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Answering emails or not?

posted 4/12/2007 10:59:06 AM |
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Ok here goes, Alot of my emails start out with love the tits , wanna fuck, can i suck on those. So does everyone get emails like this? What happened to Hi my name is so and so would you like to chat? I like that the men like the pics of my tits but i would also like the emails to start out with a nice hello or something . does anyone else feel this way? I like my body and thanks for all the compliments but i have a brain just like i have tits and ass.........Let me know how yall feel on this............Theresa

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Apr 12 @ 11:15AM  
well, they are nice, but i know what you mean, it seems the women never even write back though, at least we know why now =)

Apr 12 @ 11:18AM  
and i for one will appologize for those who can't or won't read...but won't stop em' from sending a purdy woman ''hi wanna fuck mail'' sry...

Apr 12 @ 11:18AM  
I just sent you a nice e-mail expressing my interest in you.Didn't once mention how great your boobs looked....................And the do LOOK GREAT.....

Apr 12 @ 11:37AM  
Hi Theresa,
I think that this shows a lack of respect for the woman as a person and implies that the only reason that they are here is to give them pleasure. Well that may happen from time to time but with too many guys it is all about them and their own self centered gratification and have not figured out that that it really is all about your lover. When you are able to truly make your lover the center of your attention and realize that each woman is different and is like learning how to play a new instrument. Making love each time should be a new experience and about wanting to give her the most pleasure that you can, when you are able to achieve this she is naturally going to please you as well. Thats the difference between just fucking and making love, usually there is no real intimacy in fucking with most women feeling unfulfilled and just used. It has been my experience that most women require as much emotional intimacy as they do physical to really get them turned on. Starting out with a nice hello would love to get to know you goes a long way towards building this intimacy. Just my thoughts, what do the rest of you think?

Apr 12 @ 11:39AM  
yeah I could see how that's annoying. thankfully I don't send emails like that I usually ask a few questions at the beginging to try to start conversation

Apr 12 @ 11:51AM  
I so agree with you...I get" can I play with your pussy"...yes my cat is in my lap...but c'mon get real...

Apr 12 @ 11:55AM  
Just like the old chestnut of construction workers shouting "Yo bay-bee!" whenever a pretty girl walks by; there are some men who haven't figured out that this does nothing at all.

What the men are doing is attributing something within themselves to someone else. If a woman said to one of them: "Hey, nice beer gut! Wanna fuck?" they would jump at the chance. It's a classic case of trying to give someone else what you yourself want.

Clue for men:

The ONLY times this approach seems to work (where you just start out a conversation with "wanna fuck") or where a woman just comes up to you and asks the same thing is when: 1.) The man in question is exceptionally attractive, or 2.) The woman in question is exceptionally drunk.

Apr 12 @ 12:08PM  
well maybe its cause the first thing they see when looking at your profile is your boobs, and they are just saying how good your boobs are :)

Apr 12 @ 1:28PM  
Everyone gets em!! There have even been many blog posts like urs bc numerous girls get them!! Dont stress it just delete and block!!

Apr 12 @ 1:44PM  
While, as a guy I never get emails like that... I can understand and I think that guys could be MUCH nicer in the way that they treat women on here. After all, it isn't like women are some kind of program on a computer where they'll react favorably to their kind of behavior. You are a woman with thoughts, ideas, feelings, as well as a very sexy body. You are the sum of a whole and horny guys tend to forget that and just go with the visual only. It is up to you to answer such emails even if sometimes it will only stir more such emails.

Apr 12 @ 2:27PM  
I get the "Wanna Fuck" e-mails and they get deleted. If they can't take the time to read about "ME" then I don't take the time to write back.

Apr 12 @ 2:57PM  
yeah...i think i sent you one that started that way....i do reas profiles..and i like to you have msn? to im

Apr 12 @ 5:02PM  
Alot of my emails start out with love the tits , wanna fuck, can i suck on those

I don't get any of those kind of emails. Oh wait, I'm not suppose to get those kind of emails. Never mind !

Apr 12 @ 5:42PM  
Hiya, my name so and sew, no really it is, I made a new ID to prove it too....
Damn no one ever buys that crap huh?

Apr 12 @ 6:12PM  
I try to answer all emails, even if only to say "no thanks" except the show me your tits,,suck me,,fuck me,,,sort, straight into the delete file. Of course I must remember one shouldnt put a sign in the yard saying "watermelon for sale" and think no one will inquire.
But when respect is sent ,,respect is returned

Apr 12 @ 7:06PM  
Hello there Theresa.....I know exactly what you mean.....I can tell you most of those emails i received just get deleted because I feel there must not be a brain behind the person sending emails....Yes I believe most just think with one head and not with the one on top of their shoulders .....I do however try to reply to most of my emails in a timely manner, but sometimes with work schedule it is not always feasible.......So when I do get home after a grueling day I surely do not want to open an email saying....."nice tit's" hate the word tit's...come on guys could make the email more sensual and enticing....don't you all think so?

Good Luck with future emails....Theresa
Take Care,

Apr 12 @ 7:37PM  
you are so right!! which is why i normally reply with a "learn how to write" note or just ignore them!! lol But then that is just me!!! I really hate stupidity!

Apr 12 @ 7:45PM  
that could get annoying for all you ladies i bet. i wish i got mails like that from women. i would definitely be getting laid.

Apr 12 @ 9:49PM  
Actually, I start with "wanna talk and actually get to know each other?" Usually doesn't work but WTH, if someone doesn't want to talk first, I generally don't have much time for them. :)
It's good having standards. :)

Apr 13 @ 4:29AM  
I think you may soon (if not already) find that even a simple decent "hello" will not be sufficient reason to answer an email simply because of the high volume of mails and because of a 100-mail sending limit for non-Gold members.

My feeling and personal opinion: try to reply to guys who have obviously worked hard to research your essays/profile and craft an email. Help to create a strong incentive for guys to put more effort into their mails. And I say "try" because even just separating the wheat from the chaff will require quite a lot of time so we are only asking for "best effort" here. For the guys I would say try not to take it personally if you don't get a reply and definitely don't get pissy and harangue the lady about it. That would just be immature and prove that the lady was right to have ignored you in the first place. And to the OP definitely expect and brace yourself for guys who will be angrily getting on your case for not replying! That's just life. :)

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Answering emails or not?