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Sittin' at the Kitchen Table again...

posted 4/19/2007 9:23:50 PM |
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So that's what Canu and I were doing earlier...sitting at the kitchen table talking. No...not about his dick, that was the other day!

We were talking about the span of events that have led up to this day. I was thinking about this earlier, we met, got to know each other via AMD and email, spent countless hours talking on the phone, fell in love with each other, bought a house and moved in together. All in less than 6 months! And with all the stress of our day to day lives, are still completely content and deliriously happy with each other. No fighting, no awkwardness...nothing! We can talk about anything or just sit with each other in silence.
I know...there may come a time when we actually disagree on may even come to an argument. But I look forward to that...isn't that what make-up sex is for?

I had a point to make here...

I guess I just like sharing the fact that this site really does work if you let it. Be yourself, let other people know you for who you are. Use humor whenever possible. And if you're interested in someone, pay attention. It's the little things that matter.

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Apr 19 @ 9:34PM  

Great post Sunny. Yes I have seen many here get together.
This is a great site.And that's good advise. kudo for you.

Apr 19 @ 9:36PM  
I am happy for you two. I also met my love online. I still sit and think about how we met, and it gives me goosebumps. That was 6 years ago, and I'm happier today than I've ever been. I wish you two a long and happy future together. ~Smiles~

Apr 19 @ 9:44PM  
And a finer pairing I could not find......*Sweeping Bow*

As the Elves say....
"love, laughter and sweet water." To you both unto the ends of time itself....

Apr 19 @ 10:51PM  
Great Blog Yes this site does work.

Apr 19 @ 11:01PM  
Sunny thank you for a great blog i have an idea why dont you and canu each do a blog that tells us what kind of things you said to each other when you first met here or what captured your attention of each other. Maybe you would give us all some great ideas and i wouldnt have to post anymore men dont email blogs LOL

kudos to both of you.

Apr 19 @ 11:08PM  
Very well said, and all the happiness to you both for life!! Enjoy each others love

Apr 19 @ 11:08PM  
I've found real love here several times! BELLE1010, Sunny-D, Canu, Dom, Giggl, Ponme, DK...the list goes on but y'all get the idea from my blog. (No offense intended to anyone not mentioned!!!)

I am so pleased to say that I was here to watch your relationship with Canu grow, so I know it's for real. I can't wait to come see both of you!!!

Apr 20 @ 12:34AM  
I'm very happy for the two of you, but all I can wonder is........when is it gonna be my turn? damnit!!!!!!

Apr 20 @ 12:52AM  
Here I thought you were going to mention other events lol....

Apr 20 @ 12:56AM  
I thought she was going to say she fed you key lime pie...

Apr 20 @ 7:09AM  
why dont you and canu each do a blog that tells us what kind of things you said to each other when you first met here or what captured your attention of each other.
Well...Canu thought I was a little 'crazy' at

You can go back...waaay back in the forums...and see the chasing *streamers flyin' in da wind*, spanking, flirtying and general debauchery that went on back then.
I guess the main thing that got my attention was the fact that he paid attention to little things and mentioned them long after I brought them up. Right from the beginning he sent me emails before signing off saying g'night and when we started talking on the phone he'd call every night and we'd talk for hours.

I think we both knew right from the beginning that we had a connection. Because of circumstances in both our lives at the time, we were afraid to do anything about it. We kept things light, fun and flirty...until our mutual friends started to notice and said "hey...just admit it!!"
I believe what we have together is very rare, and therefor very special. That's one reason I don't share the personal and intimate stuff. But the way this started is pretty much on the pages of this site...if you want to look for it. Yes...we both flirted with other people...I got handcuffed to a couch (and left there...thank you soverymuch!) and he was constantly humpin legs of the gals. But all I had to do to really get his attention is stop playing in the forums for a bit...and he got all "where'd she go?" hehe
I don't's early and I gotta go to work. Maybe I'll write a blog later.

Here I thought you were going to mention other events lol....

Ya mean like 'goodnight snugglies'?

Apr 20 @ 7:53AM  
Congrats Sunny!

Of course here, as well as anywhere, you have to watch for the people who PRETEND to be someone they're not. The boyfriend who just broke up with me was the most amazing man that I've ever met... for the first, I dunno, 3 weeks. And then he just, flat out changed... and I asked him what happened and he said that the first 3 weeks he was being who I wanted him to be.... but that it took too much effort so he stopped. He doesn't understand how I can be happy all the time, always see the positive side of things and how I'm all bubbly and want to help everyone....

So, to all you men... what you see with me is what you get.... just be yourselves - don't put on an act because you're "hoping" this chick could be the one...

sorry for babbling, but thanks for listening

Apr 20 @ 9:09AM  
Congratulations Sunny!! It is so refreshing to hear people expressing their happiness, and good sound advice. Happy to know that this site worked for you, and hope it does for all who are sincere in what they seek.

Apr 20 @ 1:51PM  
May I say I'm soo very happy for you, yet envious at the same time???? Much luck to the two of you!!!

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Sittin' at the Kitchen Table again...