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The Question Is....

posted 4/26/2007 3:15:03 PM |
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So I did the whole party platform thing... I did the true story thing... I did the not so true story and the metaphorical things...

All of that tells you things about me, just not in a very direct way. So I could post a bunch of blogs asking a single question in each, giving my answer to it, and letting y'all give yours in comment. But that's been done to death here. So I'm gonna borrow a strategy from another member (I've only seen this done one other time, if it's been more than that, my bad...) and ask you to ask the questions in the comments and I will answer, perhaps even truthfully. It will be up to you to tell the difference.

Ask anything you like at all, nothing is out of bounds. Ask a personal question, ask trivia, something about my views, something about Ohfreakinghio.... Anything.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the floor is yours...

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Apr 26 @ 3:41PM  

Are you in a state of Neurosis or Hysteria
do to conditions of extreme Exaltation ???


Apr 26 @ 3:44PM  

In simple psychological terms, over sexed.

Apr 26 @ 3:47PM  
can you explain to me why, even though we've never talked and I'm sure you've never noticed me... I can't help but be drawn to you. Something about you and your blogs is a very intense turn on for me...


Apr 26 @ 3:48PM  
Wanna fuck?

Apr 26 @ 3:58PM  
LoL Ponme! I almost put that... then I decided to be "serious"

Apr 26 @ 3:59PM  
Night... I seem to wander between the two with some frequency, but I'm quite sure it's not for the reason you diagnose.

Ladie... wow! this blog was a better idea than I thought! You are wrong about never noticing you, though indeed we have never talked. You may be turned on by the hint of honesty in the blogs? They are all a little whacky but all have parts of me in them, perhaps the puzzle of finding which parts, lights your fire a little.

PonMay... Absolutely, undeniably, yes yes yes yes YES!

Apr 26 @ 4:03PM  
Heh but Lady.. who said I wasn't totally serious... if it wasn't for that hella long walk to Ofreakinghio...

Apr 26 @ 4:05PM  
Not such a long walk for me... ::thinks::

Pudge, I don't think it's the honesty or the puzzle... I think it's just your body. LoL

Apr 26 @ 4:08PM  
Ladie... then I guess I'll have to get more prolific.

Apr 26 @ 4:10PM  
whats better, 10" of good 1/4" fillet weld or 7 7/8" of good 5/16" fillet weld?

Apr 26 @ 4:13PM  
::bites lip::

not fair, I'm at WORK here LoL

Apr 26 @ 4:20PM  
Band... If memory serves, I beleive most ladies have expressed they prefer girth to length.

Ladie... Work, play.... it's all good!

Apr 26 @ 4:23PM  
if only... alright I'm off y'all... enjoy yourselvs

Apr 26 @ 4:49PM  
Ahem ... Senator Pudge ... if elected ... what will you do about that criminal con-god who reneged on his promise to plant money trees?

Apr 26 @ 4:55PM  
Ben... While plank #2 says we must temporarily sterlize him... it's too late for that. What I can do is possibly worse anyway, If money trees don't start appearing toot sweet... I will make an executive order appointing him Mayor of that one horse town he moved to, then move the "file your complaint here" sign to his front doorstep. The locals will do the rest and our hands will be clean.

Apr 26 @ 5:30PM  
It's all well and good, but what's that got to do with the price of peas in Pakistan??

Apr 26 @ 5:56PM  
Any luck finding your head? Lord knows it's been a while...

Apr 26 @ 8:12PM  
PK... Everything well and good effects the price of everything in Pakistan. The more bad for us the cheaper the peas for them. Storm clouds grow bumper crops of peas.

Lint!! Not dead yet I see... Well I did check my ass, (way wayyyy up there mind you...) and there was no sign of it. I'm planning on checking some other folks asses around here... politics can make ya crazy.

Apr 27 @ 1:25AM  
What are your plans for the shortage of Key lime pie?

Apr 27 @ 1:36AM  
I'm not responsible for that shortage ...

Apr 27 @ 8:09AM  
Ben.... Pssst you have a little whipped cream on your lip there....

Looking... I plan to enslave France. The entire GNP of that country will be dedicated to key lime pie production. You will be placed in charge of distribution.

Apr 27 @ 8:36AM  
Why do I have to be in charge? I just want to reap the benes of being in charge...without the responsibility! Can't you put Bentan in charge and with me just be an advisor? Pretty please? I'll make it worth your while...promise!

Apr 27 @ 8:43AM  
My good friend, you have come along way since you first got here,and now that you have power and clout I see that the women here are swarming to you. Please forgive me for not commenting sooner on your blogs; I will try to be more atentive to your frail ego. Now remember what I said about the student surpassing the teacher.

Apr 27 @ 8:48AM  
Looking... consider it done. You and ben will manage the French production of Key Lime Pie. Now, let's talk some more about my while.

Apr 27 @ 8:49AM  
Sorry bro, a mercy kudo for you.

Apr 27 @ 8:52AM  
Thank you my friend... I can face another day now.

Apr 27 @ 2:29PM  
As newly elected Co-Presidents of Pie ala Key Lime, we wish to let everyone know ... IN YOUR FACE!

*** takes shirt off and exposes Peanuts underwear hoping Larry'll give him mercy kudos too ***

May 3 @ 1:45PM  
Left or right?
Back or front?
Inside or outside?
Vanilla or chocolate?
Open or closed?
Wet or dry?
Good or bad?
Sweet or sour?
Hard or soft?
Fast or slow?

May 3 @ 1:54PM  
Rox..... "why I oughtta!!" ok ONLY because it's you....

Left or right? Left.
Back or front? Back
Inside or outside? Outside if at all posible.
Vanilla or chocolate? Swirl.
Open or closed? Open.
Wet or dry? heh heh..... wet.
Good or bad? Baaaaaaaaaaad.
Sweet or sour? Sweet.
Hard or soft? Yes.
Fast or slow? Definately.

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