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posted 4/12/2007 3:02:14 PM |
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OK...I have finally made a decision to quit smoking today. After a 26 year habit. I have tried to quit cold turkey, i have been hypnotized and tried the medication's. Nothing seemed to work. So, i am going to try using a patch. I have been told by many people that you have to want to quit if it's actually going to work. Well today, i was at work and i was having a really hard time breathing. I thought geeze, what the heck is going on, god i need a cigarette, pretty sad. So i go out to my truck and lite one up, didnt feel so good. So i put it out and then made the decision...I'm done with smoking. My new hubby has been telling me i am robing him of some good years with me because of my habit. He's right!! My biggest fear is that i will put on weight..i am a small woman and i want to stay that way. Any ideas how i can get over the hand to mouth habit without a cig. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch for listening. And please wish me luck, i'm gonna need it.


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Apr 12 @ 3:12PM  

I do wish you luck. But if I had hypnotized you ?
It would be something else I wanted from you.


Apr 12 @ 3:17PM  
Great decision and good luck hulkNpooh! Another lady on here decided to quit smoking as well.

Apr 12 @ 3:18PM  
Best of Luck Pooh, keeps us updated!!


Apr 12 @ 3:20PM  
Look into my eyes
You are getting sleepy
All kidding aside. Good luck it's tough. I did it 27 years ago.

Apr 12 @ 3:25PM  
It's tough. My Dad still struggles with it every day. It's never an easy thing, but you have my best wishes.

Apr 12 @ 3:30PM  
well you could just tell him that every time you want to light up your gonna rape him....that why not only will he be happy to help you's more fun and better for of luck!!!

Apr 12 @ 3:35PM  
Good luck!

I quit last November, cold turkey. I feel that it was one of the best decisions I ever made and have completely stuck to it.

I smoked for 16 years and to make matters worse - I rolled my own, using NO filters, for the last 5 years.

Be strong! Find things to take your mind off of the need. It's quite possible if you REALLY want to do it.

Apr 12 @ 3:40PM  
"Any ideas how i can get over the hand to mouth habit without a cig. would be greatly appreciated. "

I have an idea.....

Apr 12 @ 3:58PM  
I just want to first off wish you good luck. I was a smoker for 40 years. I finally decided I was going to quit after several failed attempts. I tried medication, I tried the gum and I even tried the patch to no avail. Finally I was watching TV one night and saw and add for Commit Lozenges so I thought what the hell. I have tried everything else and nothing has worked so I picked up a box and started using them thinking it won't work but what the hell. Needless to say I started using them January 23, 2003. I can now honestly say I am an ex smoker and have been for a little over 4 years now. It's hard and still to this day there are times when I feel like I would kill for a cigarette but I haven't picked one up and don't intend to ever again. Good luck in your venture and be strong because it will also take a lot of will power. I hope you can do it.

Apr 12 @ 4:11PM  
All the Best, Sweetie...!!!
I've tried...several times....but _I_ get nervous and short-tempered....
I'll give it another try later, this year....
I 'Might' even corral a Lady for my efforts...!!!

Apr 12 @ 4:54PM  

Apr 12 @ 5:25PM  
u can do it !!!

Apr 12 @ 5:44PM  
I wish you the best of luck . I had accupuncture to quit smoking and I haven't had cigarette ( with tobacco ) in over 20 years.

Apr 12 @ 6:18PM  
My new hubby has been telling me i am robing him of some good years with me because of my habit.
THAT is great!!!

now..i can help teach you mentaly how to do this the easy way and if your familiar with AA it will sound familar...i never quit smoking cause like you i'd done it for sooo long it would be tramatic...BUT in 2000 i did simply decide not to smoke right now.....and each time i thought bout a cigg i just decided i could control the right now n not smoke i NEVER worried bout weather i'd smoke later...or the day after or even the following week...ONLY worry bout RIGHT NOW..........oh the oral thing....i chewd on coffee stir stix lol

Apr 12 @ 6:30PM  
hypnosis worked for me...14 years ago and never a single puff...but everyone is far as the oral thing..keep lots of relatively harmless "stuff" handy...carrot sticks, celery, ice cubes to chew...and keep your hands get your minds out of the gutter, this is a serious subject)...although i never crave a cigarette, or take a puff, i find that if i have a drink, i am constantly playing with a cocktail far as the weight, the change in metabolism from nicotine withdrawal is temporary and your next goal can be to lose the few pounds that you might gain...the health benefits of clean lungs far outweighs a few ponds that will come off easily when you can run and play with more ling capacity...good luck!!!!

Apr 12 @ 7:56PM  
Best of luck to you! I'm a smoker of 21 years myself. Trying to quit is smoking is, beyond a doubt, the hardest thing for me. Even thinking about it makes me want a cigarette.
A few of my friends have used suckers, flavored toothpicks and gum to try to occupy their hands and mouth during withdrawal. My father-in-law quit smoking after about 35 years with the Nicotrol also helps with the 'hand to mouth' habit.
Again, best of luck! It takes a strong person to overcome it.

Apr 12 @ 7:58PM  
U CAN DO IT!!!!! I quit 6 years ago and feel like I'm 15 all over again!!!!

Apr 12 @ 8:03PM  
good girl.

i gotta do the same.

this guy i worked with quit - said to have celery sticks, carrots, stuff like that around all the time. suck on 'em..... whatever. he chewed straws too.

good luck hon

Apr 12 @ 10:03PM  
well I quit after 24 yrs cold turkey and I havent put on any weight in the begining I did put on about 5 lbs but then I realized everytime I want to smoke I kill it by eating something so I switched to chewing gum instead and of course the main thing would be you after a month you will not feel any desire for it *promise*

Apr 13 @ 12:03AM  
Be careful with the patch! I've smoked for many years, tried to quit a few years ago and Dr. gave me the patch, but what he failed to tell me is that if you don't smoke that much or if you smoke ultra lights (like I do) then some of the patches are WAY too strong! I had the trouble breathing and my chest started hurting! Luckily my uncle who is a paramedic was there and had me take the patch off immediately and wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, he said I was trying to go into cardiac arrest! So please be careful and good luck!

Apr 13 @ 12:12AM  
Buy this book. It's only 15 dollars. I know 3 people who have quit smoking by just reading this book including myself. Here's his official site : to learn more. The book is worth it. Here's seminars cost about $500 dollars, so I suggest just buying his book. His book is kinda hard to find. They never have it at Borders, and I only found it at one Barnes and Nobles out of the 1 I went to and out of the 2 I called. So it's probably best if you order it online, or call the store to see if they even have it. This book isn't going to tell you how bad smoking is, you're already aware of it. I was skeptical about reading it when my sister told me about how it helped her quit. But I started reading the copy my stepmother bought, and realize how brainwashed I was about quitting smoking. She the other person that quit. If you do decide to buy the book, let me know how it went. I wanna hear more success stories. He's helped 90% of people quit smoking.

Apr 13 @ 12:33AM  
i cant tell you all how much i appreciate all the good luck wishes, and the helpful info. I think the best thing i have going for me...i never smoked in the house, or in my truck. So nothing smells like smoke. I'm not a big veggie person, but i am really going to try to kick this habit this time. It's been probably 12 yrs since i last tried. I do work out all little about 4 times a week, so i hope the weight gain if any, wont be a big problem, I have only had 5 cigs. today, pretty good for me. Keep everyone posted on my progress. Thanks to everyone.


Apr 13 @ 12:47AM  
Easyway Success Rates

Easyway has the highest success rate by far of any stop smoking method. A study published in the journal Addictive Behaviours in November 2006 shows that the 12-month success rate for a smoker attending the five-hour Easyway Seminar is 51.4%.

To put this in context (see chart) Easyway is between 6 - 10 times more effective than other methods. And where other methods could run you into thousands of dollars with Easyway you quit at the $400 seminar or are entitled to a full refund.

12 Month
Success rate


12 Month
Success rate
'Cold Turkey' 3.4% Zyban plus patch 7.7%
Nicotine patch 6.2% Acupuncture / Laser 3.9%
Nicotine gum 5.7% Telephone help lines 5.4%
Zyban 7.1% Easyway Seminar 51.4%
Hypnotherapy "We have not shown that hypnotherapy has a greater effect on six month quit rates than other interventions or no treatment"
(Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation; Abbot, Stead et al, 2002)

I read that about 90% of people quit in his book, but on his website it states that 51% have quit. His book was written in like the 80's, and cigarette companies just started making cigarettes more addicting in the past five years. Just speculating.
source :
No bullshit! It worked for me, my stepmother and my sister.

Apr 13 @ 1:10AM  
Good luck sweety!! Ur a strong woman and I bet u r strong willed too!! u prolly wont need it but Good luck and I hope u make it!!

May 1 @ 12:21AM  
You don't need luck. You just need perserverance. It will get better the longer you stick with it. It is by far the best thing you can do for your health and longevity. The key is to hank on there and KNOW you will conquer your addiction.

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