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When Enuffs Znuff

posted 4/11/2007 12:22:58 AM |
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tagged: whig

I realize we have had this conversation B4, and I promised 2 keep my double blogging 2 an absolute minimum, but U sick motherfuckers rarely get any DickSlippery in Ur diets anymore, so I figured U might look at it as a treat. If not, oh well...fucking deal with it.

I saw a show having 2 do with the transport of illegal aliens, recently, and it got me 2 thinking. I don’t really see what the big fucking deal iz. Aside from the obvious national security concerns, which I firmly believe isn’t that pressing (let’s face it...if they want in they’re getting in. Just wait and see how many Bosnian and Uzbekistani Muslims that look just as fucking white as I do show up wanting 2 further their fucking jihad against us once we clear out of Iraq.), I don’t see why the fuck everyone iz all in a fucking uproar over this issue.

Truth be told, everyone in this motherfucker whose great-great grandfather wuzn’t living out his daze on the fucking prairie in a goddamn teepee hasn’t got shit 2 say on this one. Unless Ur name on Ur birth certificate iz Pisses on Flat Rock or something similar 2 it, U need 2 sit down and shut the fuck up! Who the fuck are U 2 say someone duz or duzn’t belong in this country when U are only one or two generations removed from immigrant Ur own damned self?

Here’s the thing that kills me about the whole border controversy. We’re pissed off about illegal Mexican immigrants crossing N2 this country when 150 fucking years ago all they would have been doing iz crossing another river stretching across the middle of their own fucking country. Fucking California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Texas...all that shit used 2 be Mexico. Then the Mexican American War happened and we kicked their ass pretty fucking bad, and that changed everything.

What had happened wuz President Polk sent John Sidell 2 negotiate the purchase of California and New Mexico from the Mexicans. The Mexican Government adamantly refused 2 negotiate. So in 1846, General Zachary Taylor (vote Whig, bitch!!!!) wuz sent with troops 2 kick ass all along the Rio Grande, designed 2 lead up 2 an invasion from the North. That caused the Mexican Army 2 head North 2 meet the oncoming threat from the gringo army. General Taylor and his troops met and defeated them at every opportunity, leading up 2 Santa Ana’s defeat in Buena Vista in February of 1847. Meanwhile, General Winfield Scott and his army crossed the Gulf of Mexico and landed at Veracruz, marching westward. After victories in Cerro Gordo, Contreras and Churubusco, US forces captured Mexico City in the Battle of Chapultec in September 1847. Once we had captured Mexico City it wuz then a small thing 2 go ahead and cede everything north of the Rio Grande 2 the United States in return 4 us giving them back everything South of the river.

That’s pretty much akin 2 someone mugging U and then giving U back half Ur shit in exchange 4 not taking all Ur shit. Or taking all Ur fucking money and returning Ur shitty fucking wallet. What I can’t figure out iz whether or not they had any inkling what John Sutter wuz about 2 find in the California foothills little more than two years later. Historians say no...but that sure iz a big ass coincidence, izn’t it? Imagine what kind of country Mexico would be 2day had they still owned California two years later. Motherfuckers would probably be swimming the river 2 head South nowadays rather than the other way around. There still iz a shitload of gold in those fucking hills 2, U best believe that shit! I read somewhere that since they found it in 1849; they have only taken out around 10% of the gold in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. That trips me out, cuz they have removed literally TONS of gold outta these rivers and their surrounding hillsides.

My point iz, when we deny Mexicans the opportunity 2 immigrate North we are basically telling them 2 stay out of their own fucking country. Just like when we found gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota and decided that the sacred Indian Burial Grounds there that “would belong 2 the Sioux 4 as long as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West” would, in fact, no longer belong 2 the Sioux at all, as they would be moving 2 Oklahoma. Either that or we could just kill them all in some sort of general uprising. 4 the purposes of crowd control, those were also quite popular way back in the day.

Anyway...I just think it would be a good idea 4 people 2 think about these things B4 they get all pissed off about illegal immigration. Besides, I really don’t see U leaping up 2 move 2 Bakersfield and pick lettuce, do I? So, unless U want 2 give up the L and the T in Ur BLT, maybe U should just cool the fuck out or something.

Or maybe U should turn Ur attention 2 our Northern border. That way instead of fucking with an industry we need like the produce industry we will just have 2 cut back on crappy Canadian entertainers like Alan Thicke and Dave Foley. I think I can do that. Especially if it means keeping America strong!

Keeping U posted


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Apr 11 @ 12:33AM  
I need alot of DS in my diet ......and no...I don't wanna pick lettuce, thanks!!

Apr 11 @ 12:42AM  
Just call me Blueyesprkln pissing on a flat rock from now on. Guess that means I can bitch all I want to.

Thanks for the double dose of DS today. What can I say. I'm addicted.


Apr 11 @ 4:07AM  
Being born and raised in Oklahoma, in the heart of indian nation. I dont think anyone should be aloud to come to the USA illegally. When i married Jezz, it took a shit load of money and paperwork to get her and her 4 boys over here legally. And then after she gets here, to have someone that is here illegally get more rights and benefits then she does, burns my ass. So dont tell me to just keep quiet about all the illegals coming into the U S. till you have gone thru all the bs the government makes you go thru to do the right thing.

Apr 11 @ 9:21AM  
Way to go DS,your grasp of the history is accurate,but much more enjoyable reading than what I had to learn in school.I agree on your take on the native American,and know that our government broke most if not all of the treaties it made with them.BTW,one summer and fall I picked fruit and veggies with the migrant workers, and there is no more backbreaking work than that,my friend. A kudo for you.

Apr 11 @ 9:23AM  
Anyone else get hungry reading all the Mexican names?

I'm thinking it's time to make a run for the border... you know... Taco Bell?

Apr 11 @ 10:18AM  
A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse , of course; that is, of course, unless the horse, is the famous ...

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