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Okay! What About IMUS?

posted 4/13/2007 7:23:52 PM |
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What are your true thoughts about the IMUS scandal? Imus has been around for about 35 years and in the past 15 years has been somewhat vocal on subjects that can tip the PC scale. I am sure we will all agree what he said was not at all cool but, where does the line between opinion (which is protected by the 1st amendment) and being Politically Correct as to apease the listening audience? Remember his listeners know what he is like and have heard this kind of stuff for years! No surprise. he was fired last night 4/12/07 because of his racial remark toward the Black Ladies Basketball team. "Knappy haired ho's". It is wrong yes however, let's say Rush Limbaugh is lambasting Democrats as he most assuradly does and says many off color remarks! Why is his opinion any different? I want to know what you think! remember try and be objective. I was in a discussion with 6 people, 4 men and 2 women of which ther was 2 black guys and 1 black woman. Bill, one of the white guys expressed his dismay in the fact that black people can call blacks the "N" word and call white people names just as harsh and no one blinks an eye! yet if a white person says anything about a black person, then there is hell to pay! The debate really got heated and the issue of slavery and segregation came up and I found one thing that Diane, one of the black ladies said, I cannot explain that and yet it seems that is true however, I was born in 1979 and I only know about it though history books and her parents never spoke of slavery and the such! Let's see, The Settlers were oppressed by the British and we are friends and there's no big deal! The Japanese Bombed us and we're pals and share everything! Yet we are supposed to live this forever she said? She didn't like that! I fell in love with her! (Not really) She is telling the truth! It happend ages ago! Even the 60's riots which I remember clearly are not recognized by a generation ago unless it is drilled into their minds to remember and that is what causes prejudice! Thankfully my parents were not! I only knew of the disaster through school and television! My black friends are not happy with what he said but they also said Bill O' Riley, Rush Limbaugh and even Howard Stern should not be able to broadcast! Now ere talking KGB, The S.S.! I don't like what he said but our 1st amendment has to be enforced or soon what we do on the internet will be decided as well! I have Black relatives and brand new baby great, great nephew who I love so much! I do not want him to be exposed to hate! Black, white, yello, brown anything! The ball is in his families court!

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Apr 13 @ 7:32PM  
Red, white, black, yellow, green, pink with orange polka dots, purple, hunter orange with puce stripes... I don't give a flying fuck what color your skin is... if you are a member of the HUMAN race then you are the same RACE as everyone else who happens to be HUMAN on the damn planet.

Apr 13 @ 7:34PM  
Imus is a lucky bastard, I been trying to get fired, 26 weeks of round the clock molestication of Sunny! While unemployement pays me! Some guys get all the breaks!

Apr 13 @ 7:36PM  
here is everything i know, and want to say on the subject. don't you find it peculiar that Don Imus is an anagram for Dominus ??

Apr 13 @ 7:46PM  
GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate it when I click post instead of what I intended to click.

Back to the subject at hand.... I don't listen to IMUS, I don't listen to Stern, I don't listen to Rush. I don't listen to **anyone** that I find personally offensive or to be very close to being verbally abusive towards **anyone** (and sorry but all 3 make comments that do qualify as verbal abuse).

They want to make the comments... more power to them and I will defend unto death their right to make the comments. *I* don't have to listen and in fact **choose** not to. (That by the way is my PERSONAL censorship... I change the dial or shut it off.)

If people CHOSE not to listen to the so-called "Shock Jocks"... they would go the way of the dinosaurs.

Apr 13 @ 7:48PM  
I'm afraid i cant feel to much sorrow for someone who feels free to make prejudicial remarks all the time and feel its his right to do so. Also a little hard for me working my ass off at a 40 hr a week job and him a millionaire, or billionare or whatever kind of aire he is. He should come off his mountain and join the little people. NOW that being said when he wasnt being a bigotted jerk he was rather amusing but im still not feeling sorry for him.


Apr 13 @ 8:05PM  
I disagree! Only because of the 1st amendment! I don't justify or even like what he said but! His words are "opinion" and ARE protected! So, because there was such a tizzy, in order to save face the radio stations and TV stations bent and fired him! Bad decision! I don't listen to any of them asses but if I want to listen to it or watch porn then it is all subject to scrutiny now! Bad! So, your at home and your on AMD when something you say causes someone to notify the FCC and reports you for having bad judgement in wording or even bad taste and or sexual remarks! (Here! Nah!) Then someone is banging down your door threating to take you in and destroy your computer! Same exact thing! No different! I hate what he did however, we are now just a small step closer to Big Brother!


Apr 13 @ 8:11PM  
I will fight for your right to have a gun even tho i hate them i will fight for your right to burn a flag in protest even tho the flag means more to me than that it is the right of freedom But i will not stand beside or for anyone who feels its thier right to put down another human being because of race, creed or color. If we want a nation that stands together than we damn well better become a nation that stands together.

Just my opinion.

Apr 13 @ 8:17PM  
Sorry this is so long but I got something to say here.

Big Daddy Don shouldn't have said it, period. He knew the risks. He wasn't censored, this was a marketing decision.

1) His station is owned by CBS. Traditionally (look at the shows they field), while they have a strong Democratic slant, they are still just as conservative as ABC, which is conservative almost, at times, to a fault. CBS has long been known as the 'family friendly' channel and I would suspect that this institutional sub-text applies to their radio-broadcast holdings as well. For racy, you usually want to take a look at Fox and NBC

2) The Amendment protects his right to say something that, lets face it, was just plain dumb. However, it doesn't keep his parent company from pulling the plug on his mic if it impinges on them.

Anyone who would say that Imus was silenced in violation of the Constitutional Amendments should read the document again. His actions caused adverse conditions to arise with CBS. Bottom line: Sponsorship dollars were lost. Now that they've burned him for having an attack of the morons, those sponsorship dollars will come back.

Once, a long time ago, there were just three national stations. Back then, you could get away with whatever you wanted because. lets face it, the Big Three and the various radio markets had the world of advertising by the balls. We had newspapers and radio stations and TV stations that were obvious in their bias toward one side of the political spectrum or the other. Now we've got cable, Public Access, and the Net. Now the advertising world has literally thousands of venues to play with in every media possible, including video games.

Let's use that for a hypothetical. Work with me here and remember, THIS IS HYPOTHETICAL!!!! Video games as an ad market:

It should be well known that Tony Hawk, skateboard guru, has a long line of video games on various platforms and will continue to enjoy fame from this area of the entertainment world for the forseeable future. I'm going for the most inflamatory slight I can think of here. Lets say that one day, out of the blue, Tony Hawk wakes up, looks around, and publically annouces before his morning coffee, "I hate niggers." What just happened? He did this publically. REMEMBER THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION!!!

Well, lets face it. Tony just screwed the pooch. His demographic of fans realistically ends at around 35-40 years old. Those people in the upper demo bracket have kids. The parents might have been skaters at one point in time. Chances are some of them dig T. Hawk games. Their kids almost certainly to a T have video game platforms and maybe they buy T. Hawk games. But here's Tony, just outed himself as a white-sheet weaing racist. All he's missing are some burning crosses and a lynchin' rope. First off, that little tid-bit that he dropped on the way to the morning paper and coffee? It's gone world-wide by the time he gets to the funnies page. By the time he drinks down his second cup and hits the shower, the backlash has begun. It's now about 9:30 a.m. By noon, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft (the big three of videogames) have loaded their switchboards five or six times over with some of the most irate people their P.R. departments have ever faced, many of which have never played a video game in their lives. Houston we have a problem.

By dinner, Tony is working on his first ulcer and he's way into it. His publicist just hung herself, every company that has attached themselves to his name is looking at cutting and running. Tony has been besieged by reporters and angry citizens for HOURS. Activision's parent company just watched their stock drop. Kohl's carries the company that bought Tony's clothing line, Quicksilver. They're both gonna see a slump. Every company that is associated with the (now former; due to this HYPOTHETICAL stupidity) skating giant is stripping his name off their gear and running from him like he contracted Ebola. He can forget about ever having another game out, that's a definite, because the compnies that advertise in the games themselves are gonna pull out. And who's gonna show up at a skate demo when the guy hosting it or appearing at it is a White Supremacist? Skate kids are generally openminded individuals who deal with discrimination personally from the minute they get on a board and do their first Ollie. They won't put up with it either. Bottom line is this, Tony said something dumb and inside a week, his world is fucked and some companies and organizations have lost a lot of money.

It's the same thing with Imus. CBS canned him not because of the remark itself but because of the backlash from the sponsors. They lost money, Imus pays it back with his job. Even Ms. Imus is feeling the hurt from her husband's stupid, ill-conceived comment.

The First Amendment only protects us from criminal backlash. The government can't hit you for saying something stupid but society will fucking eat you alive. And that, friends and neighbors, is fully acceptable.

Apr 13 @ 8:30PM  
ohhh fuck this was about MONEY ....guy made a fuckin joke..and if i heard right he was repeating his side kick........hey .WHAT BOUT MEL GIBSON??? ohhh sure jew slandering and he's makin movies n people are STILL payin to see em ...sooo...where's the fairness? no money lost by a buss or sponcer......thats why.....all bull shit

Apr 13 @ 9:03PM  
I watched Imus show a couple of times and found them boring as hell, so I was not a fan of his, but I still dont think he should have been fired for what he said. In my opinion he was fired because the sponsors bowed down to all the hoopla of the blacks that think it is ok to have a double standard as long as it benefits them. Maybe he should do what Bill Marr did and just go to HBO. Will give him alot more freedom to say what he wants anyway. Maybe it will inprove his show and make it not so boring.

Apr 13 @ 9:03PM  
i'm sorry, dude, but i don't think it's tthe same thing. the government didn't come in and tell him what he could say (censorship), the owners of the station, who are accountable to the shareholders, and have a fiduciary duty to make money for their shareholders, made a financial, business judgement, that their sponsors would no longer pay to advertise on imus' show. imus became a liability, among other things. but as a financial liability, he was let government action, no censorship, as it's defined by that peice of paper they keep in a northern state, the constitution.

Apr 13 @ 9:04PM  
This is a subject that burns my ass every time I talk about it. This particular situation is no different. What he said about the "knappy haired hoes" is no different than what Cris Rock would say about white people. And I could name a few others of color as well. But it seems to be accepted and nothing ever said. Why is that?? Are we as a nation supposed to bow down to them for what our ancesters did? What would be said if someone started a united whitemans college fund or did black jokes on WET...(Wite Entertainment Television)...would we be considered racist or suppressed. Why has it become accepted for the black population to speak there opinion towards whites and the white population has become censored on the subject....We need to remember that there has never been a race of people who were not slaves to someone,white or black. Hell, even the mexicans were slaves to the spanish....somewhere down the line we all have been slaves to someone.ITS TIME TO GET OVER IT....A joke on tv or radio is nothing more than a rating and a laugh to those who find it funny. Let it be just that and get on with life.
Just My Opinion....


Apr 13 @ 9:27PM  
It's called a double standard. White people can only think the "N" word, yet blacks can say Nigger, or oh, wait, Nigga.. yea, there's a difference.. please, my white ass..

If we're one country, we need to be ONE country, with ONE rule for EVERYONE.. Stop all the bullshit, and just focus on what's important.. Or, did I fall asleep and all the crap that Bush got us into is now a memory?? Does the rest of the planet not hate us anymore? Are Middle Eastern terrorists no longer bent on our destruction? Are we not destroying this planet at such a record pace that mankind is now considered the 6th great extinction in the history of planet earth?

Oh, but wait, Don Imus said "nappy headed ho's.." yea.. I guess there must be a lull in the Anna Nicole news.. so we had to fill it in with something...

Please, someone get me off the planet.. .I've had enough..

Apr 13 @ 9:56PM  
I agree with Budman!! I'm sick of everything that ever happens to a African american is essentially because of RACE!! BS..if anyone is a minority in this country it is indeed the White man.....Maybe next time I'm called a Honkey, cracker, whitey...etc...I should scream RACE and see how far it goes...Damn get over it already!

Apr 13 @ 11:12PM  
Thank you Rislyn...Im glad that I dont stand alone...

Apr 13 @ 11:24PM  
somewhat off topic, but what the hey....I dislike the term "African-American", because it can be perceived as separatist and sometimes even incorrect. There are a number of blacks who are European citizens. How do they describe their ethnicities there? Are there African-French, African-British, African-Dutch, African-Germanic, African-Haitian-French? or whatever the equivalent would be in their respective languages? Nothing wrong with appreciating your heritage, and if you have pride in it, that's a good thing. But if I described myself with the same standard, I would think it ridiculous to refer to myself as a German-Irish-Scottish-English-French Canadian-Polish-American, or even Euro-American for that matter. I consider myself an American.

Apr 13 @ 11:53PM  
here is everything i know, and want to say on the subject. don't you find it peculiar that Don Imus is an anagram for Dominus ??

My gosh! you're right! Plus, we both lived in Jersey at one time! Imus began work as a DJ in 1966, and I was born in 1966! He insulted black women, and I'm married to one!

We are practically the same person...

And did you know that tetons is an anagram for Net Sot?

Apr 14 @ 12:26AM  
Real simple- It's called freedom of speach. Support it, or go south and suck off Hugo Chavez and his state security police.

Apr 14 @ 5:20AM  
Okay, folks, I explained it as plainly as possible.

The Amendments protect us and our freedoms enumerated therein from our GOVERNMENT and ONLY our government. They do not protect us, nor were they designed to protect us, from each other. Imus is a public figure who makes his paycheck on sponsor dollars. ANY of you would do the same thing if enough people contacted you saying they wouldn't buy your product anymore unless you canned the guy that pissed them off.

Was this financially motivated? Yes. Sponsors pulled support because their consumers told them to. If CBS wanted him gone, they would have pulled the plug almost immediately. Instead it took them days. Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson didn't gain a victory. They know that. Imus got the stick which is what they wanted but not for the reason they wanted. He got it because he became a financial liability and the sponsors won't countenance loosing money to competiors. He had the right to say what he wanted but the sponsors have the right not to sponsor him if it damages them. What is so hard to understand. If the average guy say something defaming, it really isn't a big deal. Some folks won't associate with him but he really doesn't see a life change.

If a public figure says something stupid, he or she pays for it. In full. I'm in a popular band here in Springfield. I'm possibly the highest profile member due to a variety of factors. If I get on stage in front of my crowd and say that the crowd is made up of a bunch of moronic, pot-smoking, dirt-bag kids (we do mostly all-ages shows) that will never have any future but McDonalds and should have been aborted...well, there goes the band. For me anyway. My band mates will ostracise me instantaneously and so will this town. I won't have a musical future. I've been signed to a label with one of my bands. They'd quite possibly drop us because of the bad press that slammed, for no reason, their primary source of cash. It's the same thing. Imus damaged his sponsors and had to face reprecussions.

How about this. We have freedom of speech, right? What happens if you walk up to your Dad and tell him off? He's gonna wack you or otherwise punish you. He punished you for the wrong-ness of the statements but never infringes on your right to your opinon.

Figure it out. Our freedoms come with the responsibility of exercising them properly. Society will generally be the final arbiter of whether a line was crossed or not and we are the ones who make up society.

Apr 14 @ 9:40AM  
The 1st allows for free speech and all, but it was concieved and written in day and age when there wasnt mass media. Because one person now has the ability to insult so many people at once, we have federal and state legislation to keep these folks in check.
I do agree with the personal censorship, but at what point do we let an idiot ramble on to? If his comments are hurtful and degrading to all involved, then shut him up.

Apr 14 @ 1:08PM  
And Your OPINION is protected by the first amendment! I agree with you That it is money and marketing only! However, what you are hearing is about WHAT HE SAID! You can fire the man but you cannot deny someone their rights to say whatever thay want just because the venue has millions of ears! Go to a standup comics show, He burns whites, blacks, latinos and asians! People laugh, he make a ton of money! There is no difference here either! The venue is smaller but there are still ears listening! Those who go to see the comic knows he is rude and burns races! Okay, those who decide to listen to Imus know he can be rude and make statements as he did! The difference is someone found exception to it and blew it up so big that the spineless networks fired him to save face! Are you telling me that is the America Way? Cower and hide! That is what the networks did! These networks also are the mother corporations that fund Gangsta Rap, Pornos, Fighting, Violent video games and a host of other deplorable entertainment! That's okay though? An apology should have been just fine! I am embarrassed at the way this was handled! Whatif you said something while out with a freind that offended someone and they decided an apology is not acceptable and wanted to run you over the coals! Just because he is a known talent doesn't change a damn thing as far as RIGHTS!

Apr 14 @ 1:22PM  
PS I agree with what most have said here! Remember though he will probably go satellite and make just as much as Howard Stern has done! I am not concerned about his firing because of economics but as far as human rights! You put a kabosh on anything anyone says and we are all doomed! As far as going down south to suck off Caesar Chaves's cronies is another story! Get used to the fact that we have lost the war at home against illigal immigrants! It's over! there are millions and ,illions of illigal immigrants in the U.S. and most believe it or not are working! They are working fields, picking up garbage, busting tables, landscaping etc. My only problem with illigal immigrants is, for example, In california, illigal immigrants get free medical, free schooling and a drivers license! Uh! Excuse me? I pay $400+ a month for health care, I'm paying so they can go to school free, I am paying so they can have a drivers license! I am an American born and raised and I don't get squat free except tax forms and bills! California had a vote on this matter and it was voted to stop these benefits by 67% of the state! One hispanic attorney stopped it by getting an court order in L.A. to deem it unconstitutional! It worked! 67%! Ask yourself, what good is it to vote? Just look at the last presidential election! The Majority population vote didn't count! I hate the College system!

Apr 14 @ 5:22PM  
How the fuck is it unconstitutional to deny STATE benefits to ILLEGAL aliens?? THEY AREN'T PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have paid taxes for 28 years, yet I can't get medicaid right now to have surgery that could potentially save my life, but these fuckers get it? And the reason I *CAN'T* get it... is because the system is GLUTTED with illegal aliens GETTING IT!!!


Apr 14 @ 7:15PM  
I think they went overboard with firing Imus. The suspension and public apology should've been sufficient. Even one of my black friends agreed that he didn't think it was racially motivated. Just a joke in bad taste.
Chris Rock says far worse on every show he does about practically every race on earth.
There's still the argument in Georgia about the state issuing an apology about being involved in using slave labor. A useless waste of taxpayer money! Let it go already!
The firing of Imus has also brought about mention of other celebrities such as Rosy Odonell and Bill Maher. They were suggesting targeting them next. Hell! Let's just target everybody that doesn't kiss Big Brother's ass!
It's the beginning of the end...............

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Okay! What About IMUS?