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I wonder if I’m normal

posted 4/26/2007 2:00:33 AM |
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tagged: whig

I wonder if I’m normal. I mean, iz it normal 4 a man 2 be TOTALLY in love with his woman and yet lust after every other fucking female on the planet? I don’t know that it iz. Cuz I am TOTALLY in love with my wife, despite the fact that I seem 2 want 2 fuck every bitch I meet. Ok...that’s an exaggeration. Despite the fact that I want 2 fuck every other fucking bitch I meet. That’s probably closer 2 the truth. With the rest of them I’d settle 4 a blow job.

Honestly, though, I do from time 2 time meet a broad I wouldn’t fuck with Ur dick, but that’s rare. I seem 2 be able 2 find something attractive about almost anyone. U say she weighs 450 pounds? I say look at those titties. U say she iz flat chested? I say look at those eyes. U say her father is in the Mafia? I say yeah, maybe so, but she likes it in the ass. It’s a vicious fucking circle, I tell U!

The everyday observer might look upon this and think 2 him or herself , ‘that man cannot possibly be in love with her, else he wouldn’t treat her so shabbily!’ I will admit there iz some truth 2 that statement, but not in the not loving her part of it. I WAY fucking love my bitch! I am already knowing that my bitch iz DOWN 4 me like no other. That bitch iz a true DickSlippery fan from Jump Street, yo! She knows the real me...the one I try so carefully 2 keep hidden and yet she iz still down 4 my ass. WOW! I gotta fucking tell ya, this iz a rare goddamn thing. Cuz I fuck up...a lot.

Usually I manage 2 keep from actually fucking other bitches, but even there I have been known 2 slip. She knows about every single fucking one of them. She knows about the black bitch when she wuz in Texas. She still iz down 4 me. She knows about the customer at 7-11 when I wuz working. She iz still down 4 me. She knows about her best friend in the backseat while she wuz sitting in the front seat with that bitch’s husband. She iz still down 4 me. That iz just fucking unbelievable 2 me. It really fucking blows me away!

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean 2 imply that she iz some kind of fucking pushover. Some sick abuse junkie who just keeps taking my shit 4 as long as I want 2 dish it out. No...I understand that all my options have been exercised. She will not stand 4 anymore cheating on my part. If I do it again she iz going 2 fucking leave me, and if she ever leaves me it will be 4 good. On that day, if it ever comes, I will lose something so fucking precious I cannot articulate the shit and not sound like a fucking idiot. But U know what...even then I will bet U that that bitch will still be fucking down 4 me. She just won’t be with me anymore. What a fucking loss that would be 4 me.

So...I am trying. I find it rather easy 2 not fuck around, becuz I constantly remind myself of what I have 2 lose if I do. What I am having difficulty with iz not wanting 2 fuck around with some of these fucking bitches! I swear I am not acting on them, in fact I would say I am actively avoiding them, but I still must acknowledge the fact that I am still full of lust.

Let’s say I am at a dinner party with Kimpokemon. Also in attendance iz one of her acquaintances whom I find extremely attractive. Now, I could certainly play the roll and claim I don’t like the bitch, but everyfuckingbody iz gonna know I’m fucking lying, so what’s the fucking point? Unless I want 2 bullshit everyone (myself included) N2 thinking my intentions are completely innocent until I can maneuver myself (either consciously or unconsciously...really, what fucking difference duz it make?) N2 a position in which I can act upon the feelings I don’t even admit 2 having in the first place. All fucking me, I’ve seen this one B4.

Or, I can be honest about the fact that I want 2 buttfuck Sandra, and if the idea iz completely fucking repellant 2 my old lady she can make arrangements 2 help keep me from getting N2 compromising situations with her. Conversely, if it iz someone she finds appealing or iz even attracted 2 then she could choose 2 party down with the both of us! She has done that shit B4 also. That shit iz the bomb, right there, boy...lemme tell U! Who knows/ she could even pass on joining in but go ahead and ok me doing it anyway. That’s the kind of bitch she iz, dude. When she iz treated right, that iz. With respect...and honesty, not lies and bullshit. Iz that really 2 much 2 ask?

See? That’s why I am so out there about shit like getting candid pussy pictures in my email and wanting 2 fuck the shit out of PrincessKissy as a wedding present. I understand it may never happen. I may never make it 2 Michigan 4 a champagne and photo party with LadieDarkStarr, but if I do I stand a much better chance of not having something happen that I would regret the rest of my life. Why? Becuz she knows all about the shit and has the choice whether or not 2 proceed, that’s why. That choice iz what makes all the difference.

Its 2 bad I didn’t figure that shit out a long time ago. I really could have saved myself a lot of headaches and her a lot of heartaches had I come 2 this realization sooner in our relationship. But better later than never at fucking all. At least I figured it out B4 she fucking left. I really don’t want 2 have 2 admit 2 being that kind of stupid.

Keeping U posted


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Apr 26 @ 3:06AM  
I'd say they were both worth reading...even if you didn't mention me.

Apr 26 @ 3:07AM  
Oh! Forgot to answer your question...Hell, no! You are far from normal...and so normal at the same time that's it's scary.

Apr 26 @ 6:29AM  
Normal,WTF is that?

Apr 26 @ 8:06AM  
fuck normal, dude.

Apr 26 @ 9:08AM  

You are way way too lucky to be normal.

Apr 26 @ 10:44AM  
Sometimes I think you are just a hop, skip and a jump away from being normal. Other times I think there is no way, shape or form you are. Does this make you bi-something? LOL Great blogs--both of em!

Apr 26 @ 11:35AM  
Fuck normal! DS, you rock the way you are - foul-mouthed, ghetto, and all!

About your woman...I have heard you talk about her time and time again, and it's pretty clear to me she is "the one" for you. (damn, that gave me goosebumps!) But I don't think wanting to dip your stick in other women negates that. I have learned that love and sex - though they can go together - do not have to. I'm not sure I could handle her life with you (sorry, I have a hard time sharing my man - when I have one, that is! LOL), but I have the utmost respect for her and envy her self-assuredness for letting you play. If she's okay with it, hon, don't sweat it - AND DON'T LOSE HER!

Love you, DS!
And thank you dixxxbitch for letting us play with him!


May 1 @ 7:36AM  
stop wondering......

You're not.

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I wonder if I’m normal