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The Top 200 yadda yadda yadda

posted 4/11/2007 6:22:41 PM |
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tagged: whig

Yeah so what if this iz Part Nine Zillion, motherfucker? Just read the shit and shut the fuck up. And where's my paper?

23. My fucking friends. without whom none of this would be worth doing: wtxman (this drunken, bible thumping and parishioner humping madman from West ByGod, Texas has always been one of the best friends I have here on AMD), Blueyesprkln (while I admit I don’t know U that well, I can tell by looking at U that U would be a lot of fun 2 get 2 know...), str8ngr84u2 (check it out bitch – U may not be as loud as some of the rest, but don’t think I haven’t noticed U have been one of my biggest supporters and maybe the most rabid fan I have, and U have been since day fucking one. Now...if U would just send me a picture of those tits of Urs...), BelAir789 (I honestly don’t know if I fuck with anyone more than I do U, bro, and U have always handled it in the spirit in which it wuz intended. I love fucking with U becuz U don’t mind the taking, and from time 2 time can do a little bit of giving Ur own damned self!), MissMisty (One of the new girls on the block...still waiting on those naked pictures, hon!), tlc0766 (Not only iz this fucking bitch funny, she iz incredibly intelligent, easy 2 talk 2 and has the best fucking legs on AMD – Hey, baby...what’s a fella gotta do 2 get in between those sexy motherfuckers, anyway?), OpenMindedGuy (What can I tell U...Tom iz just one cool ass motherfucker. I really not gay, but I’d blow him. I’m not saying I’d swallow, but I’d definitely take one in the face from him. How open minded are U now, U lousy prick bastard!), cabl_guy (it iz during those times I feel like no one on the fucking planet gets me that I read cabl_guy’s shit and realize that there but by the grace of God and a quart or two of whiskey go I – hey...duzn’t that mean I get 2 bang his old lady?), ynot7769 (I’m going on the motherfucking record right motherfucking now that anytime U want 2 show me a motherfucker who has more outfits 4 his genitalia than I do 4 myself...I’m so fucking down! I only dress my pecker up 4 Arbor Day. Yeah...that’s when I let it get wood! Can U believe that shit? I fucking kill me, I swear...), LadieDarkStarr (this bitch may be the sexiest fucking redhead I have ever laid eyes on, guys. She just exudes sexuality without even fucking trying. Besides that she iz an AWESOME mom, and a really great friend. I cherish U, sweetie, I mean that. I’m not just saying that so I can get U 2 consider having a one time sex romp with me – I won’t tell If U won’t, LDS...), belle1010 (another of my oldest and most cherished friends I have made her on AMD. We have discovered that we help each other out a lot (what are friends 4, right?) in ways others never bothered 2. I help her with her self esteem and self image. She helps me lose my eyesight by giving me plenty of images 2 jerk off 2! U darling, are one of a handful of bitches I really want 2 meet in person, and I intend 2 fuck Ur brains out after doing so, so I hope U are ready 4 me!), Pudge2you[B] (there really iz only one motherfucker on this site who I have borrowed material from...and that iz U, my brother! I think our brains kinda work in a similar fashion...good 4 me...bad 4 U...), [B]dumblonde (Not only iz she sexy as all fuck, but she iz pretty and she iz sweet and she iz nice and yeah, I admit it...I want 2 fuck her.), switch83 (another newbie...but with a bottom she has, I have 2 believe I would be seriously amiss were I 2 fail 2 get 2 the bottom of this!), jezzarae (Ok...check it out. U may be able 2 find prettier girls out there (hard 2 say, though...I fucking DIG fat chicks!) and U may be able 2 find skinnier chicks out there. But what U are not going 2 find iz another fat bitch who iz as in touch with her sexuality as jezzarae iz, and U won’t find a skinny bitch anywhere who iz more fun 2 fuck! Which explains why she iz on my short list (five names only) of women I have 2 meet off of this site (yes... when I say meet, what I actually mean iz FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF!) B4 I give up), BOOBALICIOUS (She hasn’t been active in awhile, but while she wuz she wuz one of the single sexiest bitches on this site! She had a fun name, nasty pics and a great attitude. I should meet more bitches like this one!), veeruinus (I often 4get U, my friend, becuz U spend so much of Ur time under cover, so 2 speak. But U have a quick mind and a rapier wit, and I am proud 2 count U among my friends),

Almost done...I swear -

Keeping U posted


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Apr 11 @ 8:12PM  
You are getting closer and closer to a worthless kudo, my friend.

Apr 12 @ 8:59AM  
Scary but I'm starting to see things your way... I better get another drink!

and... I am happy to call you friend.

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