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When Fantasy Becomes Reality Pt 2

posted 4/27/2007 6:17:32 AM |
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For the first day or two he was here, I managed to put my "special thoughts" about Daniel on the shelf, and kind of hide them from him. Hubby did the same as we did not want to scare Daniel away. His friendship is very important to both of us.

Of course ... the old feelings that I thought had been long dealt with have returned to the surface. Hubby knows this, and since he has a huge crush on Daniel too, it's no problem with him. We informed Daniel that we are somewhat into swinging now, and he said he is openminded enough to be cool with that. Awesome beans ...

We went over to a buddys house to re-introduce Daniel to that particular friend. Some things got brought up while there that caused my feelings for Daniel to come widely out in the open ---------- to Daniel. At first it was beyond embarrassing. We had been super close for a long time but I just didn't want him to know.

Thankfully, it was ok with him. At one point here at home, my husband said I was free to swing/play with Daniel if we wanted, and he said this right in front of him.

For awhile I'd try to tease Daniel just a little bit, and he would always push me away. He was ok with the fact that we swing now, but still had issues with me trying to touch him now that I am married.

Slowly though he did start to let me touch him, then slowly it worked into kissing his neck and things of that nature. Mostly innocent things. If I'd go to far, he'd always give me that reminder "You're married!"

But slowly, the "too far" limit has started to shift and change. Eventually I got brave enough to walk right up and kiss Daniel. For a couple of days he didn't kiss back but suddenly out of nowhere he kissed me... twice in one day. And he's back to teasing me with the black clothing (DANG that black clothing fetish!) just like he always used to do in the old days.

It's almost like Daniel can read my mind though; at one point he started repeating back to me fantasies I have that have to do with him. So I've become very open about my thoughts towards him. It's kind of freaky, but at least now I don't have to try and act like those thoughts are not there.

Slowly, lite kissing has suddenly become not taboo to him but yet every time we get in a more intimate setting, he gets uncomfortable.

Until tonight.

We were all sitting around (Husband, Daniel and I) talking about how to play a little joke on a mutual friend. This conversation spurred talk about sex toys and I was really surprised to hear that Daniel is cool with the whole whip thing.

Since I have had a long time fantasy about using a whip on Daniel (so has hubby) I decided to test what Daniel said about not being afraid of them.

For the first time in a long time, MoonStarr got brave and out came the whip.

Yes, I planned what music and conversation was to happen around the time I pulled it out. Everything worked out a tid bit better then expected though - not only did Daniel think it was hot, but I got whipped back ... (And so did hubby!!!)

All of a sudden there I was, as I was standing there laughing, time almost seemed to stop momentarily as a fantasy I'd had so long came to life, even better then I'd ever dreamed.

I was still processing all of that, and how he stood there asking me why I thought he would be so against all of this. Barely had time to think, and hubby went off to bed. Daniel and I are natural night owls, so we stayed up talking for awhile.

We had some excellent conversation (as always) but then some weird switch of sorts must have flipped in Daniel. You see, one minute Daniel was giving me the same old "Maybe you shouldn't touch me like this" speech and the next ... he came up with the idea to strip for me... (Another long time fantasy that I did not think I was brave enough to fulfill even when he suggested it.)

I was like, no, you really don't have to do that. But he put on music (ironically the same damn song in my fantasy from Coyote Ugly where the girls are dancing on the bar). He turned off the lights and lit a purple candle.... goes into the kitchen and gets a glass of water... comes back, and proceeds to start taking off clothes. He threw his black shirt on my lap and came up and took my hand and rubbed his stomach with it. Then he lost his black jeans and poured the water from the glass he'd gotten on himself and sexy danced all over the place. I about had a heart attack! WOW!!

Two fantasies in one night?! Yet he claims we can't do very much "because I'm married"...Odd. All of it, odd.

And then ... I thought the evening was finished and I would head off to bed. But nope ... he said "Guess what --- now it's YOUR turn." And I was like, "What?!!! I've never ever done that, I am not built to do that, you'd laugh at me." I threw out every arguement I could possibly think of: That he preferred smaller girls so he wouldn't like it, that I was nervous, that I'd never done such a thing before for anyone. (All true.)

He insisted.

So ... fifteen minutes later I stood there in a sexy red nightgown that I had previously been too scared to even consider wearing around him.... and then even that came off and I did my own show for him.

I was so nervous, I was shaking ... but I did it.

Before we went to bed, he said tomorrow night it's my hubby's turn to do a strip show (even though he was asleep tonight). Strange... seems even though *yes* Daniel is really straight, hubby is going to get one of his fantasies too.... and I'm living mine.

As for coping? I have no clue how. It's like Daniel loves to say ... "In some cases, the truth is stranger then fiction."


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Apr 27 @ 9:53PM  
Wow that is one heck of well-told story. Thanks for completing it! It sounds to me though an exciting sequel is coming already ... lol.

Jun 14 @ 8:12PM  
There actually was a sequel, and believe me it was extraordinary living it!

This one has to be private though :) ... Unless of course someday I actually finish the book I'm writing about my life and get it published by some weird twist of fate ... then you'll just have to pick up the book haha!

(Aren't I sweet?)

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When Fantasy Becomes Reality Pt 2