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Lets beat a dead horse, shall we?

posted 4/24/2007 3:01:51 PM |
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tagged: cock, cock pic

So very many issues are brought up in the blogs time and time and time again. I love it when "new" people post a blog VERY similar to an "oldie" and think that they're being creative, inventive and contriversial. It cracks me up when people jump on that band wagon and all start in. Lemme tell yall somethin... ITS BEEN DONE BEFORE. Since the dawn of the AMD universe, women have been bitching about men comming at them all wrong. Men have been bitching about women posting dirty pictures and becomming offended when a man comments on them. They're have been people that hate the drama, people that feed the drama, the same joke has been told over and over again.
Well, now it's my turn. I am now officially bringing back the "cock pic" debate!
I was thinking today, as I was perusing profiles...
I understand a woman's desire to not have their eyes violated by a huge (or not so) throbbing cock in their face everytime someone posts a blog, sends messages, posts on the forum, etc... Sure, have a face pic as your main pic. Definately understandable. And even if you're not keen on posting a face pic (OMG someone might discover you!) then post just your eyes, a nice body shot (gotta LOVE them abs) or even an ass shot.
What I don't think is that logical is to have 15 pictures of your face, your body, your eyes, whatever. Alright, I'm gonna say it.... This IS a "sex" site. No, it's not. Its an adult community where we are allowed to post those dirty fantasy blogs, we can cuss with the sailors, and we can talk about "adult" topics (I use that word loosely). This is a site where it's not wrong to post the suggestive pictures, the pussy shots, the tit shots, the cock shots. (Some of us even like those ones )
I believe whole heartedly that you CAN find love on this site. It's not exactly what the site was made for, but it's the best medium and least restricted where you can just be yourself. (I'm getting off topic, aren't I?)
Back to the whole thing... sex site...I personally signed up to find a booty call buddy, to share my erotic stories, and to post "dirty" pictures. If Im looking for a man who I want to fuck, I want to know what he's working with. period. end of sentance. I want to know what to expect. I admit to being something of a "size queen" so to speak. I like nice thick and long cocks. There is definately more to sex than size, but I don't care HOW good you are, I'm not going to be satisfied if you have a cock the size of my pinky. I masterbate with two fingers as deep as they'll go, sometimes three... so I want something comperable.
I don't want to start liking what you have to offer, then find out I was sorely mistaken.
Whats worse, is the creative photographer. The ones who have a five inch dick but they've realize if they take it from this angle in this light... it looks like its seven. Fuckers.

Alright, I'm rambling so I'm gonna stop but here's what it boils down to:
1. Don't have a cock pic as a primary shot.
2. HAVE a cock pic (if they don't like it, they don't HAVE to look at it... but they will)
3. Be honest with yourself and with others about what's truely there!

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Apr 24 @ 3:09PM  
There is nothing new under the sun my dear, except your pretty smile

Apr 24 @ 3:09PM  
Very well put.I have no pic and there is a reason behind this.I like to see if we could hit it off or connect chatting,i have no problem sending pic privately.As far as pic are concerned i would think alot of the pics on here are not real anyway.I will tell a person an honest opinion on my looks etc if they dont like it fuck them.

Apr 24 @ 3:20PM  
i put up whatever pix i like or feel the urge to and expect everyone else should do the same.....someone don't like em? tuff...move to the next one..hell I'VE seen some female pix here i didnt' like but i'll be damned if i'd be rude n tell em.......i just move on ............

Apr 24 @ 3:38PM  
i agree with you ynot. its your right if ya want to put a cock pic up, as its my right not to put a naked picture up on mine, its a adult sex site :)

Apr 24 @ 3:47PM  
I also haven't put up a pic and will send privately once I know the person. My reason: I was stalked by a woman on another site. I had shared too much personal information and she used my pic to find me. Never wrote me. Just showed up at my apartment. Freaked me out!
This is why I understand all those folks who post partial pix (e.g., one woman has a gorgeous pair of eyes and posted a partial pic of them). That's enough for me. The rest is verbal until we move forward.

Apr 24 @ 3:55PM  
omg! snow i think that freak me out too!

Apr 24 @ 3:55PM  
I don't have a pic up because I can't get one put up. Every time I try to put a pic on here I get a message that the pic is to least I hope they are talking about the pic... so I go back and take another one and it is to small as well. Hell what do they need a pic the size of a fucking billboard. If anyone wants a pic all they have to do is ask. I'm not trying to hide anything from anyone.

Apr 24 @ 4:06PM  

And will be again lmao.. too bad majority of members never read the blogs. Great effort.

Apr 24 @ 4:38PM  
nice blog kudo to you babe

Apr 24 @ 5:58PM  
I don't have a pic up because I can't get one put up.

Same has happened with my husband on here we have tried several times to post his picture. I used to say the size was wrong, last few times it appeared to accept the picture but it never posts.... no idea what the problem is so he just gave up and stayed the ugly anonymous gray man.

As far as repeating subjects of blogs I do not see an issue with it. We always have new people on the site and they have no way of knowing what has been posted and when, unless they click back through hundreds of blogs which is just not practical. Apart from that, new people bring fresh perspective to the subject and to me that is always a good thing.

Apr 24 @ 6:42PM  
my main pic is on the left, i have a couple shirtless, a nude, and a couple erect, and coming soon, one of me about 3 seconds before cumming (i look funny when i bust a nut )

Apr 24 @ 6:43PM  
how do you spell cumming, cuming, coming, comming?

Apr 24 @ 6:44PM  
Have to say: I not only liked the advice but the way you presented it. Maybe if I started making simple summaries at the end then more people might take what advice I offer.


...Those kind of people don't want to read anything that's not about their own egos.

Apr 24 @ 6:56PM  
I have to agree with jezzarae about repeating subjects of blogs. I don't have an issue with either and jezzarae if you figure out how to get your husbands pic on here let me know.

Apr 24 @ 7:05PM  
Thank you Jezz!...I was starting to think I needed permission to say anything here, kindof like Nazi Germany....and of course seem to piss off the usual people that dont really read what my blogs are trying to say. Im off to look for more dead horses!

Apr 24 @ 7:13PM  
are my pics up to par with what you want guys pics to be?

Apr 24 @ 9:00PM  
3. Be honest with yourself and with others about what's truely there!

Well, you know I've always been very honest Ladie. And if you ever change your mind about wanting one the size of your pinky... you let me know. LOL

The Shadow

Apr 24 @ 9:28PM  
I like your in-your-balls no-holds-barred honesty. Hopefully more women will be emboldened to state what they actually like instead of toeing the official line. And it's good to know there's someone else out there who is bored to tears with the same old pinatas that people keep dragging out ad nauseum. We need a fucking FAQ!

Apr 24 @ 10:35PM  
I would send you a worthless kudo...But it's been done before..

Apr 25 @ 8:53AM  
Dom- it wouldn't matter if you summed up the important stuff or not. Most people completely missed the point of this blog reguardless. ::shakes head:: I did the exact same thing I was "bitching" about and STILL people feel the need to comment on THAT not on my real topic of choice.

Apr 26 @ 12:05PM  
great job! love everything you said!
got my primary pic and you can explore if you want more!


Apr 26 @ 12:48PM  
A “Profile” usually means a side head shot, and goes for you women too! Think I’m over here more cause got tired of seeing pussy shots on MD, that is a collection of photos of her 3 cats! Then only photo of her is standing 10 feet away. Yes, I’d say the eyes do it if don’t want to show anything much –but that does lead to wondering on blogs how old is she anyway. Well some of these gag pix got to wonder gender too!

Apr 28 @ 5:05AM  
I hope they know my gender....

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Lets beat a dead horse, shall we?