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posted 4/26/2007 10:16:11 PM |
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tagged: friends, sunny

Ok, ok! I know...

So, I left a comment on another member's blog regarding friends requests. Then of course, Bentan has to come along and totally rain on my parade! I know that was directed at ME Ben...cuz it's always about me ya know! I said on Eva's blog, I've done the ranting about friends requests. I don't randomly accept them...but I don't deny them either. I just let most of them sit. I don't know...I guess I just feel like if I'm accepting someone as a 'friend' then I'm letting them into a part of my life. Does that make sense?

I use my list to check up on the people I know here. There are some I've met here who I've become very good friends with...others I've known for a long time like PrincessKissy who would be on my list no matter where we're at. And a few who I corresponded with at some point that aren't active on the site anymore but they still pop in once in a while. I look at my friends list to see who's online, who's written a blog...and who's just lurking in the shadows (DK!!). If I see someone online who hasn't been on in awhile (like Strider...)I'll send them an email to say " the hell are ya?"
My point is...the people on my friends list are my friends. People who I've gotten to know a little...or in some cases alot. And in one case, alot more than anyone ever expected! I don't care what those people who keep sending me requests are doing...they aren't blogging or posting in the forums, and they've never posted comments on my or anyone else's blog. If I do accept them as a friend...they'll sit on my list taking up space.
Oops...I'm backsliding into pretentiousness again. Well..ya know what? I don't care. Let Bentan scold! It's my list and I'll let whomever I want on it.

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Apr 26 @ 10:24PM  
as it should be.

Apr 26 @ 10:28PM  

If I have not talked with the people, seen them blog or comment ?
I do not accept their invite. If they're not active ? I figure there just
trying to build a big list. That's my take on it.

Apr 26 @ 10:42PM  
I believe the "fad" got started on another site, starts with "my" , where people began to "collect" friends on their list in some sort of idiotic competition to get as many as they could. Which personally I find a bit shallow, but to each their own, just don't try to include me in it. My list here includes only those I have interacted with on some sort of a regular basis whether its forums, private messages or blogs. "Friends" in my personal opinion of the people from here.

I have been fortunate thus far in that I have only been approached once by someone who I had never heard of, let alone spoken with. A quick check showed thir profile as having over 150 friends. Which I would like to think unless you are running 3 PC's and have an assistant, your going to be hard pressed to keep up with that Sorry, I am not going to be added to your "collection" like that, denied. Doesn't make you or I any more special than anyone else on the planet to share my list, it just makes us "friends."

I have also been fortunate to only have removed one single person from my list in at least a years membership, and this was only because while they were logged in on a regular basis for the last several months, they didnt have the time to so much as say hi, nor do they participate in any way here anyway.

And definitely in NO way does it make my list any sort of exclusive "club" or do I view it as any sort of grading scale or standard about those who are on it or not and how I treat you. If we communicate in any sort of way on here like I have said and I like your style personally, I will send you a request to share a list, and all are welcome to do the same in return.

Apr 26 @ 10:44PM  
they aren't blogging or posting in the forums

Exactly! If their not communicating with me and we're not laughin' our butts off together then...who tf are you?


Apr 26 @ 11:46PM  
lol ... I love it when one of my blogs becomes that grain of sand that irritates the oyster to produce a pearl! Way to go oyster gal!

So just to clarify the main point of my blog ... the most important thing about friends is friendship, not the mechanisms by which that friendship is maintained. If it isn't a friends list, it could be MySpace. If it isn't that it could be Yahoo mail. Whatever. The trouble, I feel, is that sometimes people fuss too much with the mechanisms/protocols/rules and forget the really important thing that the mechanisms are supposed to facilitate. This general observation will probably become the subject of yet another irritating blog from me ... lol. You obviously don't have that problem (being your friend I can personally vouch for it) so no worries, the shoe doesn't fit in your case ... lol.

Apr 26 @ 11:59PM  
Aw screw it....Group Hug!!!!

Apr 27 @ 12:03AM  
*** rushes back in time to bury head in JJ's bewbies ***

Apr 27 @ 12:45AM  
I agree on this. A friend is not a name on a list that you dont know or ever speak to. Friendship implies interaction and a level of caring for the other person. This is why my friends list consists of people I give a damn about. If I don't know you then don't ask because sorry you are NOT my friend. Take time to write me and then maybe will become friends.
It isn't rocket science folks.

Apr 27 @ 1:04AM  
good point sunny!!! I may not be talking alot but my friends can always find me and vice-versa!!

Apr 27 @ 7:33AM  
got 4 pending i think that i've had minor or NO interaction with or just posted a comment on a blog.....wich does NOT make us/me/them friends....not even aquaintances...........jeez....its a collection thing or a popularity thing?

"na na na na i'm on so n so's friends list so there"

duhhhh kids....

Apr 27 @ 7:42AM  
believe it or not, I do chat with the majority of the people on my friends list.....granted, I do collect my favorite cock shots for my own personal enjoyment....what can I say???!!! I'm a cock-whore!!!

Apr 27 @ 11:04AM  
My Friends list is the same thing. They are a people whom I have come to respect and have had some interaction with other than the occasional blog or forum comments. I wouldn't put somebody on my list just for the sake of having them there. I think at some point everybody gets a request from complete strangers. I have denied a few people I have never even seen or heard of before. Good Blog.

Apr 28 @ 5:05AM  
Bentan just rains on every parade because he's a party pooper

Wish he'd play a different chord now and then, starting to remind me of Voivod

Apr 28 @ 6:19AM  
pssst hey sexy wanna fuck?

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