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Why are people on this and other swingers sites so fake?

posted 4/16/2007 11:24:06 AM |
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tagged: tease, women, fakes, false advertising

You look at profiles all day saying they are looking for some fun or that they are up for anything or some other "come play with me" remarks but then when you e-mail them they never reply. Not even a "sorry not interested". Women love to bitch that all guys ever want them for is sex yet they will put that they want sex and are kinky about it in their profiles. Just come right out and say what you want and when someone offers it to you at least talk to them about it. Why be so rude?

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Why are people on this and other swingers sites so fake?


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Apr 16 @ 11:31AM  

Maybe it's the way in which you put your emails ?
People do not want to get a first email telling what
you want to do to or with them. The so called
Wanna fuck emails. They want a little respect,
and get to know you a little first.

Apr 16 @ 11:36AM  
Totally agree! This is probably the worse site for women who are just here for the games and being a tease. And people pay for this "service'?Been here 3 weeks and nothing...Wait, there was one.....I'll get back to you when I get my schedule. Not a word since. And you are right when you email someone and get nothing but dead air. Ladies, if you're not interested, just say so! Most of you are always "boo hooing" that there are not decent men out there. WE ARE HERE! Give us a chance! You have no idea what you are missing!

Apr 16 @ 11:50AM  
I agree with you. I think a lot of women just come on to talk or to build their ego to see how many men would be interested in them. Just to see I wrote 40 at one time. I got answers from one or two never heard from the rest. The ones that did answer was bitching about me being married. This is an adult site if they are not wanting sex and to have a good time they need to get on the plain matchdoctor and leave this to the serous folks. I have never got any off this site of couse in west TN not many listed. I guess they are to prudish to even put up and add.

Apr 16 @ 11:51AM  
Most women aren't interested in married men. Deleting mails may be their way of saying 'no.' Saying 'not interested' usually gets a nasty reply.

Apr 16 @ 12:41PM  
I am an average woman on this site... I wouldn't get involved with a married man on a BET as anything other than friends without talking to his WIFE first. Send me SOMETHING so that I can verify that (a) she KNOWS what you are doing and (b) she doesn't CARE and we can *discuss* something beyond friendship IF there is anything to discuss.

I delete emails that are less than 100 words unless they are comments to one of my blogs. I don't even bother reading them so WHY would I bother wasting my time bothering to reply to them. If you don't have the creativity necessary to come up with (on average) 5 flipping lines of email... I don't have the TIME necessary to bother answering your sorry butt.

Apr 16 @ 12:54PM  
For you men who seem to think us women arent real first off all go and read the blogs its getting kinda stupid to continue to blog these when the answer is already here but people are to lazy to look at the blogs. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY AND I DONT CARE IF ITS BEEN SAID BEFORE CAUSE I AM DA MAN!!

No, we dont answer alot of our emails. Personally I dont have the want or time to. I dont answer emails that are from people from other states I am never going to have opportunity to meet, I dont answer wanna fuck and basically if i havent seen you posting on here where your not being a little bitch girl saying "why wont anybody have sex with me" Im not going to answer your letters.

And although I am not going to speak for all the women, for me great sex is more than just hooking up with a stranger and fucking his brains out. And to be honest alot of the men i have seen here fucking the brains out would take very little time.

We have REAL MEN on this site who have written blogs themselves telling you guys that woman are tired of the bullshit.

You want a woman to have a no strings affair with great im sure there are some out there, I dont want a relationship but in the same respect I would at least like to know his name and get to know him somewhat.

THis is a scarey world and personally some men on here are pretty fucking scarey.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Get over yourself just because we are on this site doesnt mean we are desperate and hook up with anyone who offers.

Treat us with decency, respect read our profiles PAY ATTENTION TO THINGS LIKE:
not looking for a man
not looking for someone married
not looking for a one night stand
Not looking for a Neanderthal

if we dont answer you than move on stop taking it personal. if everyone was attracted to the same people we would be nothing more than animals.

Apr 16 @ 2:04PM  
I tried replying nicely and saying no thank you and not interested and I got back nasty comments so I just don't reply to the ones I am not interested in now..I shouldn't have to get those kinds of replys when I am being nice and poilte...By the way not all women on this site say they are kinky and want sex and blah blah...I don't beleive my profile says any of that....I am very honest about what I am looking for but people tend to not read my profile and / or ignore it....

Apr 16 @ 5:14PM  
In the past when I was still doing the whole email thing I would read profiles/essays carefully and write well-worded mails to women I found interesting. I'm not married and my essays are thoughtfully crafted. My findings have been that the majority don't reply, although they do take the time to view my profile (that was at a time when free members could still know who viewed them). I've had very interesting conversations and made friends with the few that did reply. Still my point is that for a lot of cases, if they ain't interested they ain't gonna reply no matter what you do.

Am posting this perspective to keep the discussion a little bit more balanced because a lot of people seem to assume that when a no-reply situation occurs it must be because the mail was of the wannafuck type or some one-liner. Not always. Fact is lots of people just don't bother with courtesy even when the mail was a courteous one. But it is not difficult to understand: if you got a couple of hundred mails per day you too would be picking and choosing which ones to reply to.

Apr 16 @ 9:20PM  
Dude, do you realize how much mail women get on these sites? There are many times more men here than women. Women are picky, because they can be with the amount of men who contact them.

Apr 17 @ 8:55AM  
Who said this was a “swingers” site? Yeah sure some swing to the left or right in your face here. Some you have to wonder if they’ve had sex yet or are an adult yet. Is there a difference? For the most part, think that this is an adult dating site because we’ve all been disappointed with what catch out just normal dating. We know our desires and fantasy, they’re not hidden down deep until a month after a few dinner dates. Then get the brush off cause she’s realizing you don’t fit her life but you want the step up.

If she’s timid or kinky, or has nightlife with kids planned- might come out with a few questions here. Might find she's not anything you'd want past that purty smile. Also, some of us have done that dating till get to the unwrapping and found wasn’t the same picture in your mind that turns up. If that’s gonna be a turn off then why not start knowing about it with a peek show? It’s not saying your hot to trot for everyone cause you post a naked pix. (Well, yeah guess could be some really steamy ones–lol).

Apr 21 @ 4:22PM  
I think a lot of women are on here to stroke their egos or have a fantasy life. Very few seem to be interested in meeting for sex, even with she single men.

As for not responding to am email, unless its obviously spam or a "mass mailing" is just plain rude! A "no thank you" is fine but at least give a basic explanation. That way they know that you took time to read the email and didn't accidentally delete it. Then if the keep mailing block them (I think you can do that on here).

Back to the main subject, many people on here are looking for mails and chat, but check everything else because its there or there is some distant chance that some day someone they email/chat with may meet for coffee, hiking, biking or even (gulp) sex! so they check those options (since we all know that that could never happen unless they are checked), and some don't know what they checked, (devout christian,virgin, saving themselves for marriage....and looking for an intimate encounter, er, yeah)

Also since this site is "anonymous" many times you are only words on a page and have no emotions, feelings, personality, So you can be treated any way they want without remorse, or the way that they would like to treat others in real life but the retaliation would be unbearable.

In other words most of the people on most of these sites are only avatars for real people and by definition fake!

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Why are people on this and other swingers sites so fake?