull your laig, and we live over yonder.........

Apr 28 @ 5:17PM  
You might even drink water out of a hose pop OR go to a pig EZ way to adjust is just add one more syllable to any word....especially all one syllable words....ain't, cain't, we-er, they-er, warsh dishes in a zink~~~ I've been there 20 yrs and still can't understand a lot of what they say to me. It's been a trip!. I lived on Sugar and Wine Rd.....all of those odd named roads have stories behind them too....some interesting! I had a patient come to the ER once who, when I asked him what brought him in, told me, "I gots the spinal might Jesus!" It took me 15 mins to figure out he thought he had spinal menningitis. I've had MANY ladies tell me they were passing "clogs" too....which I wanted to see, since I wear my clogs and they meant clots.

Apr 28 @ 5:32PM  
I knew about this place before some out of state friends found out about it, so I always thought this story was hysterical. Everybody jokes about New Jersey as being the "highway state" instead of the Garden State, but if they knew some of the backroads and little hidden places they would change their minds. It's actually easy to get lost in some of the wilder areas, and the people in the backwoods in 'Jersey would make the hillbillies in "Deliverance" scared.

So one night my friends are driving in a dense fog, and they have gotten themselves completely lost on these back roads. Most roads in 'Jersey aren't straight, so without landmarks or sun they've gotten themselves completely turned around and they don't even know which way is North anymore.

Shortly after that they start fighting about who got them lost and how half of the roads here aren't even on the map, then the driver pulls up to a crossroad and stops. He looks at his friend with the map and asks her to "just look out the window and tell me what street this is, then give me the map and I'll figure out where we are!"

She looks out the window, as instructed, but she can't read the sign through the thick fog, so she actually has to get out of the car and go up to it. The guy behind the wheel sees her walk up to the sign, then come running back as if there was a guy with a chainsaw coming towards them. She jumps in the car and says: "Drive! Just get us away from here! We have to go now!"

The sign that she read was for "Shades of Death Road."

Apr 28 @ 5:59PM  
Got lost on my way to my brother's wedding last year; this is the road I turned off on to turn around and get unlost...I thought it was cute :)


Apr 28 @ 5:59PM  
Dominus, that reminds me of the time I lived out on Sugar and Wine Rd and was woking day shift...had to go to work in the darkness and few street signs....had to do the roads to work by being one of those white electric lights at somebody's house was where I turned left. Well somebody else about 1/4 of a mile before that street decided they wanted their driveway lit up too, and didn't tell me.....I turned left at that light, and at 45mph, drove my newly painted Bronco II straight into a deadend road''s toolshed of some people who lived on the dead end! It took me 20 min and a neighbor who heard the BAM!!!!! to figure out how I got off the road....but I was on the wrong road.

Apr 28 @ 7:01PM  
I had the picture of me up here hitch hiking down route 666 right? Nuff said eh?

Apr 28 @ 7:40PM  
Yeah, Kim is quickly finding out more and more that we have strange ass road names in these parts.

Apr 28 @ 8:06PM  
now ya'll get it tagether my mom was born in CowCreek ky I know waht a hollar is!

Apr 28 @ 10:42PM  
Down in these parts, we have a "Burnt Cabin" road, and a "Gravel washer road"

Apr 29 @ 12:13AM  
In Ohio, we have a town called Knockemstiff. And, in my area, we have Possum Trot Rd, Cheesebrew Rd and Coker Rd.
Funniest thing was living in the Thurman zip code. There IS no town of Thurman. Instead, we have the "Thurman Post Office Of Centerville" Centerville. So, when got a little yellow "signiture required" notice, I played hell figuring out where to pick it up.

Apr 29 @ 2:39AM  
if you ever visit the great state of georgia, make sure you check out the towns of "santa claus" and "cumming" if you're heading to FLA, you just might cross "withawotacochi" creek. you can even visit me off of pinecreek trail in my trailor. take a close look at my pics

Apr 29 @ 7:47AM  
First of all sweety, don't fall off the chair, there is a giant spike that will impale you beneith you!

Wait till I drag her out to the really deep woods, where we Have Lizard ln, Dinkins Bottom rd (named it after his ass I guess) Burnt Poplar, Davis Stump(after his lil willy?) Stump Hill, Crooked Run, and my favorite Monkey Bottom rd!

Apr 30 @ 3:20PM  
Where i was raised, Minnesota, two of the towns there are fertile and climax. Many years a go a woman from fertile, mn got killed in an automobile accident in climax minnesota and the headlines were Fertile Woman get Killed in Climax. Now im sure the small newspaper that ran that headline didnt even see the humor of it but they did when the family of the woman sued and won. But it is kinda funny anyways. (or maybe im just a sick person LOL)

May 2 @ 12:24AM  
Illinois has strange, mis-prounounced, town names.

San Jose - San-joe's
Athens - A-thins (with a long 'a' sound)
New Berlin - New Bur-lin
Milan - My-lun
Cairo - Kay-ro
These are but a few. The one that pisses me off the most?

Marine - Muh-rin

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Hill and Holler road