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posted 4/19/2007 10:28:52 AM |
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So, tell me, what have I missed? My star magazine didn't come this week. Is Britney still bald and crazy? Is Larry Birkhead still the father? Is Nicole Richie ever going to go to jail?Now, that is REAL gossip. I really get annoyed when people say there's gossip on here. No way! I don't believe it. Hell, real gossip get's press coverage. Real gossip is about people who really matter. Real gossip is something that leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat. lolololol.

I'm going to take a wild guess right NOW and say 1/2 of the views I get are from nosey people that want to see who done wrong on AMD. As far as I can see, it's another beautiful day. Nothing too exciting has happened, and NO ONE has made themselves worth mentioning. If ya'll want some gossip, than someone do something stupid really quick and we'll all blog about it. If you want some good gossip than someone drop a hint about who screwed who, or another annoying "troll" that just can't seem to keep away from this site even after they made a big production when they left the 1,000,000th time.

Love you guys! Peace & Ink. Be good, be fair, and play nice!

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Apr 19 @ 10:35AM  
just call me Bunny da' reporter..i'll go scout ya out some gossip to dish to da' fans' ma'am

Apr 19 @ 10:37AM  
psst...did you hear? Sunny screwed Canu...and he liked it!

oh yea...and Sxze's back too, but under a new name! How's that for gossip?

Apr 19 @ 10:38AM  
We cannot deny the readers of AMD, it is our responsibility to keep things interesting. LOLOLOL.

*shhhh* If you have to go ahead and make some shit up, that'll really liven things up around here.


Apr 19 @ 10:43AM  
Sunny screwed Canu...and he liked it!

"i heard she was faking it.....''


Apr 19 @ 10:45AM  
lmao! Poor Sunny. lol.

Apr 19 @ 10:57AM  
oh damn! I better be quick to dispell that rumor...I DON'T FAKE IT!! Really, it's hard to fake it when you giggle.

Apr 19 @ 10:58AM  
ya GOTTA miss her wit^^^^ '' you go SunnyD!!!!!"

Apr 19 @ 1:03PM  
Who the F%$K cares? Looking at it from a lot of angles, I still have to decide that pop music and culture is generally negligible.

The Ramones were founded in 1974 and were at the forefront of a music ideal. The "three chord limit" concept took music as a whole in a new direction and even though they haven't had a performance since 1996 it's probable that they will be remembered for their contribution.

The Rolling Stones and the Beatles were founded in 1962 and 1957 respectively. While the stones are still playing, their greatest contribution will be the idea of the "British Invasion" and the groundwork it set for the future of music. People still know who they are forty years after their "time", and their music is still enjoyed by large masses of people.

Wolfgang Mozart died in 1791, and even with attempts to discredit him and his music, his work still persists to this day and is not only frequently appreciated but it's often "recognized" by people who know nothing about him. 400 years later and the man still has a fan base.

On the other hand, virtually no one remembers the Spice Girls. Anyone remember who Deadeye Dick or Rednex were? How about Maureen McGovern? Anyone remember who she is without looking it up? Yeah, I'm just exploring the music venue here, but think it illustrates my purpose.

Pop is disposable culture. It has no purpose other than to waste your time and fill a shareholder's pockets. The only think I like buying that I know I'm going to be throwing away soon is toilet paper.

Apr 19 @ 1:58PM  
Anybody remember that song "Undercover Angel"? I used to love that song!

**looks around sees no one paying attention and slinks away thinking i musta done somethin stoopid...**

Apr 19 @ 3:59PM  
I remember Maureen McGovern did the theme song for Towering Inferno but darned if I remember what the song was now.........

Apr 20 @ 7:48AM  
I remember Maureen McGovern did the theme song for Towering Inferno but darned if I remember what the song was now.........

Jezz, are you thinking about "The Morning After"? If so, that was from the Poseidon Adventure. That's the only thing that came to my mind.

Oh yes, DarkKnight and TMarkert both returned yesterday, too!

Apr 20 @ 7:50AM  
"We May Never Love Like This Again"
Written by Al Kasha, Joel Hirschhorn
Performed by Maureen McGovern

I got it - this is the song from Towering Inferno - I stand corrected!

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