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Trust or not to trust on AMD....

posted 4/19/2007 7:20:11 PM |
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I still can't see why so many people on here do not have pics. Even if you might get recognized, you can still put a body pic on....even a fully clothed body pic would do for me. I just want to know that the person i'm chatting with isn't a 300 pound guy named Bubba from Jersey! If you DO NOT have a pic...please reply and tell us all....WHY NOT and why we should trust you?

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Apr 19 @ 7:26PM  
'Tis true, even in this day and age, some folks just don't own a digital camera. It can be a bit difficult to say, "Hey friend, can you come and take some shots of me with my ass out for AMD?"

Others might not be comfortable letting all of us pervs see them starkers or see them at all due to a variety of reasons.

Then there are the ones who ARE hiding something. Hard to tell them, though, without thourough investigation.

Apr 19 @ 7:34PM  
Even with a pic, how would you know? The only thing they could do is preserve your own fantasy. For all you know it could still be a 300 pound guy named Bubba.

Apr 19 @ 7:36PM  
Yeah, what Dominus said.

So many people on here steal series of pictures from places such as MySpace where one indivdual will have 50 pics. You never know.

Apr 19 @ 7:42PM  
Good question....I have a profile here with no pic yet, but my girl and I are still debating on what to place here, photowise. Since this is MY profile, it would be inappropriate to post a pic of US together. We are thinkin about deleting MY profile and creating a new one for US. What do u think?

Apr 19 @ 7:42PM  
I took mine down when I realized I didn't have time to hang here as much as I had been and wanted to cut down on the 'wannaf*cks', it's your choice whether or not to trust me. You also never know if the photo seen in a profile is actually of the person on the other end of the web. Many times it's not.

Just like real life.. you really can't tell if the mask that you are being shown is actually the person inside. I guess what I am trying to say is that trust should be earned through contact.

Why should I be trusted? Too many people know exactly who I am and where I live.

Apr 19 @ 7:45PM  
If I'm asked I send a pic... women have asked me for a pic and I duly sent them one... I can't see the problem with not having a pic... perhaps like me others also only want to reveal themselves to a select few.

Apr 19 @ 7:49PM  
I've met men who posted pics from 10 years ago and looked nothing like what they showed me. What's more, I can tell you for a fact that there have been men on here posing as women with a woman's picture...So, you see, a pic is only as good as the person who posts it.

People who have been here for a while know what I look like; I used to have several face pics up but took them down when I left and changed screen names. Now, I have a pic pending, but it's not a face pic - does it really make that much of a difference?

When I first joined, I was recognized by one of my son's friends. Egad! That really freaked me out...and not so long ago, my boss's (oops, former boss) son found me here. Sometimes, there are very legit and good reasons for not posting a pic. But, many people have them to share. I do! ;)

Apr 19 @ 7:51PM  
Like everyone here has said, just cause there is a pic up doesn't mean that it is the correct one of the person you are responding with. The only person I need to trust me is Loveyou, and I know that he does. I am not here to lie about who I am, but I sure wouldn't want friends, family or co-workers to see me here, that alone with a nude pic. I think trust comes with the more you talk with someone and correspond with them the more you come to trust what they say and who they are. If you get that gut feeling something is not right, you should go with your instincts.


Apr 19 @ 7:59PM  
There are probally a lot of nice women on this site that do not have pics. that is a shame because I probally won't contact any of them. Quick thought: would any of the people on here be willing to give out their myspace address to "verify" (at least somewhat) who they are?

Apr 19 @ 8:04PM  
Quick thought: would any of the people on here be willing to give out their myspace address to "verify" (at least somewhat) who they are?

I'm not sure if that'll verify anything, but I would. 'Cept, I don't have one. I do, however, have a Yahoo 360 page... wanna see? ;)

Apr 19 @ 8:11PM  
Personally... i don't like to talk to people without pics... i just like to have a face (that's right, face, not penis) to picture when i'm talking to someone... whether its email or phone ore whatever.

I don't care if anyone recognizes me.... obviously, if they're on here... they're here for the same reason, so no shame on my end.

But, as far as the wanna fuck emails... bring it... i don't reply, but if you want to send them...s end them all you want! LOL

Apr 19 @ 8:15PM  
"Hey friend, can you come and take some shots of me with my ass out for AMD?"

I did just that!!
No really...I asked my friend Charlie, who used to be a member here if she would take some pics of me (clothed!) so I could post them on here...and she did!

Apr 19 @ 8:26PM  
trust me dude...........that is my ass..........

Apr 19 @ 8:35PM sure why the hell not? Even though you are too young for me.. but hell it's not anything to hide...

Apr 19 @ 8:40PM  
I have nothing to hide either, but i choose to give my web space addresses and private emails to those i choose doesnt mean i have something to hide just means im a private person but ask yourself if you were blind would there be anybody that you would trust. a person is more than how they look, its how they write, how they feel (i mean emotional wise not the touchy feely type LOL) you might be missing out alot by someone who has been on here and for some reason has chosen not to put a pic up. write to them and ask them why it might just strike up a conversation good things come to those who wait!!!

Apr 19 @ 8:55PM

don't want to be a hypocrite!

Apr 19 @ 11:43PM  
trust me dude...........that is my ass

Good one SUMDAY.

And yes, that IS my eyeball.

Apr 20 @ 1:50AM  

Apr 20 @ 1:54AM  
I oughta post another pic with a different chord just to prove I didn't super-glue my left hand to the fretboard ... lmao.

Apr 20 @ 2:08AM  
ya'll still up? damn....and i thought I had problems

Apr 20 @ 2:15AM  
YEA!...I thought that was a fradgulent cord!!!

Apr 20 @ 3:18AM  
I don't think the picture thing is that big of a deal. If you are truely interested in getting to know someone, ask them for a pic, they will usually happily oblige!

Apr 20 @ 6:39AM  
Responses on AMD have nothing to do with pics. Face it this is all a dream world where people come to fulfill a fantasy which can never be fulfilled. I have gotten more responses from people when there was no pic as I have had with pics.But then it could be the content of the blogs I have written. There is no such thing as sex on AMD it is just a front to get people here.

Apr 20 @ 10:00AM  
I have a myspace but I don't give it out to everyone..I also have to watch what I do put on there as my oldest daughter is on my friend list and she sees my profile....

Apr 20 @ 10:56AM  
Well trusting me or not is your decision but I have tried and tried to put a pic up with my profile and I can't get it done. I keep getting a message that says the picture is to small. At least I hope they are talking about the picture. I have taken so many damned pictures that I have about wore out my camera and it keeps saying they are to small. I finally just said fuck it and let it go. What do you need a picture the size of a billboard? Anyway that's why I don't have a pic posted. Has anyone else had that problem?

Apr 20 @ 11:39AM  
But JJ I miss your black pussy pic!!!

Apr 21 @ 2:37AM  
Boot i got to pet her black pussy!!! Yeah i have a myspace page, if you want my id i would be happy to send it to you, i'm not going to post it here.

May 1 @ 11:50AM  
Who's to say that the pic's people post on here, are actually the person you are talkin too anyways...........I can honestly say i wonder about some on here!!!! But i'm not judging anyone.................I can promise you mine are 100% ME !!!!!!!!

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