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They Can All Suck My Left Nut................

posted 4/24/2007 6:08:24 PM |
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I moved down to S. Ohio............hicks are us,. so I could be with my kids. Reason being, my wife couldn't make the trip through Columbus. So, I was stuck with the travel time, every time.
So, I sold my house. Moved down here to start over. Well, what I found was that her family expects me to do a bunch of maintenance on their land for free. WTF? I asked to buy 2 acres of their 40 and they said "No"............even though I offered twice what they paid for it. Wasn't like I was asking for a gift or nothing.
So, 3 years later and we're renting a fucking trailer 25 miles from her mom. My business is done. My friends are long they all live up north. And, my old bag is expecting me to do something special! WTF?! Being I'm not a HICK, that'd be hard to do!
Of course, her mom has a long list of stuff she wants done. Like I care! And, somehow, I end up being the dick! That's ok! Better to be a dick than a used up pussy! They don't care about me, I'll return the sentiments times 10.
All I wanted was 2 fucking acres to put a trailer on while I built a house. But, fuck that! They couldn't afford to part with it! So, I can't afford to help them for free either. since I can't get a deal on land. Imagine that!
So, my philosophy is...........they can all suck my left nut! They begged us to move down here to this shithole. And, now that we're here, they do NOTHING to help. Yet, they expect plenty. All I can say is, "wish in 1 hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full the quickest."
Now, they look at me as a loser since I can't get paid. BUT, I had no troubles with that before moving to bumfuck. All on my wife's intuition..........stupid cunt! Now, she's paying the bills.........and Will be for a while. But, hey! It was her choice!
Of course, NOW she's ready to go back up north where I got paid! But, if I make the trip, it'll be by myself. Fuck her for dragging me down here! My eldest will be 18 come December. My youngest 15. So, I no longer have the need to put up with her. She moved close to her, let them take care of her ass.
Point being? They can ALL suck my left nut!! My life was pretty good until I listened to her wants. Now, it's for shit! Stupid me for listening to her! Fuck her and her family! I'm not a fucking hillbilly and don't care to be one in my lifetime if that's all they do.
Just my thoughts on it!

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Apr 24 @ 6:18PM  
Umm, Cabl? Wanna tell us how you REALLY feel??

I say fuck em, they won't do dick for you, don't do dick for them.

Time to get on with your life, those boys know their dad loves em!!

Apr 24 @ 6:24PM  
They can ALL suck my left nut!!
Who gets the right one? (Pick me! Pick me! )

Seriously, though...I can see why you feel the way you do. (But, I'm a bitch because I have ovaries so I'm not sure how much that has to do with it. )

Apr 24 @ 6:31PM  
yea you can never satisfy.........the "family".........know exactly how you feel.

"wish in 1 hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full the quickest."

i still tell people that

Apr 24 @ 6:35PM  
Aww JJ I love your ovaries and everything that goes with them.

Apr 24 @ 6:39PM  
It's not to bad being a hillbilly cabl_guy. I'm farther south than you and I like it here. Of course I have 50 acres so the rest of the world can fuck off. I do know where you are coming from however. I had about the same situation before I left Indiana. I just ran for the hills 7 years ago and been here and happy since.

Apr 24 @ 6:46PM  
Similar boat here. I hear ya!

Apr 24 @ 7:26PM  
Ya ... been there ... done that ... Ill sell ya a t-shirt

I got a dog instead...

They don't whine bout the toilet seat, they are happy to see me when I get home ... and they sure as fuck cant remember who there parents were


Master Gry

Apr 24 @ 7:30PM  
Do what you have to do!

Apr 24 @ 7:33PM  
God I know how you feel,and I feel for you! My situation is a little different than yours but the end results are the same. My divorce is final on the 26th of this month,and I plan to get on with my life. I moved to this shit hole so my wife could be close to her mom. I gave up a place in the country,a house with land and in retrospect I regret it.

Apr 24 @ 8:47PM  
That's really fucked up Cab ... I detest unreasonable and unfair people!

Apr 24 @ 9:28PM  
Personally I wouldnt trust them anywhere near either of your nuts..... Never quite know what they make actually do to it.
I dont see any problem with you packing back up going off alone and leaving the wife to enjoy the company of her parents and ALL their acres.
You kids are old enough to understand that sometimes we have to make hard choices in life and it doesnt mean they are not important in your life. They will love you regardless....... Do what is right for you.

Apr 24 @ 9:54PM  
Damn and I thought my in laws were bad....So sorry hun...Just stick to not doing anything for them since they can't seem to do anything for you..Tell them where to stuff it...Do what you can with what you have and what you can with your kids while you have the time and try to make the best of it...Just don't do anything for free....Unless of course you want to move here and help me with my kids...ROFL....joke .. Bitch and moan all you want, we will all listen and be here for you if you do...And be careful who you let suck your nuts!!!!!!! LOL

Apr 24 @ 10:43PM  
Honey.....I'm really startin' to worry about you....maybe it's about time you moved on....

Apr 24 @ 11:34PM  
Ok just have to agree your right about the hicks they are everywhere. I am ok as long as I dont have to talk to them. The accent drives me nuts and I am tired of slowing down my speech and trying to talk at their level.

Apr 25 @ 12:34AM  
Dude, let me tell ya a little story. I was engaged once before. The woman I was engaged to made a deal with me. I had a good job that gave me a little extra cash, but not a lot. If we got together we would struggle and we both knew it.

So this deal we made was one that would help us both get better lives and jobs. We would move someplace where we could afford to live close to a college. I would put her through school and pay for the living expenses. Then, once she graduated her job would be better and so she could put me through school while I got my degree. Then we would both have degrees and good jobs. It was an eight year plan for starting our family.

Except it didn't work out that way. She took six years to finish a four year degree, and barely worked a stitch the entire time. Then she graduated and worked three years on a part time job before she told me she didn't want to follow through on our original plan and left. She took half my stuff, she left me with over $10,000 in debt, and worst of all she didn't give any other reason for going other than she was tired of working.

Then after that the bitch would still call me up from time to time when she needed help or a place to sleep, and I found out later that while we had been together she had been cheating on me. The last straw was when I found out that she used my name on IRS documents and they were coming after me for her back taxes.

But I got even.

She gained sixty pounds and I lost 20. I completed a four year degree in three years while working full time. I went on to get my Mater's degree, and she went on to marry a drunk who yells at her a lot. Now I have a wife that is almost 10 years younger than me, has H cup breasts, and who worships the ground I walk upon.

Life does have a way of working out in the long run.

Apr 25 @ 1:11AM  
Dom I love it when people get their just desserts!!

Apr 25 @ 1:44AM  
Funny how we can see things so clearly in hindsight.

Apr 25 @ 2:06AM  
it's not always so funny looki.....

Apr 25 @ 2:14AM  
I hear you, Ash. Especially because one can clearly see their own mistakes.

Apr 25 @ 4:07PM  
You have such a way of venting my friend. Yeah, that's totally messed up. I hope you get back on track.

As for Kim, she sees and hears all the hicks around here too.

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They Can All Suck My Left Nut................