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When Fantasy Becomes Reality Pt 1 (Long Blog)

posted 4/27/2007 6:06:17 AM |
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I need to talk to someone, and yet since it is super early morning hours (as in before dawn) the whole house is asleep - so being that this is has to do with a topic adult in nature, bingo presto I wound up here talking to a blank page. But it's all good.

A tid bit of background: around in ten years ago (Halloween Day 1997 to be exact), I met an absolutely gorgeous guy and we became fast friends both being the school outcasts. For the sake of needing a name, I'll call him Daniel here, though that is not truely his name. I was merely a freshman back then, but he was a senior. Soon he graduated and danced out of my life virtually as fast as he had come.

Fast forward a few years and life has moved on. I of course remember the gorgeous guy that once haunted my dreams, but it wasn't an issue anymore. I'm sitting in my favorite restaurant with a guy who had once been a long time boyfriend who we'll call Eugene - a guy I ironically met the summer after Daniel had left my life.

Out of the clear blue sky, Eugene makes a comment. "That's Daniel sitting over there at that table!" I disagreed, for the man sitting just across the dining room looked nothing like the gentleman I had once known. Eugene insisted, and it didn't even dawn on me at the time to ask just how he knew Daniel. Eugene convinced me to go over and say howdy. After all, if I didn't, I would forever wonder.

Indeed it was the very same Daniel of days gone by. I was astounded.

From then on, we were the three musketeers. Where you found one of us, chances are you would find all three. Though Eugene and I lived in one apartment and Daniel his trailer, we would always stay over at each other's homes to hang out, and Daniel and I were quite known for taking midnight walks by the boardwalk.

The crush I had once had on Daniel came roaring back like a fire at full speed. I tried to conceal this, but both of the guys saw right through it. At first it seemed like there was no hope for my ever being with Daniel, because I am a bigger girl and though Daniel is an extremely intelligent sort, he was not known for going after plus size ladies. (He did modeling at one point, and dated similar folk.)

Through some sort of a miracle, Daniel and I did end up dating for a few months. It wasn't super serious, since our way of thinking is so different from one another. But we did end up living together for a time, and we very close as friends. Lousy dating partners though. It was clear he wanted to date me for my mind; as every time I would try to get physical he would turn away from me. I was lucky to see so much as a quick kiss every now and then. For him, I think the attraction simply wasn't there. And yes, it hurt. But for some odd reason, that made me work even harder for his attention.

We broke up and got back together a total of three times. The first two were life circumstances and nothing else that caused the split. The third time when we broke up, it was so I could begin dating the man that is now my husband.

When this mess of a soap opera all started, we were in Michigan. My home was Kansas though, and when it came time for college I moved back home to Kansas. What I didn't expect was that Eugene and Daniel would BOTH accompany me back home and stay here in Kansas for a time. So the third time Daniel and I dated, it was here in Kansas.

I met my husband and Daniel and I broke up, but were still on friendly terms as we'd known each other so long. In all actuality, Daniel and my husband, who we will call John for the sake of the blog, became incredibly close friends.

Before too long, Daniel and Eugene both missed Michigan and their families and returned home to Michigan. Daniel simply up and vanished, and we didn't hear from him for some time.

Last year, my husband and I started dabbling with swinging. One thing that needs to be mentioned at this point is my husband is bisexual, and our main purpose for getting into the Lifestyle was bisexuality for both him and myself. Basically, I swing with couples, but mainly single females. He swings with other bisexual males. Odd? Yes. But it works for us.

Anyway ... my husband is well aware naturally of all the history between myself and Daniel. We were both pretty hurt when Daniel took off the first time since he was/is our best friend. One important fact: though Daniel is totally accepting of bisexual men and comfortable in their presence, he is in NO WAY bi or even curious. He is one hundred percent totally straight.

Anyway like I said, for a time Daniel was gone; and he disappeared. We figured we'd never see him again. So it seemed entirely safe when hubby and I started to have vivid fantasies involving Daniel. We figured hey, what could it hurt to talk about? Yes, what I am saying is both hubby and I had a major crush on Daniel.

Hubby and I spent a very long time dreaming and fantasizing about what it would be like to play with Daniel. We had thoughts of whips, chains, sex, whip cream, bondage... kissing....and it all involved him. And my hubby always told me that if Daniel were to by some off chance return ever, that he was the one single straight male he would be totally ok with me swinging with, even if he wasn't there.

I thought this rather odd and asked him why. The response: Daniel is the type that respects our relationship; if he thought the sex was getting in the way of us, he would back off with no issue. And I had to admit, my husband John was right. That is simply the type of person Daniel is.

I must reiterate that all this as far as we thought anyway was safe to think and feel; after all what chance was there that Daniel would even come back into our lives?

Then two weeks ago, I was talking to my old friend Eugene via the phone. ... And as soon as he picked up, I heard another voice in the background, one that I would recognize anywhere. Yes, that's right. It was Daniel.

Ecstatic, I asked to talk to him, wanted to know how he was, if he was doing alright, everything! I was ecstatically happy.

I asked him if he would come visit. ... And he said he would, but for some reason I wasn't sure if he really would or not. Yet a few days later, he called me from Detroit saying he was on his way to the dang bus station, and wanted a bus ticket! After a long crazy process of messing up and getting the ticket fixed, a layover in St Louis and a ton of panicking ... two days later there was Daniel on the doorstep. Both hubby and I were ecstatic to see him again.

We hugged; we talked about the "old days", we reminisced and laughed a lot. We begged Daniel to think about tearing up his return bus ticket and coming to live with us on a more permanent basis rather then just a week.

By some miraculous twist of fate - he did. It was just like no time has passed.

**Continued in Part 2, ran out of space.*

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Apr 27 @ 6:14AM  
This is riveting! Unfortunately it got truncated ... so I'm waiting for the rest of it.

Apr 27 @ 6:45AM  
well that was a story in a half almost as good as my soap apera.....i once tried to swing with my guy but couldn't come to shareing him... waiting for part 2 please

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When Fantasy Becomes Reality Pt 1 (Long Blog)