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Top 200 Reasons I Still Fucking Love It Here at AMD (in several parts)

posted 4/11/2007 5:49:19 PM |
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Continued from B4 – see how easily that explains the fact that the Top 200 reasons iz starting at 124? That’s becuz it iz actually the Top 200 reasons – in Five Acts. Yeah...I know how badly multiple part blogs suck cock, but it’s really not my fault...I swear 2 God, if there wuz some fucking way I could get all this stupid shit N2 1500 words, don’t U think I would? Fuck yes, I would! But in the meantime, please enjoy Part Two...

149. I never know if maggiemae1969 iz gonna break down and send me titty pics or just keep on teasing me.
148. Where else can I find so many women willing 2 help me jack off 4 less than sixty-nine cents a minute?
147. AMD duz a fairly decent job of keeping the hookers at bay.
146. Where else can a man meet a fucking six foot Squaw from Tennessee that iz FINE as all hell??? (Hello, jandoe...where have U been all my life?)
145. Nowhere else on the internet do I ever find any bitches that are actually disturbed enough 2 want 2 meet me.
144. I rarely have 2 explain what a narcoglyph iz.
143. U guys still love me even when I suck.
142. U girls love me specifically becuz I suck.
141. If I do this long enough, eventually someone iz gonna approach me and say, “Excuse me...aren’t U Dick Slippery?”
139. Now I have enough blogs no one could possibly read them all, even if they really wanted 2.
138. I can’t fucking wait until I have 2 think up 300 of these fucking reasons.
137. I managed 2 make it out of that fucking Cellar alive.
136. U never know...SxzeBBW may yet come back.
135. I know which one of Sunshine79’s titties iz bigger than the other.
134. There really iz nothing quite like sparking up a fat blunt and reading one of cabl_guy’s crazy fucking rants.
133. Where the fuck else can I keep asking bitches 2 send me pictures of their titties and not get kicked the fuck out?
132. I don’t cheat on my wife becuz I am afraid PrincessKissy would find out and give me shit cuz it wuzn’t with her.
131. I have been offline so long now that there are actually motherfuckers on here who don’t know who the fuck I am.
130. I shouldn’t have any trouble finding people who want 2 star in my porno movie once it goes N2 production.
129. I managed 2 write 200 blogs without having 2 resort 2 posting crappy erotica.
128. B4 I came 2 AMD I didn’t know whether or not I could hold a national audience. I can.
127. ReikoSawamura iz still the shit I come 2 this motherfucker 4, even though she duzn’t believe me.
126. Since I also started posting on MySpace, I can blog on AMD about all kinds of weird shit without fear of my family finding out what a sick and twisted fuck I really am.
125. I still may be able 2 use AMD 2 help me hustle a press pass out of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas next year.
124. Ditto 2 the Exotic Erotic Ball.
123. Easy as ABC (I’m feeling a little dyslexic 2day)
122. If it weren’t 4 AMD, how else would I know I have absolutely no intention of ever fucking a stuffed animal?
121. If they ever actually do have those fucking blog awards I’m bound 2 win some fucking thing (Most Pathetic Blogger)
120. Knowing ynot7769 proves it’s not about how big Ur dick iz, it’s about how well U can accessorize it.
119. I managed 2 write 200 blogs without having 2 resort 2 posting crappy poetry (Hey! Who said my poetry iz crappy?)
118. Were it not 4 AMD I might find myself asking strangers on the streets 4 pictures of their tits, and that could lead 2 some serious jail time.
117. Name another web site that could really get me 2 drag my ass down 2 the library three times a week just so I can post my stupid fucking blogs.
116. The start of baseball season means I can have cybersex with Dodger Fan’s wives while they are busy watching the Dodgers lose.
115. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun without pharmaceutical help.
114. Now my cat izn’t the only female who wishes she could fuck me.
113. Thanks 2 the lovely ladies of AMD my forearms are so goddamned buff I look like Popeye the fucking Sailor.
112. Becuz of AMD I may actually find someone who sucks more than Celine Dion duz (don’t count on it, though)!
111. Since I started blogging on MySpace as well as AMD, I won’t have 2 do another one of these lists quite as soon as I had 2 do this one.
110. Did I mention the titties?
109. I’m still hoping geena can hook me up some pot when I get 2 Las Vegas.
108. Who knows, maybe LadyMaura will come back.
107. If I ask nicely, MissMisty may send me a naked picture (pretty please!)
106. Where else can I find ten guys with a combined dick length of less than eleven inches?
105. U never know when they are gonna start charging us 2 have a free account.
104. Maybe someone will realize that my wet t-shirt contest iz actually a good fucking idea.
103. Where else on the internet can U find so many guys who are pussies and so many bitches that are dicks?
102. Sherotica still has some of the sexiest fucking lips on the World Wide Web.
101. U just have 2 respect the fact that OpenMindedGuy has his own fucking emoticon (fucker).

2 be continued...

Keeping U posted,


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Apr 11 @ 5:58PM  
whoooooohoooooooooo I got a spot...........

Apr 11 @ 7:48PM  
Why would you want to leave the Cellar,bro

Apr 11 @ 8:10PM  
135. I know which one of Sunshine79’s titties iz bigger than the other.
Now everyone knows!!

Apr 12 @ 8:43AM  
WTX... it's post hypnotic suggestion.... he never left, he just thinks he did shhhhhhhh!

Wait till you see what he does when i clap my hands three times!!

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Top 200 Reasons I Still Fucking Love It Here at AMD (in several parts)