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My Thoughts on Virginia Tech/ Politics of Plenty Of Fish & Angus

posted 4/21/2007 8:38:00 PM |
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No I have not gone to hospital yet, so yes still very sick. More if I get up. I feel not so bad if laying still. I don't want to go through a million tests:( AnyhowI want to say God bless the families and friends of those who lost angels who made their way to heaven this week when Cho shot up Virginia tech on monday. However I do have opinions that are not so popular with anyone. I have sat and watched a million memorials and they most made me cry. I think what the one teacher did should never be forgotten he was brave. The memorials I like best though are the one who included Cho, because yes I believe he too is a victim. A victim of so much and being victimized even more now. His family I can only imagine the pain they are going through listening to how everyone talks of their son. I am angry about how the media has tried to report on things they do not know but think they know and not just on what they know. Trying to make speculations. Also about making such a huge ordeal about the mental illness. Hello I am mentally ill does not mean I am gonna kill a school of people. In fact I am more a danger to myself then to others. I have a sharp tongue but that's all. I feel so bad for Cho also seen him named as Daniel. If you look at his video he looks tired, he looks sad, like he really didn't want to do this. I really do feel something or someone pushed him over that edge. Someone out there knows why this went this far and I hope your sorry ass hurts for what has happened. I have cried for Cho as much as I have cried for the victims. I do have to say though, hands down Virginia Tech has handeled this situation better than anything else I have ever seen. They are not acting like this is all they are. They have been strong and joined as one. Their community spirit is one that if the world could be like them would be a much better place. We could be a better world if we took a lesson from the people who were at the forfront of this situation. God bless you and your families. You are so strong and I adore your strength, I wish I had what you had, I wish we all did. God bless you!
Now my other issue right now is Plenty of fish not sure how all the other cities run on that site but Victoria seems to have alot of politics running on it. It is sad and disgusting. I am only on it just for kicks. Doug is on it and I think he is only on there to see how many more women he can piss off and hurt. He gets hurt by alot of women himself. So he has this thing with going to the gym so women will see him get built and be a god. I think he's fricken crazy it's making him sick not a god. He has become Mr.Popularity on there. Anyhow he makes one person feel like she is everything meanwhile he is telling someone else he is with her. So he has this "drunk" guys name Angus as his excuse for being an ass. I think it is crap because now quite a few people have been hurt and lied to. I agree I am one of them that has been lied to. I lost my glass slipper, told one thing when really the story was something else. I guess I should have known better. I mean Phil does the same thing all the time:( So now Angus is on this kick to break hearts all over POF and that works for him how? You would think one would learn a scorpio will always sting a scorpio especially if they feel your not giving them what they want, revenge is sweet I suppose :'( I am just not getting why I had to be hurt in the process...
As for the copycats since virginia tech, their out there. Look at the domestic shooting at Nasa yesterday and my middle daughter her school has had threats apparently of a shooting on the 25th. I mean that is so ridiculous and california had that one guy threatening to make VT look mild. He turned himself in. My heart goes out to the columbine families in their anniversaries.
Oh I did write down Dr.Demian Yakel who worked on alot of the VT patients in hospital damn he was a good looking doctor huh?
The convocation for virginia tech was beautiful and I watched the whole thing. Strong people and very well spoken and done. Also watched the candle memorial and cried when they sang we all need somebody to lean on.
I do want to say yeah for the law passed in the USA this week for further ahead fetusus no longer able to be aborted-yeah yeah yeah. Absolutely yes I agree.
I do want to say 2 Dr.Phil Shows got my attention-Anna Hogan needs to go to fricken hell leave Anna Nicole alone I think she is such a bitch putting out the book Train Wreck-life and death of Anna Nicole Smith she just wants money. grrr bitch
I also wanted to say the family who came on the show Wrongful punishment April 18/2007 the first family on with teen boys totally felt for them and have had that kinda stuff in my house. I was really into that show, thanks for sharing your story...

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My Thoughts on Virginia Tech/ Politics of Plenty Of Fish & Angus
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Apr 21 @ 8:58PM  
We were talking about this at work today, and I think you should have a license to own a gun just the way you have a license to drive a vehicle, there should be tests. Don't get me wrong I think if you want to own a gun that is your perogative, but I just don't think it should be so easy. Yes I know there would be ways around it and that there would still be no guarantees. Yet why make it so easy? I fell very sorry for that young mans family and yes for him also.

Apr 22 @ 10:23AM  
Be Warned... like you, I have a VERY strong opinion......

Feel sorry for Cho?? Anyone that wants me to do that can kiss my fat ass! I didn't feel sorry for him to begin with, but when all of the mental health issues started seeping out of the media, I only became more angry.

Just because you are mentally ill, doesn't give you any freakin justification at all to go and commit mass murder. If your damn life is so bad... take your own life, not the life of innocent people.

Now, I am sure that some of you think that I am just talking out my ass, and have no proof to back my opinion up... but you are the folks that are wrong! For the past five years, I have been raising my step sons, because their own biological mother (egg donor) gets pampered ect. because she is mentally ill. You name it, she has got it... more fucking labels than a damn pickle jar... so... because she is mentally ill, she is not even held responsible in the court of law for two beautiful children that she brought into this world. Oh hell no... the judge says that he can't count her disability check, and SSI as income, so therefore... she doesn't pay a damn dime on those children....

and worse yet.... I have seen these two little boys suffer and go through bullshit, because of what there mother did, and what she is..... they are the ones that now have to go through counseling, and cry in my arms because of her.... oh HELL no... at some point and time, the "mentally ill" (and yes, I use that term loosely) need to be held accountable for their actions.

Have any of you ever heard of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome (MBPS)? If not, do some research... here is a link

When I met these two little boys, they LOVED going to the doctor.... they LOVED going to the hospital.... the LOVED being sick... the bottom line is..... their psychotic mother made them this way.

And now there are several reports out there saying that Cho was diagnosed with autism at an early age, but because he had no health insurance, he couldn't get the care that he deserved.... again... BULLSHIT!.... my youngest son has high functioning autism, and so are you telling me that it would be okay for him to go on a shooting spree??? Hell no... if he didn't kill himself when he was done, I would personally turn him into authorities and he would accept his full punishment. Even with health care.... there is no medicine for autism...

Bottom line is this... when as a society are we going to stop making excuses for people who are "mentally ill", and let them lie in the bed that they have made for themselves??... and yes.... they have made this bed for themselves.....

i will get off my soapbox now, because I could just type and type for hours on this subject

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My Thoughts on Virginia Tech/ Politics of Plenty Of Fish & Angus