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posted 4/13/2007 2:20:54 PM |
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tagged: respect

Why is it that most men here have absolutely NO respect for the women? I've been on this site for a little over a week now I think, and received well over 100 emails, most of which made me sick to my stomach because they were just plain rude!

Do you boys talk to your mother the way you talk to us women? Do you think that just because we might have a provocative picture posted to our profile, that you can just send us a rude message saying how badly you want to fuck our pussy, and miscellaneous profanities? Is it because you're sitting behind a computer, "safe" from real-life rejection? Do you approach women in bars or clubs with the same comments you do here?

I honestly want to know what is going through your minds when you email someone on here. We've all heard the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover", but it's quite difficult to do that when our first impression of you is to be an asshole who has no respect for the opposite sex.

And one other thing. Why is it that just because you send us a message, we're automatically supposed to drop our panties and fuck you. This may be a sex site, but we're not whores!

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Apr 13 @ 2:29PM  
tell them peanut!! ya dont even have to drop ya panties on here to be called a whore . it makes you wonder if they talk to woman in the real world like they do on here! but i have met a few guys on here they are awesome! dont give up cause theres still some good ones :) good luck

Apr 13 @ 2:30PM  
I've been wondering the same thing! This is my sixth day on and the comments i've read for peoples pics kind of threw me off a little. and it's not just the should read some of the ladies comments! (though i would probally like some of their responses to my pics ) I think some people have been on here so long they either got desensitized or go with the flow so they don't seem timid.

Apr 13 @ 2:35PM  
Yeah I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused! After you've been on here some time, you'll figure out who the assholes are and who are good people! There are some on here, just have to give it time to find them or them to find you!

Apr 13 @ 2:43PM  
and Peanut has spoken ....

Apr 13 @ 2:49PM  
Well, I am just about to post a blog on this myself, but I couldn't agree more.

A woman can take on any aspect she wants. Bitch, slut, lady, dominatrix, mother, girl, submissive, professional, feminist, butch, or any other of myriad of feminine archetypes that women seem to be able to assume as they so desire.

But NONE of those roles gives a man the right to be disrespectful or to violate that woman's life.

Apr 13 @ 2:57PM  
Way to go Jackie---------------------

Apr 13 @ 3:15PM  
why blog something and not let others comment?

Apr 13 @ 3:32PM  
funny you should ask. i actually did approach women in bars that way, a long time ago. being as i lived in chicago, it worked pretty well. but i've been sober 25 yrs now, so, no i don't. LOL now to answer all your questions; you answered them all yourself. most of the "people" you're referring to, don't really exist. computer generated bots. or mods, as they are known on the other site. the few that are actually real, are the usual snivelling little trolls that don't come out in daylight, just hide behind their little blue screens, trying to make you shriek. and they did. sorry you have to go through this, it's a kind of rite of passage, here, and slows down after a week or so. BLOCK & DELETE.

Apr 13 @ 4:31PM  
Hey, I don't want to seem like a suck-up, but I agree. I see it all the time. since being on here. In photo comments, blog comments and forum posts people are just attempting to be the one to shout "Choose me to keep your bed warm".

Not everyone's like that, you've just got to find them.

Apr 13 @ 5:16PM  
Some guys are under the mistaken impression that if a woman is posting on this site, she must be promiscuous or desperate for sexual companionship. I've received various offers in the form of IM's, e-mail, and friend requests. Some immature men just have madonna/whore complex big time.
What has bothered me most is when some guys won't take no for an answer. I'm not going to be pressured into responding to an e-mail or IM or request to meet IRL or post a provocative picture. I don't take bullying from anyone, especially over the Internet.
I personally am here to enjoy an adult atmosphere with only a modicum of censorship. I enjoy the boards and the fun camaraderie. Don't let the jerks ruin your experience.

Apr 13 @ 5:17PM  
Good luck! Your odds do not look favorable that you will find a good fit here. I suggest trying the un-leaded version ( By the tone of your blog, if it's only been a week, things will not trend to the direction you are looking for soon.

Apr 13 @ 5:59PM  
Okay, Ill play the devil's advocate. Having been here a while now, I have heard this before. Let's look at a few things first Peanut. The name of the site? ADULT match doctor, 100% free sex & swinger personals. Having seen that and read that, what in the world did you ever think was here and or going to be said and or what you may see or read? Now let's look at the photos! The Women have many a pic showing off their wares and males doing the same! What in the world did you ever think was going to be in here? Your sense of what respect is has been clouded by the fact that HORNY people are here! Is it possible you made a mistake? It's not about respect because, both the WOMEN and the MEN will say, write and even pose SEX! So now tell us what you thought was going to be here> A christian dating service? Also I find it amazing you get 3 kudos and no comments! Hmmmmm a little suspect......................

Apr 13 @ 6:00PM  
If you do not post the replys to your ad, I will write a blog with your name and put what you said and my response and note that you have 3 kudos but no comments! Fair is Fair! Be objective or don't be here!

Apr 13 @ 6:08PM  
Look, the fact of the matter is, to men internet adult "dating" sites are like fast food "restaurants".. they want it quick, and they think the way to go about business is saying their value combo number, paying, and getting it handed right to them.

Not all men are going to be polite here, they think it's a free for all gettin sum. Fact of the matter is "sex & swingers personals" doesn't help our cause. But I knew this was a MATURE, sexual website when I joined, and that's why. Cuz when you want some, you want some. I didn't join looking for love, and I'm sure the men that have been emailing you with crude attempts to get in your pants didn't join for love either.

Just wait for the diamond in the rough, if there's a respectable guy on here, you'll find him.

Apr 13 @ 6:20PM  
Hmmmnn this comment seems to repeat itself this week -First the basketball team now here. Unfortunately,I'm sure there aren't many gentlemen on a sex site - it gets the testoterone pumping and it just falls into play - I will apologize for them - not that it does any good - I'll probably be fired too !!

Apr 13 @ 6:25PM  
Hey PJ, I'm sorry that you have had to experience this BS, Just so you know there are some decent guys on this site,just read the blogs and ask some of the women here you are the good ones.

Apr 13 @ 6:54PM  
men with respect do exist.........promise.........

Apr 13 @ 7:02PM  
Now for those of you who assume I am not interested in sex, or that this might be something new to me, it's not, what-so-ever. I have been a member of a different sex & swinger site for close to 4 years now. I knew going into it that there would be some sexual comments given immediately. It's a given. But the number of men who are just plain rude is unbelievable. And then you have the people that don't know how to take no for an answer, and then begin calling you names and talking bad about you just because you turned them down.

The first word of this site is Adult. Seems like I'm back in High School at times! I take every message I receive with a grain of salt, believe me. I've built up a thick skin to the men. I just wanted to vent ;)

By the way, is there a way to make it so that I do not have to approve blog comments before they post?

Apr 13 @ 7:16PM  
I hear this so much in blogs...I'm surprised by now you haven't gotten it.

Some of the women here are just as rude, crude and ignorant but you won't hear us complaining about it. Some of my messages are like this: Hey baby let me suck that...or...when are you gonna get up with me and stick that thing in my ass...or...Let me suck every drop of cum of out that sweet cock...and the list goes on and on.

It's the nature of web sex...people will say what they're thinking like spewing forth garbage out of thier mouths and gender has nothing to do with it.

I bet Aretha Franklin wasn't referring to internet sex sites when she sang that song about R-E-S-P-E-C-T...


Apr 14 @ 12:51AM  
By the way, is there a way to make it so that I do not have to approve blog comments before they post?

Click on settings at the top of the page, then click on comment settings. You can set it to automatically approve.

Apr 18 @ 1:43AM  
There is certainly a proper time to talk dirty to a woman online but it is not in a first email to her! I follow the logic of "treat her like a lady in public and like a mistress in the bedroom" and that has served me pretty well.

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