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The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech (Reposted)

posted 4/12/2007 8:09:27 PM |
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I posted this a couple of months ago...but felt it needed to be read again since the topic is coming up with predictable frequency...

Bill of Rights
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
This subject has come up over and over here. I ask you...where in this particular paragraph does it say that anyone has to tolerate insulting or rude behavior? Where in this paragraph does it state that we as a community have to post comments on our blog that are meant to be abusive? Or even just downright annoying?
The block and delete options are there for us to use. Any member also has the option to post thier own blog stating thier own opinions regarding any other member's blog. Blocking and deleting comments does not infringe on anyones right to express is not censoring...and it does not take away anyone's right to free speech.
I'll repeat that for you...

Blocking and deleting comments does not infringe on anyones right to express is not censoring...and it does not take away anyone's right to free speech.
I honestly do not know anyone (personally) who blocks comments simply because the commenter does not agree with the blogger. I have blocked members because they have been insulting to me...or have left comments on my blog that have been abusive or rude, and had little or nothing to do with the actual blog.

I will remove some people from my block list...if you think you've been blocked, try commenting on this. Keep in mind, if you insult me...I'll block you again. I don't make nice with people who insult me in public...why should I do it here?

...this topic has been discussed over and over on this site. Yes...I get annoyed when someone doesn't post one of my comments to thier blog. I've even ranted about it. But I for one do not believe it takes away, or in any way infringes upon my right to free speech. I can say what I want...right here in my very own blog! As long as it doesn't violate the blog rules (which most people tend to ignore anyways) and it doesn't violate the terms of service. Censorship?? I've said it before, talk to someone from Post-WW2 who lived in East Germany or the Soviet Union. This is not censorship on AMD. It's people expressing themselves the best and at times only way they know how. You disagree and they don't want others to know it? Write your own fuckin blog! But quit whining about censorship and free speech!

And just for the record...this was originally posted a few months ago in response to some individuals who had been leaving rude and abusive comments on other blogs, then crying about being 'censored' because they had been blocked and/or their comments had been deleted. I'm not saying that the current round of blogs are rude, or that the comments made to them are rude.

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Apr 12 @ 8:12PM  
Yeah!!! I did it! I figured out what the problem can't use those little arrow thingys in a blog...the ones that are on the same key as your dot and comma.
I'm so smart! me!

Apr 12 @ 8:16PM  
Block and delete is a wonderful invention when someone wants to be a pain in the posterior or abusive or just plain vulgar. It doesn't violate anyone's "rights" because one does NOT have the "right" to be abusive. Matter of fact here in the real world there are laws AGAINST being abusive.

Apr 12 @ 8:19PM  
Just want to reiterate...this blog wasn't posted this time around to say that people are making rude or vulgar comments. Just that the subject of "Free Speech" and "Censorship" was brought up yet again as an excuse to whine and bitch about someone not having thier comment posted on a blog.

Apr 12 @ 8:23PM  
Since it is not the government here restricting our right to post blogs etc., it's not a freedom of speech issue protected by the Bill of Rights. Censorship can be done by the Bear when rules are not followed or by individuals blocking anyone they wish.

Apr 12 @ 8:28PM  
Thanks for blogging this. Everyone has a right to say what they want to say as long as they dont infringe on someone elses rights. To be nasty or vulgar to someone just because you dont agree with them is not only wrong but belongs to the behavior of a two year old. I let everyone post on my blogs simply because other peoples opinion of me is none of my business, therefore i dont care that you dont like me (not meaning you personally of course the you was a generalization LOL) But i do uphold the right that if someone is abusive or vulgar you have the right to say ENOUGH!!! I know longer have to listen. Way to go Sundance!!! kudos to you!!!

Apr 12 @ 8:37PM  
I guess the point I was trying to make was that people do have the right to delete or not post comments made on their blog. I don't do it...but others do.'s a little annoying to the commenter...but it's not censorship.

Apr 12 @ 8:41PM  
Let me introduce you to letsdothis0867. I tried to pu t a non abusive comment on her blog and she denied it because I didn't agree with her. Call it what you like. That's why I started my own blog.

Apr 12 @ 9:53PM  
Well said! The right of free speech also includes the right to freely ignore someone. Especially if they need to be ignored. :)

Apr 12 @ 10:06PM  
Awesome! And, very good blog! It is the creator's right, in my opinion, to block people or not. After all, they initiated the whole sequence of events.
Shit! We express our opinion to our political figureheads on a daily basis! But, do they listen? Excuse Mr. Bush though.........he has a direct hotline to "God". HIS god anyhow.
Party on!

Apr 13 @ 12:00AM  
i don't think it's a question of right, it's integrity. there's kind of an unspoken, shared belief that once something is said, it's public domain, and then belongs to all, within the context of blogland. abuse is one thing, but to not allow comments that do not agree with your opinions, and that's just what they are, opinions, seems unfair to those who just let the chips fall as they will. i don't mean fair as anything more than a mutual expectation that comments are welcomed. perhaps there should be blogs, where anyone can comment, and rants, where you just go crazy, and then deny everyone the opportunity to respond. which was my understanding of what the forums were for. J M H O

Apr 13 @ 2:09AM  
I guess the point I was trying to make was that people do have the right to delete or not post comments made on their blog. I don't do it...but others do.'s a little annoying to the commenter...but it's not censorship.

I think while people may be bandying about the terms "free speech" and "censorship" in an imprecise way, what they are really talking about is what they perceive to be unfairness/ugliness of the blogger in not allowing their comments. It's an issue of abusing terminology. I believe that even the worst (abusive, insulting) of these commenters recognize that bloggers do have the right to delete or not post comments. That should be obvious to any adult with at least one brain cell. For one thing, if it were really the case that bloggers are constitutionally obliged to open their blogs to all comments (let's say), surely AMD would not be so foolish as to run counter to the law by providing the means to block and delete comments right? But I do agree that the terms have been abused beyond recognition. People are not very precise in their use of terminology (even those well-meaning commenters who are not abusive or insulting) but it is usually clear from context what they really mean. I honestly doubt anybody actually questions the right to use features that AMD so clearly provides.

I honestly do not know anyone (personally) who blocks comments simply because the commenter does not agree with the blogger.

You may not have encountered closedminded individuals on here who actually blocked comments that contradict them. I have. I even blogged about it a long time ago (still there). And the person could be considered a reg whom you know personally, not just some freshly-arrived douchebag or troll, which made it bewildering for me at the time. Not so now of course. Oh and quite amusingly there was also that guy who only allowed women's comments. I laughed and blogged about that too (still there).

Apr 13 @ 2:46AM  
You're right. If someone leaves a comment on my blog that attacks me personally I'm not going to have it on my blog, I'll delete it. I don't blame anyone for doing that.

Apr 13 @ 7:45AM  
I think Bentan has summed it up best...the terms "Free Speech" and "Censorship" are being way overused here...and the exact meaning of those terms are being blurred. Especially when used in the context of the First Amendment. That document ONLY guarantees that the Government shall not make a law infringing on ones right to speak freely. That does not give people the right to say what ever the fuck they want and force others to listen to/read it!

Remember folks...this is my blog. Right here. See the name at the top there? It says...Sundance64's blog. I can do whatever the fuck I want in this blog...including randomly delete comments if I choose to. What are you going to do...write a blog about it? Go the fuck ahead. But don't fucking whine about Free Speech...and don't you fucking dare accuse me of taking away any of your fucking rights. By writing a blog you are proving that no one has taken away any of your rights by deleting one of your comments. I spent a good chunk of my life defending those rights...all of them. I've visited countries where these rights are non-existant. Don't scream to me or anyone else who actually knows about these things that your rights are being taken or infringed upon or anything else. And by not tell me that I have to allow every single comment that comes along. I courtesy. Not because someone whines about not seeing thier words on a fucking page. If someone else chooses not to put comments fucking what! Blog about it...bitch about it...but don't cry 'censorship'. Your disproving your own words.

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The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech (Reposted)