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Now, if we can only get the Jews 2 apologize 4 Jesus

posted 4/26/2007 1:41:57 AM |
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tagged: whig

I read that the state of Alabama has decided 2 apologize 2 black people 4 slavery. I think supporters are calling it the “Better Late than Never” bill. And that’s all well and good, but it hardly adds up 2 40 acres and a mule, duz it? It duz bring up an interesting question, though. Wouldn’t that constitute an admission of guilt by the state, and couldn’t said admission then be used as evidence against the state in a civil case asking 4 damages? Wouldn’t that be a fucking hoot? I can hear it now. Fuck Ur reparations, motherfucker. I’ll buy my own goddamn mule.

But what about the 100 years of lynching niggers they did after the Civil War? Aren’t the good people of the state of Alabama sorry 4 that shit? They should be. Instead we got a bunch of hillbillies with gun racks and Confederate flags in the back windows of their Ford pick-up trucks. Tell me that’s fucking progress. And we all know more than one good old boy has done some dirt back in them Alabama woods, don’t we? Or are we just going 2 pretend that shit didn’t go down...Or izn’t going down? Instead of admitting the truth about what we are and what we will tolerate as a society, let’s just gloss over all that bullshit. It makes us look bad, anyway.While we’re at it let’s just 4get all about the racism that continues 2 exist in our country, not 2 mention the great state of Alabama, even as U sit and read this 2day.

What the lawmakers in Montgomery are really saying iz that U niggers ought 2 be happy Ur getting this much (even though this much adds up 2 not a goddamn thing), so shut the fuck up and be good. They offer some bullshit apology about some shit none of us had anything 2 do with as if it iz going 2 do anything at all about the real racial tension that exists in our society 2day. How about apologizing 4 the way people were fucking treated in Mobile after Katrina? New Orleans izn’t the only place in the south with poor black folk, y’know? Mobile, Alabama got fucking leveled, dude. That shit iz 4 fucking real. Try 2 get a room on the Gulf Coast if U don’t believe me.

Why don’t they apologize 4 the not so coincidental fact that that the poverty line runs parallel 2 racial lines? Why not do that shit, if what U are looking 2 do iz make a difference?’s an easy one! How about apologizing 4 all the young men, black and white and every other color, getting their asses blown up by fucking IEDs in fucking Iraq every goddamn day. Wuzn’t that U that voted 2 approve that shit, motherfucker? I thought so.

But that’s not what these rich, white fat cats are trying 2 do, iz it? No...What they are trying 2 do iz get re-elected. And 2 do that they need what? That’s right...the black vote. So they’ll rattle their sabers and make a lot of noise over a fucking nothing issue in the hopes that their black constituents won’t be able 2 figure out their smoke screen. At least, not B4 the election, anyway.

Becuz we all know that without the black vote they don’t stand a nigger’s chance in Alabama of getting elected, do they?

Keeping U posted,


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Apr 26 @ 1:43AM  
Damn got that right!!!

Apr 26 @ 1:49AM  
Oh and a KUDO for you!!!

Apr 26 @ 1:54AM  
They caught the last poor man
on a poor man's vacation.
They cuffed him and confiscated his stuff
and dragged his black ass down to the station
and said, ok, the streets are safe now.
All your pretty white children can come out and see spot run.
They came out of their houses
and they looked around
but they didn't see no one.

My country 'tis of thee
to take swings at each other on the talkshow tv.
Why don't you just go ahead and turn off the sun
cuz we'll never live long enough
to undo everything they've done to you.

Above 96th street
they're handing out smallpox blankets so people don't freeze.
The old dogs have got a new trick.
It's called criminalize the symptoms
while you spread the disease.
I hold on hard to something
between my teeth when I'm sleeping.
I wake up and my jaw aches
and the earth is full of earthquakes.

My country 'tis of thee
to take swings at each other on the talkshow tv.
Why don't you just go ahead and turn off the sun
cuz we'll never live long enough
to undo everything they've done to you.

They caught the last poor man
flying away in a shiny red cape.
They took him down to the station
and they said, boy, you should've known better
than to try to escape.
I ran away with the circus
'cuz there's still some honest work left for bearded ladies
since they put everyone in jail
except the Cleavers and the Bradys.

My country 'tis of thee
to take swings at each other on the talkshow tv.
Why don't you just go ahead and turn off the sun
cuz we'll never live long enough
to undo everything they've done to you.

Ani DiFranco's "Tis of Thee"

Apr 26 @ 1:55AM  
Gaw! Eveytime I read one of your serious blogs, I am so glad I got over my upitty self and learned to read you. To think of all the great stuff I was missing. Glad you are back, DS.

Apr 26 @ 2:28AM  
DS I got an idea ... how about you apologize for the stuff I did and I apologize for the stuff you did. That way we can reap the benefits of appearing contrite without really feeling responsible ... lol.

Apr 26 @ 6:26AM  
This is what you do best bro; keep it up,I agree totally. a kudo for you.

Apr 26 @ 7:23AM  
Absolutly agree with every single word of your blog....

Why the fuck should anyone apologize for slavery. I wouldn't appreciate had our race been in slavery.... but its not going on now... so what the fuck? There's no need for Alabama nor anyt other state to say 'sorry black people of the state. i'm sorry that you had to know that your ancestors could have possibly been slaves on that plantation down the road.' that's crapola.


Apr 26 @ 10:05AM  
Slavery in this country began in 1492 when Columbus took 12 Native Americans back with him on the ship. Wrote in his journals about how docile and intelligent they were, how they would make great slaves!! Six did not survive the journey. This was the beginning of centuries of mistreatment, the taking of our lands, our liberty and our very lives. It continues today. Has anyone apologized to us????

Apr 26 @ 11:36AM  
This blod suffers from a serious lack of spell check and too much racism.

Apr 26 @ 11:37AM  
Could you tell us how you really feel ?
It's my understanding the word regret will be used as other states have done.
This reduces the liability to the state.
I do however acquiesce to your writings

Apr 26 @ 11:59AM  
What about the whites that died so blacks could be free, what about all the indentured Irish and other races, come on dude? My people weren't here when all this was going on and I have to pay for it? Two wrongs don't make a right. And blacks in this country don't hold a monopoly on poverty. Poor knows no color, race or religion. I know plenty of successful blacks who cringe at the fact of being treated like victims. It's the content of character not the color of your skin that gets one through hard times and helps them rise to the top. Quit holding yourself out as a victim and spend your time focusing on the positive and make things better for all people and let go of all that anger and hate.

Apr 26 @ 12:12PM  
Johnny is a Bama boy... please lower your expectations appropriately.

Apr 26 @ 4:13PM  
North Carolina is talking about apologizing for ME

If that happens I'mma get Da Bear to say sorys for YOU

Apr 26 @ 11:56PM  
Damn straight, bro! All smoke and mirrors for the election.

Apr 27 @ 1:28AM  
I am at a loss for words DS. While you bring up some very good points, your style in doing it is contentious to say the least...... I think I would watch out for lynch mobs if I was you......

I would like to point out that Australia has an Annual Sorry Day for the treatment of the aborigines several centuries ago. While I am appalled at what was done to them I did not do it nor did my children. The people alive today did not have it done to them. The crime is done and past. We cant change that. One sorry genuinely given covers it. Not to belittle the actions by any means but saying sorry continually doesnt change the past.
How we treat people today is what matters. Now the opportunities are there for everyone. It is up to each person black white or purple to make their own choices in life. Yes environment does play a role in determining a person but so does intelligence and wisdom to make good decisions and take advantage of all that is available.

Am I racist? I don't think so. But I can not stand whining from any color or sex about how unfair life is to them and how they are 'owed' because great grandma was treated bad etc.

OK so DS I guess you arent the only contentious one here today......

Apr 27 @ 3:54AM  
This blod suffers from a serious lack of spell check and too much racism.

Anyone else laughing their ass off over this?

Apr 27 @ 6:01AM  
lol ... now now don't be too hard on the new guy ... remember many moons ago how a considerable number of you were retching from the patented DS writing style no? It takes some time to acclimatize and become a fan!

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Now, if we can only get the Jews 2 apologize 4 Jesus