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Top 200 Reasons I Still Fucking Love It Here at AMD (in FunkyVision)

posted 4/11/2007 6:15:15 PM |
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tagged: whig

Yeah, that's right I said the Bible. Bring it on God...U think I enjoy having 2 sit here posting blog after fucking blog becuz AMD only allows seven lines of text per blog. Settle down in the back...we're almost done...

60. I didn’t know I could have this much fun without pot. (Yeah...right)
59. Since joining AMD I have seen more boobs than the choreographer 4 Princess Cruises has.
58. 4 the life of me I have no idea why I didn’t just do this list 4 my 142nd blog.
57. Becuz Trix are 4 kids, which I no longer am.
56. Becuz Tricks are 4 hookers, which I no longer am.
55. Becuz on the last sex site I wuz a member of, The Queen of the HOP (House of Pain) turned out 2 be my cousin.
54. Becuz lillin my surprise me with more naked pictures of that beautiful body of hers (boys...wanna know what a realwoman looks like?).
53. Becuz reading Slitfiller reminds me there iz room 4 every fucking body and like it or not, some motherfuckers have earned the right 2 be here and say whatever they fucking want. (U don’t like it?’s pretty obvious what U need 2 do iz go lie in a fucking rice paddy in the middle of some godforsaken jungle, while some dickheads U don’t even know try 2 blow Ur head off with AK-47s. U do that, then get back 2 me U draft dodging, liberal fucking blow hole. Let me know how U feel about it then, k?)
52. Becuz I don’t even fucking want 2 make the popular blogs page anymore. I mean, if Sunshine79 can make it then the whole thing has obviously gone Disney.
51. Becuz when a writer as talented as Dominus bites Ur shit, U must be doing something write (a case which I suspect wuz more procrastination and less plagiarism, but I’d still call him a fucking thief 2 his face, just so I could run away screaming like a little girl and hide cowering in the attic, where I could retrieve my Grandfather’s old Ruger he brought home from the war and help myself 2 a few shots of distilled courage while I waved the pistol about haphazardly and randomly shouted out shit like, “Come on up here, U thieving fuck!” and “I said, I don’t wanna sleep in Ur bed, Mommy!” in between belts of homemade corn whiskey and prolonged bouts of uncontrollable sobbing lasting 4 indeterminate periods of time b4 breaking off N2 hysterical laughter).
50. Becuz even a Gold Membership iz cheaper than a head shrink. (Plus...who wants 2 use emoticons at their shink’s?)
49. Ok...follow my logic here. I’m now three quarters of the way done with this list, which means if the list were actually a bitch (let’s say Looking4ever, just 4 shits and giggles) I’d be on third base, which means I’ve already got her panties off and if I finish the list I might make it all the way with Looking4ever, who by now should be confused enough that she might actually give me some pussy B4 any of us figures out exactly what happened.
48.Becuz the only reason mysexisaweapon ignores me becuz she realizes I only live four miles away from her fine black ass, and if she wuz 2 fuck with me she might could probably maybe fall in deep, passionate, hot, sticky, sweaty monkey love with a motherfucker as fly as myself, and she don’t wanna risk it. Game recognize game. Can’t hate a bitch 4 that.
47. Becuz where the fuck else other than AMD can I pay $14.99 4 the right 2 send dick pics no one wants 2 see?
46. Becuz AMD gives me a forum in which 2 discuss important issues like Once Uve gone black, can U ever go back? and Iz Eskimo pussy mighty cold? Who the fuck else can answer that duo of humdingers? Can’t U see I’m needed here?
45. If U take all the cleavage available on AMD and lay it end 2 end it would stretch from here 2 the Moon and back.
44. If U take all the dick available on AMD and lay it end 2 end it would stretch from here 2 Bakersfield and back. (But only until BelAir789 has that operation he’s been saving up 4! Snip snip here snip snip there and a holy fucking shit, bro! What the fuck did U do 2 Urself? Yeah? No shit...hey! Um...hey...wanna show me Ur tits? Well then, can I show U a picture of my cock? Actually, it’s not really my cock. It’s a picture of a cock I downloaded off the internet becuz it makes my butthole tingle when I look at it. But I still think it’s cool. OMG...I just realized who’s cock it really iz. Its Ur cock, bro. How fucking weird iz that? My face iz so red, I swear 2 God! I mean...honestly...what are the fucking odds of some crazy ass shit like that? I have been using a picture of Ur cock, from B4 Ur operation. I figured U wouldn’t mind...Ur not using it, right? Then, I decided why stop there, and U know what they man’s medical waste is another man’s bonanza! So, I retrieved the specimen and had it stuffed by a local taxidermist. He had never done something that small B4, but in the end skill played out. Kinda like this joke. I use it 4 an antenna ball now, ever since someone stole my limited edition Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Ewok antenna ball. Fucking Philistines!

2 be continued...

Keeping U posted


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Apr 11 @ 8:00PM  
I never new you didn't make the popular blogs list. WTF is that all about?

Apr 11 @ 8:09PM  
Gone Disney!!

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Top 200 Reasons I Still Fucking Love It Here at AMD (in FunkyVision)