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Everyone that has read my others please read this

posted 4/17/2007 8:56:44 AM |
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Ok I'm a big enough man to admit when I have been wrong. Ladies I was basing my assumption about the number of e-mails you get on the number my wife gets. If everyone only gets a couple a day or on days none at all I did not see why a "no thanks" was that unreasonable. I now understand that some of you get slammed and those women I completely apologize to now.

I do want it noted that I never complained about not getting action or that no one likes me even that my candy got dirty. Only that I thought it was rude the way some women come to a site advertised as being a sex site and then not even saying no thanks to guys that take the time to write them. Again I did not realize the bulk of the mail you ladies get. I was wrong.

I think what it gets right down to is that at times I feel like women do not think men have feelings. Alot of you have replied here or e-mailed me and told me over and over that you get e-mails that are "wanna fuck" types or that they are short e-mails. Granted that happens. But as per the short e-mails that are not "wanna fuck" and for the longer ones that are well worded, try to remember that there is a guy(or girl) on the other end that has feelings and fears rejection the same as anyone else but he still tried to contact you nicely and put his ego on the line. Being ignored hurts more then you might know.

I personally play as a form of release of stress. There are never less then 4 children in my home at any time and sometimes there are more for short periods. Some of these children have problems and stress can build up. So I play when I can and it helps me chill out.

That said I am not looking for a pity fuck so keep reading.

I know I'm not a great looking guy. I do not claim to be and my description of myself in my profile is pretty much on. I know when I send out e-mails the odds of me finding someone willing to play is remote. Again I do not have a problem with this. All I wanted was to be seen as a person that has feelings and maybe a few words in reply even if it is "Thanks for looking at my profile and it really made me happy that someone liked it enough to reply. But right now I'm not really interested. Good luck with your search." Or something even shorter like "Thanks but not interested at this time."

Then add on top of that I had a really shitty weekend and I snapped with the blog things. If I offended anyone I'm really sorry. It was not my intentions. I actually never expected anyone to even read what I was writing and then when I got slammed with "your a jerk" type e-mails....well you get the idea.

In a nut shell I'm a person with emotions that was only trying to blow off some steam and got a few people upset. I never meant to and maybe this site is not for me. Take care and remember to feed the puppies(something from my myspace blogs )

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Apr 17 @ 9:01AM  
I agree with what you said and I'm glad you have an understanding......but don't forget the guys who use a pre-saved memo, like a copy and paste. I get those alot. It's a page full of off the wall bullshit, made to look like it was written just for you.....LOL

Apr 17 @ 9:10AM  
you might, if nothing else, find some of the fun play you seek in the forums.....try it..ya might like it.......

Apr 17 @ 9:28AM  
I thank you for taking the time to consider the situation and apologize! But I have to agree with Sunshine too. It was only a couple of weeks ago that at least 1/2 dozen of us (that we know of) got the same cut and paste bullshit ridden loooong message about angels crying! For a long time if I didn't find a profile interesting I would send a quick no thanks, good luck in your search. 9 out of 10 times I got nasty replies over those as well. So while some women may be rude in not answering, some men are just nasty about it when you do!

Apr 17 @ 9:33AM  
Ahhhhhhhh Teddy.... You aren't a "jerk". A mite frustrated with a "system" that appears to "work" for everyone else? That one I will give you hands down.

On the children note... I will trade you if all you have is 4.

Apr 17 @ 9:55AM  
I salute you. Its hard for anyone to admit they are human and you putting this blog on shows that you are. Of course, no one likes rejection but rejection would be if someone wrote to you and said, YOU, NO F#*^ing WAY MAN! not just by answering your email. By the way if anyone sends you an email like that, i would be more inclined to figure thier lost not rejection.

The fact that you came back and explained the situation makes you even more human.

But dont leave. Post Blogs. Thats how people get to know you. Just remember everyone has a right to an opinion and you need to realize not everyone will agree with you and that if your going to post to keep some (me, for example) from getting really irritated i would suggest, (of course,it is totally up to you) on automatic approval. You also need to learn to not take it personal when someone doesnt agree with you.


Have a nice day.

Apr 17 @ 2:44PM  
Hey TB4 You got me 100% on free sex & swingers -but you don't believe everything that's advertised now do you. I've got some breath mints that will increase your sexual intimate twofold!

It is a free site. Think most bloger are pretty free mined. (Some of us don’t scroll up to the header much any more though –lol). I’d have to say Bentan had the best male come back for your previous blog. Hey yes agree rejection hurts, would be nice to get a reply back on every email . I’ve even got one –you’re a pervert cause of the erotic chat –that wasn’t wanted. Get to know me first still apply there too-get her mind into it first. If emails not read, I take it as no interest. If read-sometime look at what I said and re-read the profile—gage if should or shouldn’t send a second. But three strikes still hold true. I Sometimes read then leave. I’d say I’m also on here as stress relief. Well not as much as 4 kids like you though. Sometimes have the normal date in the week and w/o asking but reading get some insight. Try it for awhile if you want something different understand but what they advertise usually cost and you get to collect all sorts of pix and still have not interaction with other people.

Apr 17 @ 4:47PM  
I'll pass the salt, it helps the taste of humble pie. I've had to admit to being wrong a time or three too.

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Everyone that has read my others please read this