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Help! Too young for AMD?

posted 4/18/2007 2:23:53 AM |
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So...I've been thinking. Am I too young to be trying to use Adult Match Doctor? I mean...I'm 22 years old and am surrounded by the filled bars, pumping night clubs, and insanely beautiful women of a college campus in upper Chicago. What am I doing on here? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I've grown incredibly shy about approaching girls, which sucks because I didn't used to be like that. Seems like an internet site like this would be the perfect solution for a guy like me...although it doesn't seem to being working out that way. I'd almost venture to say that the average age of female users on the site are late 20's/early 30's and up. Which is by no means a bad fact I will admit being a bit curious about older women. But.....seems like I might be a youngin' in the cyber world of AMD. Any comments, questions, whines, bitches, moans, and exclamations are welcome. : )

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Apr 18 @ 2:31AM  
hi might want to check out the blog from earlier tonight by sumdaysoon
he's taken the list of AMD ladies by age and shows just how many there are in each age group. Might help you decide.....

Apr 18 @ 2:31AM  
If you read down a little further in the blogs, you'll see that another guy on this site had a lot of time on his hands and went through all the women on the site and tallied up the numbers of the various ages posted. Yes, it does look like the majority of the women here are older than you...but, if I recall from his 'survey', most are in from the mid 30's to mid 40's. Are you too young? Only you can decide that.

Apr 18 @ 2:31AM  
Dont worry you'll age fast waiting for a date on this site


Apr 18 @ 2:34AM  
haha. Thanks for the comments. I actually wrote this blog post some time ago but there was a connection issue with AMD so I saved it and just happened to repost it tonight. I'll check into the survey you mentioned. Thanks! : )

Apr 18 @ 2:40AM  
Sooooo, you're curious about older women huh? Had any memorable experiences???

Apr 18 @ 2:42AM  
Well.....I did meet a 25 year old gal from Africa on my way to New York which led to an interesting evening the next day....but other than that.....only one.

Apr 18 @ 2:44AM  
You're older than me.
Depends what you're looking for I suppose.

Apr 18 @ 2:55AM  
Dude, I share your sentiments exactly. Replace Chicago with San Diego and 22 with 20. Couple the older demographic with a general distrust of strangers that goes with internet dating, and you have what could be a frustrating situation for younger people on this site. I think once I hit 21 I'm going to get some confidence, clear up my acne, get rid of my shirt tan, and start going to clubs. Some hair gel and designer clothes might be in order , which is regrettable. This is only if nothing happens on here by then.

At times I'm also inspired to quit the pursuit of females entirely and devote energies to other things. With the time I would spend trying to gradually develop relationships with the opposite sex - which is usually what it takes - I could be doing something else with immediate results for myself, like reading a book or working out.

I hope this thing resolves for you.

Apr 18 @ 3:32AM  
Mostly it depends on what you're looking for, just a fling, a long term commited relationship, or something entirely different. That's the only way you can determine what age is too old.

I've been intimate with one man significantly younger than me, and would i do it again? With that particular person, yes. It doesn't have anything to do with his age, it's more to do with personality, humor, and i had a really good time with him.

Everyone's viewpoint on age is different, what's yours?

Apr 18 @ 3:37AM  
Oh, I've heard about you, Mr. Cheerio! BTW, my very favorite cereal...with a banana, of course!

Apr 18 @ 3:47AM  
Hehehe... Heard about me? Uh oh. Can't let all that hot talk about me just float anywhere. Gals might be lining up at my door and then what would I do? Gosh. Probably get bashful and only dream of meeting someone with eyes as great as yours. hahahaha Oh yeah...cheerios, whether it be me or the cereal, rock entirely. My favorite cheerios concoction is definitely cheerios, banana, cranberries, raisins, and marshmallows.

Apr 18 @ 3:51AM  
one of the reasons I joined this site is because I've always had a fantasy about having a fling with an older woman. I figured I can't just go out to a bar and hit on older women(if theres a way to do this please tell me ) but i guess its all in what you want. If you feel like you can't find the age range you want then maybe you're not in the right place?

Apr 18 @ 3:51AM  
Sooooo Looking what did you hear?????

Apr 18 @ 3:55AM  
Hmmm.....Yes....Looking....What did you hear? (stretches out the tin cans joined by string to be classic walkie-talkies and hands one to Looking)

Apr 18 @ 4:10AM  
I would have to say that my fascination of being with an older woman is the idea that she is likely more experienced than I am and could probably teach me an additional thing or two about really treating a women's body right. Plus, what better ego booster is there than being able to significantly pleasure her with a few hidden talents. haha Kinda like, if an older woman surely remembers being with you then someone less experienced will probably be passing out in bliss. Older women can be a challenge. hehehe

Apr 18 @ 4:15AM  
Well, let's see...the was the tale of the fantastic foot massage...and, to steal a line from "My Best Friend's Wedding", "He sure can kiss...". The rest? You'll have to figure a way to get that from me...

Apr 18 @ 4:23AM  
Ha! She plays the cunning wild card! Well, of course there are numerous ways of getting information out of people...some which are quite dreadful, and others....a tad more...tantalizing. I suppose you could pick your "poison" or maybe just trust me to pick one suitable for our circumstance. hehehe

Apr 18 @ 6:54AM  
Honestly, I don't think you would have a difficult time here. You obviously have a wonderful personality. Good luck in your venture and I am sure you will meet some fantastic friends along the way.

Apr 18 @ 8:53AM  
dude, if you can open up to women/ people on here, you can do it in the real world. you possess the gift of gab, just do it. there's a million billion womens out there, if one doesn't like what you present, move on to the next. even if all the women at Northwestern are brighter than you, they still want men in their life. if you see someone you like, smile and say hello. look 'em in the eyes when you talk to 'em. if y'all don't click, move along to the next.the north side of chicago is filled with lovely women; just make it a point to go meet some. way too many weirdos on the internet to get it done. the internet's for flirting, the real world is for dating. I M H O DISCLAIMER: troll detector reading elevated on boyblu

Apr 18 @ 9:40AM  
I'm 20 so you definitely aren't too young to be here! :)

Apr 18 @ 10:00AM  
There are a few 'younger' guys on this site who actively participate (i.e. blogging, jumping in the forums, ect...) instead of just sending out the cut-and-paste or 'wannafuck' emails at random and hoping to catch a bite. They've learned over time that getting the ladies attention by being themselves is the best way to meet people on this site.

You're off to a good already have the attention of a few of the ladies on here!
Good Luck!

Apr 18 @ 11:31AM  
Hi there - if it makes you feel any better... I'm 22... I think the adult dating sites are fun... if you meet someone worthwhile, GREAT, if not, no big deal... but keep on keepin on brotha! :o)

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Help! Too young for AMD?