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Random Thoughts and Scattered Ideas XI (Part One of as many as it fucking takes)

posted 4/15/2007 1:19:47 AM |
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tagged: whig

Nothing 2 worry about...just a peek N2 the Mind of a Madman

Yeah, well I’m still offline, which means I haven’t a clue what iz really going on around here. I’m just making this shit up as I go. So...that means it iz pretty much business as usual...

Ok...I’m all 4 maintaining the integrity of the shit I write here, but even I think that a nine-part blog iz maybe just a little bit 2 fucking much. I really had no fucking clue it wuz going 2 end up that long when I had the brilliant idea 2 write it in the first place. If I had known U can bet I would have started it at #191 so that it finished up on #200. Apparently the 7,000+ word count wuzn’t a big enough clue. Sherlock Slippery Ur service...4 all Ur investigative needs, as well as some needs which may need some investigation, if U know what I mean...

Speaking of 200th blogs, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised 2 find out I 4got 2 mention someone really important. If I did I apologize, although I can’t say that I really mean it. U probably deserved it. We are, after all, masters of our own destiny, and who am I 2 question The Fates? I just report the news; I don’t make the shit up. Unless there’s no news 2 report, but that goes without saying...

So far I have had three brave souls volunteer 2 become the subjects of my new piece, which means there are only 21 spots left, ladies! Better jump on it if U want 2 be immortalized through art. Remember, this one won’t show any faces, so U can maintain Ur anonymity if U’d like. If U are interested, hit me up and I will email U back with the specifics. If U aren’t interested, well fuck it 4gotten. It’s no sweat off my balls, lady. Who knows, maybe one of Ur offspring will become a serial killer or something and U’ll be remembered anyway. Whatever U do, just don’t give up the dream. That’s all I’m asking...

BTW, kudos go out 2 Looking4ever, belle1010 and dixxxbitch 4 having the cajones 2 just go ahead and trust my vision. I know how dangerous that must seem, but all three of these bitches were down from Jump Street. That’s what I like the most about U motherfuckers...U are just fucking fun!

I haven’t been able 2 read anyone else’s blogs in I don’t know how long. That’s one of the drawbacks 2 not being internet access. I’m working on it, I swear. Right now negotiations are stalled, however. They keep getting hung up over the whole payment issue. Fuck...if I hadda known they were going 2 be like this over the fucking money, I wouldn’t have gotten N2 this shit 2 begin with. Do I look like I need the fucking stress? But since I’m dealing with it anyway, I guess I’ll pay the fucking bill and be done with it. That means U can stop fucking whining like a little bitch Pudge2you, I’ll be stealing Ur material B4 U know it...

As I am sure U are all aware, I am a student of the Human Condition. I like 2 know what the fuck, U know? Whenever I come across something I don’t understand I like 2 investigate the shit further. That way I can find out what the big fucking deal is. Make my mind up 4 myself, U know what I mean? Anyway, I’ve been tripping a lot on golden showers lately. I don’t get it. Why the fuck would U want someone 2 pee on U? seems mostly harmless, so I’m thinking about giving it a try. If anyone wants 2 try it with me let me know, would U? There seems 2 be a shortage of people who want 2 piss on me. Wow...and I really would have thought that wuz going 2 be a long ass line...

I wuz battling a world class hangover and trying 2 remember where I had spent the previous seventeen hours when I discovered I wuz wearing a really nice pair of satin panties. I have no clue where the fuck they came from and they look 2 me like half of a set, so if anyone iz sitting out there with a satin bra and no panties, please let me know. Now that I think about it, 4get everything else I just said. If anyone iz sitting out there with no panties on, please let me know (why do I have a feeling I’m going 2 get an email from fucking cabl_guy telling me he izn’t wearing any panties. Unfortunately, the image loses some of its luster once U introduce his hairy ass N2 the program...)

2 be continued... (here we go again)

Keeping U posted


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Apr 15 @ 1:32AM  
No panties here. I already saw some of your artwork. It was beautiful as I imagined it would be. That bbw sends her love too. Gotta say DS that I really enjoy your blogs and your artwork. No, I'm not just saying that. I really do. I didn't know you had such a talent for art. Of course I knew you were a great writer, but goes to show that you can always learn more about someone. Kudo to you my friend. Keep up the great work.

Apr 15 @ 1:44AM  
I like cheese too! good god, piling on from weeks ago... fuck! pay your damn bill so you can give me shit for more RECENT fuck-ups!

Apr 15 @ 2:54AM  
Experimenting with crossdressing, are ya? Why am I NOT surprised by that? That couldn't be a pretty sight!

Good blog! Of course, it could be better if you were plagerizing pudge2you. We can only hope that you get back online soon so you'll have the resources to do it.

Apr 15 @ 9:44AM  
No panties here either!

Apr 15 @ 10:04AM  
If ur gonna start might want to get in touch with Rikosound....he has recently accquired quite a few friends of the TV persuasion...

Apr 15 @ 6:22PM  
Belle & I are still waiting for the emails on our specifics...and I have a photographer this time! No more of using the tripod and timer!

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Random Thoughts and Scattered Ideas XI (Part One of as many as it fucking takes)