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I'm so glad the semester is almost over! (FUCK!)

posted 4/25/2007 3:41:42 PM |
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tagged: politics, douchebags

It drives me crazy every time a professor bashes our government, president, and our troops. I'm not crazy about Bush and I voice my opinions among friends, but I've come to realize politics have no place in the classroom. I mean, hey, of course they're going to come up in history, but biased opinions do not belong. Teachers are clearly taking advantage of their power to try and influence students. And those students that don't agree with their "ideals" do not need to feel alienated. It's total gross misconduct and I really think they should be suspended for all their biased and volatile statements.

I'm getting so fed up with politics. It's fucking sad when people use it as a platform to prove "betterment". I'm just done, so whatever posts I see about politics or political figures I am SOOOOO not getting involved.

Does anyone know if there is a petition to ban politics from the classroom? Would you sign it?

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Apr 25 @ 3:55PM  

My idea of a politician is an Animal that sits
on the fence with both ears on the ground.

Apr 25 @ 4:10PM  
*signing up now *

Apr 25 @ 4:12PM  
This reaction you are having means you are learning dear. Be pissed of course, but I for one think the system is teaching you everything you will need later. The ability to recognize an agenda is a priceless skill you will use for a lifetime. Hope the stupid fucker gets tenure.

Apr 25 @ 4:19PM  
It is not only at the college level that this kind of influence is done. Elementary school is a much more effective platform. The kids have minds that are highly impressionable and any ideals they are taught will stick with them throughout their lives. Everywhere you turn, somebody wants to make your decisions for you, but they want you to think that it is your idea. You turn on the talk radio, you have some blow hard with to much talk and not enough sense yelling at you to vote this way or change your opinion to this or any number of things. They do it cause they are in a position of influence. They are trying to turn people into sheep(sheeple). There are already too many sheeple in the nation (in the world for that matter), those who do not decide anything for themselves, but rather let someone else do it for them. I agree with you, I would sign a petition like that.

Apr 25 @ 4:28PM  
That's a tough one dear... a very VERY thin line when we start to suppress political expressions in any form. Remember ... in the 1770's self-government was considered a "crack pot" idea by the entire wold. Ive even heard a high Islam cleric declare democracy to be "blaspheme" in our modern age even . One of the goals of higher education is developing more then cold facts and rote regurgitation of ideas. It is to develop an ability in the next generation to think for them self... on there feet as it were... to weight the arguments and rebuttals that are presented to them, and then take a decision based on ones beliefs and goals. To give to the next generation the innate ability to self-govern.

I am fond to say: "I don't give a rat's ass what your opinion is... what I care about is that you HAVE an opinion." (Thou having a personal opinion dose seem a stretch in our modern age of Texting Junkies and Mall Rats I suppose.) In my view ... that is what makes democracy work... fuels the engines of liberty.

And it would seem in your case dear... the system is indeed working, and working well. I read ALL the political clap-trap posted here and on other sites... I comment on little and gag on most.


Master Gry

Apr 25 @ 4:41PM  
Wow, I agree whole heartedly with you on that one!!!

Apr 25 @ 4:44PM  
It is unfortunately part of human nature to inject our own beliefs into what we do. Its sad that teachers are unable to separate the person they are, from the job they are hired to do.


Apr 25 @ 5:01PM  
anyone bashing Bush is a friend of mine

Apr 25 @ 5:30PM  
Well I am going to go out on a limb here.. I really don't want to get into a political debate. Some people like Bush some do not.. all I know is that a soldier spilled his blood at some time in history to give you the freedom of choice. Always remember that, no matter what side of the political isle you fall on.. I do not think that politics has a place in college or any other school because the teacher's bias always plays a role in the outcome. The role of schools as well as the news, should be to present the facts.. they should not present the issue, then tell you how you are supposed to think about it. Let us decide.. most of us are pretty intelligent.. Religion is the same way.. read the bible.. let us come up with our own meaning of the word. Why should I have to hear their spin on it? I shouldn't.. thats why I believe in God, but I am not religious.. I get my news from multiple sources to get a better idea of what is going on and with school, I zone out when someone starts political jabber.. Its not just political either.. there is a lot of Male bashing that goes on in college too. It is totally unchecked.. I read a study where a lot of young men leave college for just that reason.. Like I said at the beginning. You live in a free, democratic society thanks to the one's that kept our freedom.. but there is a time and a place for everything.. :)

Apr 25 @ 7:20PM  
Are you about to grad or do you still have more haul to do?

Apr 25 @ 7:44PM  
I think it's okay if the school are going to be the market place of ideas, but it's not anymore. It's an arm of the DNC, Regrettably they seem to only voice one side and spoon feed it to the captives. I challenge my teachers all the time. Bunch of lefties, and that's alright but please allow a legitimate debate. If not, just teach us what we're here for and not your left wing propaganda. The truth almost always lies somewhere in the middle. Not really a dimes worth of difference between the two ruling parties. As long as we allow them to put us in a little box and keep us divided as a people we're damned.

Apr 26 @ 12:12AM  
I agree politics should not be discussed in the classroom.

On the other hand, you can't ban it and still have a free country.

Apr 26 @ 2:22PM  
As a former univ prof, teaching a 'leftist' science - sociology - let me offer a few things..

1.) The hardest thing to do in teaching is getting students to see their own possibility as agents of change, versus agents of status quo. The world
s a mess. Most students come to college to 'get a good education, to get a good job.' In other words, glorified trade schools where colleges/universities certify that you served your time, took your tests, and are now trainable for the job market. So frequently, faculty fall into the trap of thinking they 'need' to get students to take up causes, get active, get angry. And unfortunately, some believe the classroom is a forum for thier pontification.

2.) People want to believe there are 'two sides to every story', that there is some sort of 'truth' in between right and left, and similar cliches we hear all the time. When the Janjaweed burn villages in Darfur with government aircraft cover, what exactly is the second side that is so important to hear? When a White House lies to go to war, what is the truth between the right and the left? Reality is not something in the middle of group arguments. Reality simply is. How we discover it is important, and how we arrive at conclusions regarding it is important...but if education is working, your greatest gift will be deep skepticism for every form of authority in your life, such that no matter the who or what, you adopt a stance similar to Missouri state me. And that skepticism shouldn't stop at your door...doubt all you believe, all you think...because none of us are the source of truth.

3.) We're a social animal which means we have a deep drive to belong. In belonging, are deeply structured social forces that keep bending the herd members back to the center of the herd. Its easier to follow, than lead. Easier to shut-up than risk. Easier to go along, than think alone. And ask any member of the herd, away from the herd, about their thinking, and they'll tell you they think out of the box, are independent thinkers, rabble rousers. Ask them in the midst of the herd, and they'll fight to be the most 'patriotic,' the most herd-like. And patriotic means, most loyal to the group, be it tattooed pierced students, or fraternity members, or members of VFW.

And as herds go...we love going over it drinking until you're burying dead drunk friends, smoking until you're burying dead lung-cancered friends, or patriotic until you're burying their dead young kids. We just love a good cliff.

But no, I wouldn't sign a petition. I would prefer students get pissed and push back. Be they professors who have nothing to contribute to understanding the mess of our lives, to one's who pontificate.

Apr 26 @ 6:59PM  
On the last comment Professor.. let me enlighten you with a historical reminder... In 1994, President Clinton vetoed 3 times to support the Tutsi population in Rwanda while the Hutu extremist carried out the genocide of 800,000 people in 100 days using mostly clubs and machetes while group raping young girls. So please don't pander me with your philosophical BS to justify not getting involved with this situation. If nothing else, there was mass genocide of his own people (Iraq) as the world sat by and watched. The following text says it all....The U.S. had broken a solemn covenant under taken nearly a half century ago that never again would the civilized world allow genocide to occur. President Clinton may utter words in commemoration of Auschwitz, but there is little consolation to the survivors of the Rwandan holocaust of the 1990s. Meanwhile, around the world, dictators have noted the U.S. reaction, taking solace from the policy of non-action. Silence in the face of genocide, with no outcry of "never again" should disturb us all.

My whole point to this is that if you ignore it, it doesn't go away.. it festers and will one day be on your doorstep.. 9/11????? Think about that. It should scare the hell out of you.. And lastly.. remember this.. they attacked us.. We weren't in Iraq then.. so to say they are doing this because we are in Iraq is foolish and has no merit...

See I said I didn't want a political debate..Sorry.. your comments made me mad, just more evidence that the people in control... Professors!!!!! continue to try and brain wash our children.. lol you said it all professor better than I could have.. thanks for making me KNOW I am right... for more on the Rwandan Holocaust.. see the following site..

Apr 27 @ 1:21AM  
And> I'm not sure what you're pointing at with your comments, nor where they are launched from within my comments???

I didn't give 'philosophical BS' as justification for not getting involved that I can see. If you're referring to comments on lying and going to war, I'm not sure how that backs up to being non-involved and then approving Clinton's handling of Rwanda.

A young man I work with here in Iowa, had 75 members of his immediate and extended family, rounded up into his grandfather's church and slaughtered by those machetes you mention in Rwanda. I worked as part of a national network trying to get the US gov't to say 'genocide' while it was going on, seeing it coming, and working like crazy to alter US policy. I had my classes work on how will nation-state governments ever be able to live up to the genocide pacts, when nation-states all carry blood on their hands in the pursuit of national elites' goals? And who really cares about people of color? Aren't the 10,000,000 children a year dying of diseases of malnutrition and parasitic diseases, basically children of color? Would we allow that in Europe or Canada??

Noting the lying of one president doesn't have any backwash against any other actor, unless one feels compelled to say "Johnny did it first" or in this case...."Billy" in order to pull attention away from one's own favorite actors or actions. And then Mom or Dad comes along and says..."so...if they jump in the fire, you gonna jump in the fire?" My inappropriately killing my dog is not covered up by your not killing your dog when you should have.

The US was part of the Iraqi genocide, standing aside while he gassed the Iranians and the Kurds, and while he went after the people's of the southern wetlands. I don't see innocent presidents...they all love power, and supporting the dictators and ruthless parties who help the US control markets of key strategic value to US business it oil in Iraq, copper and other metals in Chile, to the general role of oil in the Middle East.

Just as an FYI, my research was on the social construction of suffering, which had it roots in my baby boom identity, and growing up wondering how Auschwitz could happen. Then how Trail of Tears and slavery could. I was most interested in how people move with herds to ignore people's suffering, smooth over their own imposition of suffering, and idolize their own experience of suffering.

9/11 doesn't scare the hell out of me. Its to be expected in world of haves and have nots. It happens not because of Iraq, but because of a long trail from WWII to today, of US/European relationships to peoples of the Middle East. Violence emerges from human relationships deeply out of balance. We are deeply fools when we believe we can continue to have so much sucked into our 'garage' for accumulating storage, while thinking the have-nots should somehow just go along with this international imbalance.

No one offered any comment on 9/11 because it wasn't related to Iraq. 9/11 wasn't about Iraq, but as even Pentagon and intelligence briefings lay out for both the British and the US govts, the war in Iraq is heavily fueling the growth of 'terrorist' activity now.

Note all the assumptions you jumped to in your reaction...because you heard some comment about something you interpreted in some manner that violated your perception of things. Note the result wasn't inquiry...questions for clarity and understanding of what you were injecting into my comments. Instead, you jumped on assumptions and ran with them. The job of good teaching is to break the assumptions on which you stand, until you can stand without running all over the place, and enter inquiry, instead of polemics.

Hope this helps relieve professors of the role of brain washers of the brain washed.

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I'm so glad the semester is almost over! (FUCK!)