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Question of Morality

posted 4/12/2007 11:07:40 PM |
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Ok! Since signing up on this site, my profile is unchanged. I post as married for 20+ years with NO intention of changing that.........unless she gets tired and leaves me.
So, I chat with a few gals and flirt. I do the same with my wife by my side. Hell! I even asked, more than a few times, "Since you gals get along and both like me......" And, I'm STILL married! There's even been some interesting times along the way.
Yet, I'll do the same for her. Like I don't notice who's noticing and who she's noticing back. And, I give her the same freedom. Do I worry about her leaving me for him? Hell no!! IT'S ONLY SEX!! He has NOTHING on me! I LIVE with her!
SHE understands this! Thus, we're still married and will probably be until one of us dies. Better? Yes, I'll admit that I've had wilder, more unihibited gals that I'll remember, with a smile, until I die. The differance being, I didn't have a life-changing relationship with them! That was yesterday! Temporary!
I'm not looking to hook-up anymore. We had our issues....and, still do. Who doesn't? But, I am sure that, IF we went seperate ways, it'd be about ME or US...not some other woman......or man.
So, don't pass judgement on married people as much as you care to. After all, if you're single, you have NO basis to go on! If you are so special, WHY are you alone? You'd of thought somebody woulda' snatched you up by now.
Just my thought........or lack thereof!

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Apr 12 @ 11:12PM  
i will answer for my actions...........let everyone else answer for theirs

Apr 12 @ 11:14PM  
Stand by your conviction at least your honest!! no head games no bull shit stories hell your almost original at least slightly unique to those who pretend to be single while all the time being married. Personally i dont give a rats ass who is married and who isnt i just want you to be honest about it. Thanks great post.

Apr 12 @ 11:18PM  
Thank you for standing up for us secure, married people! Anytime I see a blog go up wagging a finger at , or ranting about married people I add my two cents. Hell, even got a member booted off because she tried to publicly take me on in a flame war that left her roasted and charred carcass on the ring floor. People please don't lump all married people as cheaters, we are not! Many married people are here with their spouse's blessing! Those who aren't...Stop making the rest of us look bad!

Apr 12 @ 11:27PM  
You have my full moral support bro!

Apr 12 @ 11:28PM  
Great blog

Apr 12 @ 11:55PM  
Thank You for this good blog,,,,, Gem526 and I were just going to do a Blog ourselves because we were denied that privilege to post a postitive note on behalf or Married Men or Women on this site....that is between you and your spouse,,,and not one else's business,,,that is why this is a Adult Sex and Swinger's Site as I tried posting earlier and was blocked.....Kudos to you my man....

Apr 13 @ 12:05AM  
Superbly put Cabl

For all the judgemental junkies: Never judge a book by its cover!....

Apr 13 @ 12:23AM  
Great Blog Cabl. I for one don't care if you're married or not, I would want to have an honest man such as yourself as a friend. At least your wife knows what you are doing and must give her support. To the other married people here (but lying about their status) why not talk to your mate and get their permission to be here with their blessing, if not, simply tell the person you are trying to get to know your circumstances. That should clear up any messy details that might get you caught. Some women (and men) are actually looking for other married people to "befriend". So....who cares. If it isn't your thing, don't do it, if it is, who's business is it anyway? Get on with your own lives and keep your nose out of other people's business.

Apr 13 @ 12:35AM  
When I first went online I was married, but my wife let me know that it was about as over as it could be;she gave me back her wedding rings months before she filed for divorce,and said that was to give me permission to find somebody else. I was always honest about my situation and in fact when I thought that she wanted to work things out awhile back I told the woman that I was seeing about that and that I could not see her anymore. Everyones situation is different,thats all I have to say.

Apr 13 @ 1:07AM  
I dig the hell out of your blogs. Morality is a relative, not subjective, thing. Beyond the universally unacceptable things in this world there are a wealth of activities and behaviors that work for one or some but not for all. Finger wagging is pretty pathetic. Someone flames you for what you do personally without their having a stake in it at all...that's straight up for shit. Worthless kudos to ya, mano.

Hell, even got a member booted off because she tried to publicly take me on in a flame war that left her roasted and charred carcass on the ring floor.

Ha ha, 'GET IN THE RING'! Is that flame war still available, Sprite? I wanna read it. Your posts are always righteous too.

Apr 13 @ 1:23AM  
I always believe honesty is the best policy but no matter ow moral and righteous you may be there will always be those who decide to flame you and make you out to be a liar. I have chosen to leave because I am fed up with being a target but after the many e-mails I received I may just reconsider this decision and not log in as often anymore.
I would miss all the friends I have made on here too.

Apr 13 @ 3:20AM  
Hey ...I've been with a few married gals and their husbands didn't mind because everything was up need to sneak around and everybody knows their place in the pecking order....great blog Cable

Apr 13 @ 8:23AM  

Apr 13 @ 8:30AM  
AMEN Brother!!!

Can I get a Hell Yeah???

I knew I was special!!

Apr 13 @ 9:56AM  
I know for me personally my husband knows I am bisexual and that he is cool with me hooking up with other woman for sex and friendship only .

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Question of Morality