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Comments are welcome......or are they?????

posted 4/15/2007 7:17:45 PM |
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OMG. I'm really kinda new to the blog thing here on AMD, but I have to say, I'm beginning to get a little bit paranoid about whether to comment or not on any of them. Several times today, I've started to post a comment, then decided against it....hmmm, if I do comment will I just be creating drama? Will someone take my comment the wrong way? Some seem to be so sensitive about it, yet others seem to take them with good humor and good taste. I'm not sure who is who yet...I'm so confused . I'm not one of the most tactful people in the world and willingly admit that I have a problem with that little filter thingy between my mouth and my brain....well, more than a filter thingy is broken! heh. So I'm sure I would and have offended someone out there! Do I really care? Probably not as much as you'd think I should.

So, in all this rambling, I'm not sure if there's a point....but I will say that I filter no comments........or do I????????

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Comments are welcome......or are they?????
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Apr 15 @ 7:28PM  
Lol, I say fuck em all and let God sort them out .....say what you want and if someone gets pissy about it then let them run off their mouths crying about it, then let their friends come to support them by attacking you, then let all of AMD polarize with one side supporting your right to voice your opinion and the other side condeming you for voicing an "offensive" opinion. Then after a few days, or maybe even less now, the technique has been perfected here because of practice, eveything will return to normal until someone else is PMSing. But thats just my humble opinion.....or is it?

Apr 15 @ 7:32PM got it going on girl!!!


Apr 15 @ 7:38PM  
yeah what cutie says, people think im a whore cause of what i blog, haha if i was a whore i wouldnt be on a website id be on a street corner lmao, pay no mind too them!

Apr 15 @ 7:47PM  
yeah what cutie

who cares if your having fun and not being too rude to someone

Apr 15 @ 7:53PM  
This would be a dull place if it wasn't for a little drama at times.

Apr 15 @ 7:53PM  
My take: speak the truth with politeness. If someone still chooses to get angry and immature about it, then they are guilty of creating drama, not you. Bottomline: you are not responsible for other people's behavior, just your own.

Apr 15 @ 7:56PM  

Just do whatever makes YOU happy. If they don't like it or agree with it ?
I would say it's their problem and not yours. Just don't bother to argue
with them, move on and forget them. You'll have more fun.

Apr 15 @ 8:15PM  
ed zachary as i filter.......or is there????????

Apr 15 @ 8:18PM  

i almost choked on my diet dew while reading your comment!!!!

Apr 15 @ 8:45PM  
Say what you want...if they don't like it they'll either respond or delete your comment. And if they delete can always just write your own blog about it! I've done it many times!
As for 'filters'...yea, mine have been seriously lacking today. Not here, on another popular site (500,000,000+ members and counting!!). Once again I let my temper get the better of me and left a comment on someone's blog that probably would've been better left alone...or at least sent as an email. Ah well...such is the life of an irish red-head!

Apr 15 @ 9:05PM  
Hey girl, voice your opinion as the person you are. Don't worry about what others think. You have the right to be here just as anyone does. Good blog! I support you.

Apr 15 @ 9:17PM  
Be yourself and comment away! You'll figure out who is who pretty quickly that way. My "thingy"(as you call it) is broken as well. I tend to be abrasive at times. But, what can I say? It's who I am.
I avoid typing a lot of comments that come to mind. But, sometimes, I just HAVE to! I use sarcasm and, some, don't take that well. They read meaning into every word.
That's the differance between the internet and face-to-face meetings. Even businesses are scheduling time for actual "meet-n-greet" time. Either via phone or in person. They found doing business fulltime via email causes problems in the infrastructure.
You'll do fine! It just takes a bit of getting used to.

Apr 15 @ 9:30PM  
i almost choked on my diet dew while reading your comment!!!!

my job is finished here.....on to the next blog thingy........

Apr 15 @ 10:10PM  
Some days it's like a soap opera, other days it is a diatribe of others blasting what is being said, and others, well you know how it goes around here. Keep on Bloggin, as you have done fine in the past and don't let the others try and damage your filter any further, as it looks fine with me.

Apr 15 @ 11:41PM  
lin i know for sure u have no filter

Apr 15 @ 11:48PM  
lmao don't go tellin any of my secrets

Apr 16 @ 1:47PM  
oh dont worry about the drama ,go ahead and comment to anything you feel like,we are all adults,even if some people dont act like it on here.just remember,opinions are like assholes,everybodies got one.

Apr 16 @ 6:06PM  
hi babby how are you ive been looking for some one like you hot and sexy

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Comments are welcome......or are they?????