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Roll Call

posted 4/23/2007 6:52:47 PM |
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tagged: whig

U know...I have been offline now 4 so fucking long I don't even know who the fuck iz still active on this site. That's why I am asking now 4 a roll call of all the sexy motherfuckers that still come 2 AMD 2 play!

If U are here, active and like 2 have fun then go ahead and give us a shout out. Let the rest of us know who U are - and what U are N2!

Let's get back 2 the business of having fun!

Keeping U posted


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Apr 23 @ 6:54PM  
HEY I'm here and I want Dick for President and Canu for God!!!

Apr 23 @ 6:55PM  
I'm still here!

Apr 23 @ 6:57PM  
HI! Im here because i enjoy the humor the fun and the interaction with everyone. If i meet the someone I am looking for Great!! but its not a top priority in life. I like to have fun and will make fun of you as much as I do of everyone else. LOL

You will see a blog from me every saturday (and some during the week) cause I like to do a weekly review of what has happened here and everyone seems to enjoy it for a matter of fact you were mentioned last time.


Apr 23 @ 6:57PM  
present and active...

Apr 23 @ 6:57PM  
Well,'s nice 2 know the sexiest legs on AMD haven't gone anywhere!


Apr 23 @ 6:58PM  
I'm still here...still makin chikken nuggitz wit Canu...and if he gets to be God...I get to be Goddess!! to me!

Apr 23 @ 6:59PM  
i'm new and i like strangling myself while masturbating to reruns of Knight Rider

Apr 23 @ 7:01PM  
Private Ben reporting Sarge!

Apr 23 @ 7:02PM  

Apr 23 @ 7:04PM  
well hell I'M STILL HERE ........*pondering what to run for...*

Apr 23 @ 7:04PM  
I'm wait...yes I'm still here

Apr 23 @ 7:05PM  
One source.... present and accounted for.

Apr 23 @ 7:07PM  
yes I'm still here toooo......Canu for god, Sunny for goddess has my votes of course.. Think i'll just run for bewbetary!

Apr 23 @ 7:07PM  
Nifty way to get comments BTW DS... you'll make page 1 yet...

Apr 23 @ 7:11PM  
present! **** raises hand ****

Apr 23 @ 7:14PM  
Been here a couple of months and loving it!!!!

Apr 23 @ 7:14PM  

Apr 23 @ 7:20PM  
I'm new, present and active.

Apr 23 @ 7:26PM  
Sittin right here......

ban, wouldn't that be a cute little paw?

Apr 23 @ 7:29PM  
here, too, SIR..."salutes"

Apr 23 @ 7:30PM  

I think i'm still here ????

Apr 23 @ 7:32PM  
Pudge, U worthless fuck! I have one decent original idea and U gotta go and give me away. U fucking cock blocker. Ur just pissed off I didn't steal the idea from U. I'd report Ur behavior if I didn't think it might shine a light on my own nefarious activities...


Apr 23 @ 7:39PM  
gulp again

Apr 23 @ 7:51PM  
Here again, took a short break but missed the DS logs!
What am I into? Would love to have my woman bring one of you guiys home and foce me to watch her use you in every way possible. then I'll cook a snack for ya!

Apr 23 @ 8:02PM  
I can't help wondering just what shellsmack iz swallowing

Hey tmarkert...with an attitude like Urs, I can't believe we haven't spoken B4! The world can use more people who think the way that U do, my friend!


Apr 23 @ 8:23PM  
You know I'm not leavin' till they take my ass to jail for stalkin you, ya bastard!!

Apr 23 @ 8:34PM  
i'm here.....i just like to show my azzzzzz.........

Apr 23 @ 8:52PM  
lmao you can make anybody talk

Apr 23 @ 9:12PM  
You know I'm not leavin' till they take my ass to jail for stalkin you, ya bastard!!

Cant ya just feel all the love in the air?

Apr 23 @ 9:17PM  
It may be a sick love (PK's the sick one...not me), but that duzn't make it any less real (as the tracks beneath my window can attest...)!


Apr 23 @ 9:26PM  
Still here and as innocent as ever

Apr 23 @ 9:39PM  
Still here and actually am innocent.....really, I promise I am.....

Apr 23 @ 9:40PM  
Still here, but under a slightly different moniker, and still sneaking around checking out all the beautiful women. Hmmm, Lisa for bewbetary - should be interesting.

Apr 23 @ 9:46PM  
Roll call? How about ciabata?

Apr 23 @ 9:50PM  
belle and cutecarrie innocent?

OMG...that's funny shit. Hey Dom? Why ya gotta buck the establishment, bro? Don't U know that's my job? Sheesh...


Apr 23 @ 9:53PM  
Awwww c'mon DS don'tcha read Canu's blog posts, i am innocent, he keeps telling me so

Apr 23 @ 9:59PM  
U know, belle...if U say it enough times, maybe the pictures of Ur pussy in my email will dissapear.

Luv ya, babe, but if this iz innocent then OJ really did get it all wrong.


PS Sure could use some more pics! I'm thinking they might get me N2 heaven...

Apr 23 @ 10:07PM  
Dude.....If I left, this whole place would shut down!!!
Now would that be a nice thing for me to do???

Apr 23 @ 10:53PM  
Into heaven huh? Well i wouldn't want to impede that, what kinda pics you want baybee??

You know this is going to shoot my innocent image all to hell, right????

Apr 23 @ 11:47PM  
still here ds!!

Apr 24 @ 12:00AM  
Here and accounted for, with my hair pulled back in a ponytail so I'll have slanted eyes for you darlin. Too bad I'm not a dixie darlin bbw so you could come visit me. But you know shit happens.

Apr 24 @ 12:17AM  
It's about fucking time that you came back and carried some of the weight around here. If you took about 1% of the cash you blow on jackie d and that cheap ass home grown you're buying from who the fuck, you might be able to pay yout isp bill instead of corrupting the local citizens at your public library. Also it's about friggin time you figured out how to make page one of the blogs after bitching about it for 200 or more blogs.Whig Bitch Party my ass; more like whigged out from partying!!! Now how about getting it the fuck together and write something hardly coherent so that we know you haven't been sissyfied. I gu3ess I'll give you a kudo just because I can.

Apr 24 @ 12:18AM  
U know how I love those candid crotch shots, belle! And don't worry about Ur reputation...I won't tell...

Genna...What's up bitch? Can't wait 2 party with U in Vegas, baby!

Sunshine79...that's why we love U, bitch! more reason 2 go down down south

Love ya guys


Apr 24 @ 12:22AM  
Fuck U, wtxman, U rummy bastard! Tell Ur mom she has 2 get her shit and get the fuck out of my house. And I don't want 2 catch her sneaking N2 the garage again, either!


Apr 24 @ 1:03AM  
Still here...and you can't make me leave (even if you tell me I don't belong here!)

Apr 24 @ 3:02AM  
I'm still here...too many panties ..not enough time

Apr 24 @ 5:30AM  
I was here but then I moved to the right so now I am are you really back or just teasing us again?

Apr 24 @ 6:29AM  
I think I'm here!

Apr 24 @ 8:56AM  
Still here

Apr 24 @ 10:31AM  
Here and I'm N 2 EVERYTHING.

Apr 24 @ 12:07PM  
Sorta here.. sorta there.. sorta kinda someplace.. close enuff for gubmint work?

Apr 24 @ 4:13PM  
You bet yer balls I'm still here.

Apr 24 @ 5:36PM  
Again DS you will have to get your facts straight: My mom passed away last August, so it must be someone elses muther. Maybe yours, and as you well know I've sworn off the booze and just pop the vicodin now,so there!!

Apr 24 @ 8:52PM  
Im still probably considered a newbie but im still around and kickin!! nice to see you back!

Apr 24 @ 9:13PM  
The lights are on but nobody is home--does that count? Yep still here although not as much as I used to be.

May 6 @ 1:30AM  
god damn christ in a side car you launche a bloggernaught! the comments may never fucking stop!

May 10 @ 11:33PM  
Im here .. or at least i think i am.

May 11 @ 3:21PM  
I'm here, dont know why though nobody ever responds!

May 11 @ 4:14PM  
Alive and present here.

May 11 @ 8:22PM  
Ok so we are all still here but where the hell are you? I knew you were just teasing us.

May 12 @ 12:56AM  
Don't U know being a tease iz one of the things I do best, jezz? U should. Give me a few hours alone with U and U will never 4get it again, dear!


May 19 @ 11:42AM  
Here...and there.....just got around to reading some past blogs that I missed while I was away on hiatus...long story.....might just blog about the good shit!

Glad to see you are still hanging out...


May 23 @ 4:31AM  
who does it like DS?

May 23 @ 4:32AM  
a month old blog

May 25 @ 1:15PM  
I am here, new and deeply wet and horny

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