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Depends on Who’s Doing the Peeing

posted 4/11/2007 12:05:30 AM |
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tagged: whig

They say it iz better 2 be pissed off than it iz 2 be pissed on. Having never been the latter, I can’t say with any certainty whether or not this statement iz true. I can only guess. My guess iz that it depends on a couple different things. Things like what U are pissed off about and just who iz doing the peeing. U may think this 2 be ridiculous, but consider this B4 U dismiss me out of hand. If it were Pamela Anderson popping a squat 2 piss all over Ur chest, would U really mind all that fucking much? I think even a few of U more liberal-minded females might even go 4 that one. And, admit it or not, some of U guys would let an ugly bitch piss all over U. U’d do it just cuz U never have and U always wondered what wuz the big fucking deal about golden showers, anyway?

That’s the thing about freaky sexual shit. We pretend not 2 be interested in this shit cuz we don’t want anybody else 2 know how fucked up we really are. Then, if we are lucky anyway, we finally run N2 someone we feel comfortable enough with 2 talk about this shit 2, and sometimes our freaky weird shit turns out 2 be the same freaky weird shit they were either wondering about themselves, or have no big problem trying just cuz it might be fun. As a last resort we can always fall back on prostitution. 4 $150 most hookers are N2 anything. 4 a half an hour she will be, anyway. Of course...$250 will get UY the whole hour, Player...

I myself, never really thought that much about being pissed on until recently. Not so long ago I ran across a Hustler Magazine that featured a pictorial that had a picture in it of this really good looking chick squatting and pissing all over the floor. Something about the way she wuz doing it did it 4 me. B4 I saw that picture had U asked me about getting a golden shower I would have freaked the fuck out. After I had seen it, however, I would have 2 say my curiosity wuz definitely peaked.

That’s not 2 say I’m ready 2 crawl inside a women’s Port-a-Potty with a snorkel and mask, mind U. It just means exactly what I said. My curiosity iz peaked. And all that means iz that if some hottie I happen 2 be banging wanted 2 do that, I would probably let her. Especially if I thought she wuz gonna get off on it. I’ll do almost anything 2 ring a bitch’s bell. We’ve been knowing this 4 years already, folks. I ain’t even trippin about that right there.

I think there are a lot of things we may find disturbing at first that, if we lower a guard and open our minds a little, can actually turn out 2 be lots of fun with an enthusiastic partner. U may even end up right. U tried it and lo and behold, U were right...U could do without being pissed on. But what if U weren’t right? What if something about that warm fluid pouring out of her hot dripping pussy 2 splash all over Ur bare chest duz it 4 U? What if participating in this taboo act iz just what the doctor ordered 2 get Ur own fucking motor running? Wouldn’t U be glad then that U had the balls 2 give it a try?

That’s the thing about weird sexual proclivities. We have so much 2 gain if we enjoy them, versus not doing them again if we don’t. I wish the fucking lottery came with those kinds of odds, goddamnit! Then I wouldn’t have 2 worry about getting a fucking job! (Speaking of which...if anyone knows about a decent position that iz open, please let me know. I am totally down 4 relocating. Keep in mind...that’ll mean we will live near one another. Make sure U think that’s a good idea B4 U sell the farm, iz all I’m saying)

So, the next time Ur pissed off and somebody tells U, “it beats being pissed on!”, I say put that theory 2 the test. Whip out Ur johnson right there and start whizzing all over their fucking leg. If he gets more pissed off than U were 2 begin with, U will know he wuz right.

Keeping U posted


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Apr 11 @ 12:10AM  
Can I borrow your Johnson to whip out??

Apr 11 @ 12:16AM  
Isn't it amazing that when you let yourself cross the first sexual boundary, how much easier it is to cross the next one and the next?

Gawd, I've missed you, Dick!


Apr 11 @ 12:11PM  
You always come up with some interesting blogs.

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